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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. That would depend on what he thinks our spiritual, moral and ethical needs are.
  2. Life must go on, brother. And no one needs to tell us to continue with our day to day affairs. One would think there must be far more important things that the Imam would need to tell us. Noble thoughts, brother. They have the same overall objectives but they have their own individual instructions from Allah to carry out.
  3. Well, would you be good enough to explain? And f you can throw some light on it, I would also like to know where this concept originates from.
  4. On one occasion, he gave me six or seven DISAGREE stamps in quick succession. And that dark red colour so hurts my eyes, that from that day on, when I see him, I just run somewhere else. I agree that it would be better to give reasons for the disagreement rather than use that button. I am sure Mr. hasanhh is a very nice man but he doesn't realise that that is what killjoys love to do.
  5. You did not answer my question. My question was "Is every bidat wrong in the eyes of God?" And I would like to add "If so, why?"
  6. The big question is ------- Is every bidat wrong in the eyes of God? What about using the laptop and the mobile? What about travelling by car, train or plane? All bidat?
  7. Thank you, brother. Important topics should always be in one place. That is what I also do on my laptop. In the Directories folder, I store my files in separate sub-folders, so that I can find them easily when I need them.
  8. It would be nice if all threads relating to End-Day discussions and our present Imam (عليه السلام) were in one folder. That would make relevant discussions much easier.
  9. Brother, I am glad you added Insha'Allah. I think we need t some independent judges to examine the overall productivity and usefulness of our site before we can be sure that our Imam is proud of us. I think it is equally possible that he is not.
  10. Even if he does not have access to the Internet, he knows EXACTLY what everyone is doing - whether he is a follower, a sceptic or an outright enemy. He knows all that is to know about political leaders - the Trumps, the Trudeaus, the Boris Johnsons, the Macrons, the Modis and the others. He also knows everything about ordinary people - the hawkers, the vendors, the janitors, the bus drivers, the thieves, the robbers, and all the rest. He does not need the Internet for his information. Hid information comes directly from God. As for this site, he might think that Shiachat is performing a good service or he might think that it could do better. He may have reservations about how it is managed, about the manners of its members and how effectively we are serving Islam, individually and collectively. The time will come when we will find out what he thinks. Let us pray it does soon.
  11. First class flights and 5-star hotels ? That may be your experience but I have never heard anything of the sort. My experience is very much to the contrary. I know some scholars in India who often leave it to the host to decide what he is worth. Most speakers I have known have had very meagre demands, if any.
  12. The union of speakers will probably never eventuate. And it is rather difficult to introduce standard rates because every speaker is in a bracket by himself. I listen to Urdu speakers far more often than I do to English speakers such as Nakhshwani. And I can tell you that not only are they ALL different but also, in the case of some, different people in the audience can have somewhat different impressions of a given speaker. I will not give examples as that could mean going into personal opinions. But in short, standardisation of rates, though a good idea, is, in practice, very difficult.
  13. Your sentence is not complete. Self-righteous what? Some may be. But we should not generalise and judge them. We should leave the judgement to God.
  14. It is valued because it is one of the greatest sacrifices one can offer for any given cause. Slogan mongering is meaningless but martyrdom, of itself, is an admirable achievement, if it is for a good cause.
  15. And I wonder how people survived when a plague would hit the land during the Stone Age.
  16. Brother Qa'im has already given a very comprehensive reply to the first part of your post. As for the above, please note that : Firstly, Shia scholars are not the only ones who dress differently from the masses. So do scholars of almost every other Muslim sect. Catholic priests can easily be identified by their dress and to a lesser extent also those of other Christian sects. If you go to a Buddhist country, you will find the lamas dress in their own special way. if you go to India, Hindu priests can be easily identified by their dress. Actually, it is quite useful to be able to identify a scholar by his dress. Because then you can use the opportunity to ask questions and satiate your thirst for knowledge. ################################################## But you are wrong to say that Shia scholars dress like members of the Prophet's household. The Prophet ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) and his household dressed much more simply than most human beings do. It is widely known, for example, that Imam Ali's (عليه السلام) extreme simplicity of apparel irked even some of his closest associates, such as his cousin Abdullah ibn Abbas.
  17. May His soul rest in peace and may God give his family and friends the courage to bear the loss. انا لللہ و انا الیہ راجیوں
  18. Brother Those hadiths, even if they are true, do not represent the last word. The last word will be in Allah's hand. And we should not think in terms of ---- who is going to heaven or hell. Let us do our best and then let Allah make His final decision.
  19. Brother, you can say what you like. But "to strike the neck" means "to kill" or "to attempt to kill." It doesn't mean anything else.
  20. Well, as you would expect from a Muslim, I strongly believe that God created mankind. In his design, He may have incorporated the biological principle of evolution in some things but not necessarily in everything. That is what an All Powerful person does. He does not blindly apply a given rule to everything.. As for human beings, I reject the view that the current generation of humans has evolved from other species. They may have evolved from other humanoids but certainly not from frogs and fish. The fact that Adam and Eve are mentioned in at least three major religions means that creation cannot be entirely untrue. While I don't reject evolution as a general biological principle, I refuse to believe that I am the grandson of a frog. My grandparents were Adam and Eve. Please note that the evidence for evolution is largely non-mathematical which to my mind, means imperfection. Anyway, that is how I treat evolution and creation as acceptable within their own domains. But not as one OR the other as many people do !
  21. All you need to do is to read the Shia Kalma. Even if you don't read the Kalma, since you have accepted Islam in your heart, in the eyes of God, you are Muslim. However, the Shia Kalma goes as follows: أشهد أن لا إله إلى الله أشهد أن محمد رسول الله أشهد أن أمير المومنين و إمام المتقين على ولي الله وصي رسول الله و خليفة بلا فصل "Ash hado an la ilaha illallah Ash hado anna Muhammadar Rasool Illah Ash hado anna Amirul Momineena was Imamal Muttaqeena Ali-an Wali Allah wa Wasi-ey Rasool Illah wa Khalifatahu bila fasl" Hope that helps
  22. Are you saying that touching the luggage does not make it impure?
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