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  1. baqar

    Shiachat - An online Shia School

    I don't have his account, brother. It will be better if you ask one of the moderators for his account. I am sure they will be able to help you.
  2. baqar

    Shiachat - An online Shia School

    The sole owner of this site is ALI. He started it and as far as I know, he owns it to this day.
  3. There are cruel and evil people everywhere in the world. America is no different.
  4. Yes, brother, it was a famous hadith. And the major reason why they did not rise against Muawiyah is because such an action requires an organizational head but after Karbala, there wasn't any. Some people may also have thought it wiser to join Muawiyah rather than resist him.
  5. You are right but history books can only contain stuff that historians write about. If they don't write, then you will not find anything. Imam Hasan and Husain were not part of the current government of Muawiya. Therefore historians concentrated on Muawiya's government, which did not include the two Imams. There are, of course, scattered accounts of some of the events in books by Shia writers, because the Imams did carry out their duties of guiding people to the truth.
  6. baqar


    Of course, they can. Q. 2:62 Those who believe and Jews, Christians and Sabaeans – whoever (among them) believes in God and the Day of Judgment and acts uprightly, shall have their reward from their Lord. They shall have no fear nor shall they grieve. Q. 5:69 Indeed, believers, Jews, Sabaeans, and Christians – whosoever believes in God and the Last Day and acts aright, there shall be no fear for him nor shall he grieve. Q. 3:113–115 They are not all the same. Among the People of the Book, there are some righteous ones who recite the messages of God during the night. They believe in God and the Reckoning, enjoin the good and forbid the evil and vie with one another in good works. Their reward will not be withheld from them for whatever good they do. And God knows the righteous (the God-fearing).
  7. baqar

    Falling into sin

    No sister, you are not lost. Have faith in God. He loves you and every human being 70 times as much as our parents. So have faith in His mercy and ask for His help. He never fails the supplicant. Many people fall into sins of different types. If you can somehow get yourself to believe how merciful God has been to you personally at various times of your life, it will be a great impetus to resolve your problem. So tell me - can you think of some events in your life that give you the impression of God's great mercy? If you can do that, it will not be hard to come out of your ordeal. My prayers and best wishes are with you.
  8. baqar

    A Question from a Christian

    The OP needs to convince a Christian. And Christians believe that Jesus did not marry. A Christian will not be convinced by quoting the Quran.
  9. baqar

    A Question from a Christian

    It was also acceptable in Jesus' time but he did not marry at all Christians interpret the fact that Jesus did not marry at all as a mark of dissociation from the world and therefore as a notch above those who marry and have wives. So we need to explain without reference to the culture of the day or with reference to other biblical figures such as Moses, Jacob or Solomon.
  10. baqar

    A Question from a Christian

    She is not comparing Muhammad with Moses, Solomon or Jacob but with Jesus. Christians don't attach much importance to people in the Old Testament.
  11. baqar

    Download My Book [PDF]

    Excellent work, brother. Congratulations for this work. Please keep at it. All the best.
  12. I don't know. That is for scholars to decide. But "if someone goes in the street and says openly that he is homosexual or incestuous" it is definitely a sin. No question about that. Isn't that what you wanted to know? Please read your earlier post.
  13. According to Islamic law, he will be punished for revealing something which he is NOT supposed to reveal. We are NOT supposed to talk about these things to anyone, except perhaps to someone like a doctor or a therapist..