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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hello, dear friend It has been a while, I must say. Why don't you come back ? Actually, I am not here very often but if you are here, our paths would cross again, I hope. This thread is many years old and someone (not me) brought it back to life from the Dead Sea. It will be nice to have you here again - not as a guest but as a member. Looking forward to your Second Coming.
  2. Yes, brother that is very sad. We shouldn't even be thinking on those lines during the month of Muharram.
  3. بالکل صحیح لیکن رمضان اور محرم مین اور بھی زیادہ احتیات ضروری ہے
  4. خواہر عزیزم تسلیم سوال یہ پیدا ہوتا ہے کی گناہ کے لیے محرم کے علاوہ کوئی اور مہینہ نہیں ملتا ہے ؟
  5. بالکل نہیں محرم میں آپکو ایسا سونچنا بھی نہیں چاہئیے ہے
  6. Why would I say that? I was just asking for the precise references. An example of an acceptable reference is as follows. Sahih Bukhari, Volume n1 Book n2 Hadith Number n3. n1, n2, n3 are the references for the particular hadith being quoted and discussed. This was just an example. That is all.
  7. Brother, you need to mention the precise source of both hadiths. Just producing the hadiths is not enough. Please give precise reference, thanks
  8. Why have you described your religion as Canada? Canada may be your domicile but it is certainly not your religion.
  9. In his book noted below, John Andrew Moore has documented six agreements our Holy Prophet ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) entered into with the Christians. https://smile.amazon.com/Covenants-Prophet-Muhammad-Christians-World/dp/159731465X/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2DO757X1RXOSX&keywords=the+covenants+of+the+Prophet+Muhammad&qid=1572234206&sprefix=the+covenants+of+the%2Caps%2C397&sr=8-1 Was Salam
  10. No, behavior has nothing to do with it. There are well-behaved and badly behaved people among all religious groups - Muslims, Hindus, Christians and all the rest. The major reason is that many Hindus have great respect for our Imams. Have you heard of Husaini Brahmins? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hussaini_Brahmin They are half Husaini Shias and half Brahmin Hindus. But when I say - they have great respect for our Imams - I am talking not only about Husaini Brahmins but also other Hindus.
  11. Hi SoP That could be the approach of those who reject the prophethood of Muhammad. Not many - but there are a few Christian scholars today who see Muhammad in a positive light. Their problem often lay in Islamic history relating somewhat unwholesome stories of the Prophet. But they have discovered that there are multiple versions of such events and combining that with the unblemished character of his successors, such as Imam Ali and the Prophet's grandsons Imam Hasan and Imam Hussain, they find good reason to doubt those stories. The argument goes as follows - if Ali, Hasan and Hussain regarded Muhammad as their Prophet and if these three were so very much without blemish, the unwholesome stories about Muhammad must have been invented by detractors, who bore the garb of Muslims - wolves in the lambs' clothes. That is the impression I have come to in my study of their writings. The British-American scholar Lesley Hazleton thinks that the reason why Muhammad did not fit into the "paraclete" overall was because the "paraclete" was expected to have a son, and not a daughter. Be that as may, even if Jesus was referring to someone else when he talked about the paraclete, he may well have mentioned Muhammad in other statements, which his audience did not fully understand and have therefore not been recorded. After all, none of the gospels, among the four that form part of NT, or those that don't, contain every single detail of Jesus' short life.
  12. Yes, he did. He actually said very clearly that Ali was to succeed him as community leader. And this he did at the very launch of his mission when Ali was barely in his teens, if that. The actual words are "‘Behold my brother, my vizier, my vicegerent, let all listen to his words, and obey him." Mark those words carefully. Apart from declaring Ali his vizier and vicegerent, he demanded that the young Ali should be obeyed. How much clearer can one be? Not much. This account is NOT disputed by Muslims of any denomination.. In other words, he told Muslims to be Shias. (The word Shia just means a votary). Sunnis have never denied those words. But when the Prophet ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) died, everything was forgotten, until Ali was clearly sidelined. And those responsible for sidelining Ali later came to be known as Sunnis.
  13. The hadith corpus is a massive spaghetti bowl. But listen to this. According to Professor Reynold, "Ali was so popular even among non-Muslims that when he died, all the Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians of Kufa, particularly their women and children who were personally looked after by Ali, lamented his death and wept as one does for one’s father. Mourning was observed even in Jerusalem and the Lord Bishop also could not restrain his tears." This quote comes from "Ali the Magnificent" by Yusuf Lalljee, published in Bombay, India, in the 1950's or 1960's. It basically shows how Imam Ali treated the non-Muslims of his day. And I am sure that if there was any Internet in his time, he would have forbidden the mud-flinging that is so much a part of our modern culture.
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