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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. That's really gay....like really gay. Is that the only thing you guys share cracking such jokes. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww narrr-steeee Mutah is wajjib on you!!!!! according to Syed Seestani. Lemme just rewind one mo- time bring it bak to the hadeeth of the day 'I feel sorry for the man who does not do mutah at least once in his lifetime' - Imam Jafar al sadiq (as)
  3. Yeah I agree with everyone else. Ali asked me to moderate his site, but unfortunately due to a few other commitments, I had to politely decline his offer (more like a plead). Nevermind there's always tomorrow and other people who lick up to the mods in the hope of becoming one.....Keep it goin u vacuum hoovers!!!! You nearly cleaned em spick an span!
  4. [Mods note : WARNING for comments against chat mod]
  5. Ali Hashmi??? :unsure: great joke man!!!!!!
  6. Persuasive flows rhymes round an velcro like an afro, haters hatin so they don't want me to glow cuz they're just shh well oh, go blow there's always tomorrow till then sit yourself down an act like a thug this aint a promo so so solid don't keep it on the d-low too many of you net-cees chat out the wrong hole Im a lyrical pro with the heart thats cold eat any of you on road SO?? Who wanna step to the pro if you do lemme know make sure that you ready to go, I DON'T CARE WHERE YOU FROM or who you know If you want it wahabi S.W. thatz ma code
  7. Why is everything free when i'm not there??!?!?!?!? Mashallah, a large turnout. Excellent. Keep it up shi'itez who organise these things.
  8. SO SO HOW WAS IT????? RAT A TAT TATS! I MISSED IT CUZ I HAD TO WORK BUT MY FRIENDS SAID THAT THERE WAS NICE KEBAB AN RICE!!!!!!!!!!!! :( They didn't tell me about the lectures though, cuz i don't think they paid attention. How many people turned up?????
  9. LOL I take back everythin I said in defense of you Mr Imran..... you is a battyboy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh an zainab some brother gave me the link to that picture in my sig. Reminds me of what I used to look like in school.
  10. subhanallah subhanallah ahsant ahsant!!!!!! very well said brother. No beating around the bush! Tell it how it is. a real G!!! salamz
  11. LOL yeah I was thinking of that film when I saw that webpage. These chinese dudes watch too many movies an think HEY WA A GOOWD IDEAAA!!!!!! SUM TING WONG ME GON BE PLEGNANT hai danyal san wax on wax off baby gooooodddd in tumm-eeeee - _ -
  12. yeah but at least I have some shame. I only do it at the mosque.......not on shiachat.
  13. hahaha JERRY FROM UNITED STATES SAYS : JERRY United States "My wife is a partner at a law firm, and we decided a long time ago that it would be very difficult for her to take a pause in her career to have children. Since my job is more flexible, I could definitely take the time to carry the child instead of her! Male Pregnancy is perfect for our lifestyle!" AMERICANS ........HAVE TO LOVE THEM!!!!!!!
  14. Look what the world is coming to...sick society and it HAD to be done by a Mr Miyagi -_- PREGNANT GUY CLICK HERE
  15. THATS FUNNY??? CUZ U CRACK A LOT OF JOKES ON MSN!!! u big cuddly bear you.
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