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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I wanna know does Sunni Forum displays your email ID for public. I mean advanced members. Can someone except for admins have access to your email?
  2. He's a jerk. He spreads chaos and his sayings can make any Sunni hate Shias. He also condemned Khamenei for issuing a verdict against insulting sahaba. He's a clown
  3. (salam) I want to know Shia view of Abdul Qadir Gilani. Many Sunni Muslims (specially Barelwi ones) consider him to be the greatest of all saints. What Shia Muslims think about him?
  4. If a Muslim leaves Islam and adopts another religion, we can assuredly say that he was a man with a weak faith. His study was incomplete and his mental approach was also defective. His concepts were unclear. These factors resulted in his misguidance and misunderstanding of Islam.
  5. We don't believe that all Companions became non-Muslims after the demise of the Prophet. We believe that most of the Companions elected Abu Bakr as the Caliph however the throne belonged to Ali.
  6. (salam) http://nasibibeliefs.blogspot.com/ This article of mine is a reproduction of an article by Shia Pen. I rewrote it with links and references. I searched for the original thing and read it myself. I think that's how we must debate non-Shia Muslims, with original books.
  7. And what if what is sensibility for one, means insensibility to you? Just asking.
  8. That can be it. But that doesn't mean that all other people must be banned or killed. There's no mentioning on Sikhism or Hinduism in Qur'an but Sikhs and Hindus are allowed to practice their faiths openly in our lands. Same goes with Jain and Buddhist people.
  9. No, Qur'an nowhere says that only those religions are legitimate. Because those religions were present in Arabia, they were mentioned.
  10. People here are really narrow-minded. They think Islam is a terrorist and barbaric religion that allows some religions only and hates others. It means that Mughal Emperors must had banned Hinduism in India. Man, why don't you know that Islam allows all kinds of religions? Islam is a peaceful religion.
  11. That's just a myth. How could the Prophet be killed by someone when God had promised his safety (Q. 5:67)?
  12. You can not mock at science. :) Science is not a religion. Science believes in proofs and evidences. Science says that earth is round and rotates around the sun. Can you mock at it?
  13. Oh, no, that's not liberalism. Liberals are opposite to extremists. They don't go in extreme when it comes to religion. That's your religion; this is my religion. Everything is moderate for them.
  14. They're fake for us but they sincerely believe that they're following what truth is. So our banning them will only make them say, 'See? We were on the right path so these filthy Muslims banned us.' Will it be good? And Islam allows freedom of faith. Islam's a faith of science and liberalism. Iran shouldn't act like Saudi Arabia. If we can persecute Baha'i people then Saudis can persecute Shia Muslims too because they also believe that Shiites are following a fake religion. No, brother, that's unfair.
  15. But, brother, we can't discriminate them. They're human beings. Will discriminating them make'em feel guilty and return to Islam? Same's with Qadianis in Pakistan that they're persecuted. We should think like a human being. Now years have passed and the Baha'i Faith has become a distinct religion. We have to accept the truth and just like non-Muslims allow Muslims and Muslims allow non-Muslim to live'n worship, same should be done with the Baha'i people.
  16. Well, Iran should accept Baha'i Faith as a proper religion; I think. That'll shut the mouths up of those who criticize Iran for being a terrorist state.
  17. Oh, shut up. You're a kid. You know nothing. Communism's not a religion. It's a social and political ideology. Many Muslims are communists. But you are a stupid person who is not needed here. Making silly comments. People like you are mad dogs and bark at others without reason. I met you first time on Shia Chat and you started abusing and insulting me. :D Noah, dude, look at what you just did. You made a damn moderator lock my thread. Are you really a Shia Muslim? Because you're acting like a extremist. He is not a Muslim. He belongs to a cult. He has nothing to do with Islam. You're attribut
  18. Oh, shut up. You're a sad excuse in the name of human being, you jerk! Get lost.
  19. OK, change the word with liberalism. I know that many people hate secularism while tolerate liberalism. I'm not a troll.
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