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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thank you for this. Keep exposing. From my experience interacting with him, he's quite obnoxious too.
  2. Why get married then? Why reproduce? If you think your time would be better spent elsewhere, I frankly don't see the logic in it. If you derive pleasure from the thoughts of marriage, why complain about the inevitable difficulties? There's a fine line between pleasure and pain.
  3. Why would anyone be in error if they don't believe they're in error?
  4. What is God's truth is a matter of opinion / speculation. I'll just go ahead and answer my own question. God would be unjust if he threw any of them to hell. That's the problem with "divine justice."
  5. Or perhaps you just don't have the humility to admit you're wrong.
  6. How about combatants on either side sincerely believe they're siding with the truth and nothing but the truth and end up killing each other till there's no life spared on either side? How are they judged?
  7. No, it doesn't. Those unable to fast are not punished by God. Where are you getting this from? Of course the impoverished don't need to pay. They can't pay. You're simply bringing up flawed tangents because you have no answer to the problem of divine justice presented in this thread.
  8. And that point is an irony in itself because it encapsulates the point I'm making. Namely, that no one can be blamed for rejecting Islam if they're not convinced. But this opens up a dilemma: none of the verses that emphasize the blindness and ignorance of those who reject Islam would apply to such people.
  9. That's my point. You're not exactly doing yourself any favours by agreeing with me. I've met insincere people in religion and out; faith being immaterial. Evil people do exist within religion and out. What do you think drives the sectarian schism or warfare in places like Syria and Iraq? Religious ideology. This is a manifest problem in itself. Sincerity is invariably disposed to subjective truth. Which is why I don't appreciate loaded language like "rejection of truth." There are people who can be in denial of something that isn't necessarily a truth, per se, but is subjectively a truth to t
  10. Well, what do you know? A Shia scholar explained the extent of the mercy of Allah with this story. Modaressi. If it's fabricated, the problem still stands in any case.
  11. What is ijtihad to you iraqi_shia? How can you accept the notion of following several maraja and deem all of them "most knowledgable?" Does this make sense to you?
  12. This is the sort of sickness that is entrenched in the Shia community. Full of assumptions.
  13. Yes, they do. It's call "ijtihad." If you believe more than one scholar can be referred to, you're right. The fact that you follow more than one shows that you recognize their differences in knowledge, hence no one can be the "most knowledgeable." This is an invented theoretical concept, detached from reality of things.
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