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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. https://www.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6 Global stats. Best viewed on a desktop. Though it does have a mobile view link at the bottom.
  2. ^ For those that didn't watch [paraphrasing]: "Practises such as Tahleel are fiqi laws imported from Sunni (Hanafi) works by the likes of Tusi and have nothing to do with Shi'ism itself. Throw away the chapters of our books that have these hadiths. Hadiths were fabricated during the time of Imams even. Qur'an says to ransom or free the slave. Qur'an says marry those from you, the free ones and the slaves. How can hadiths such as one attributed to the likes as-Sadiq be believed when they allow sex with a slave outside nikah and allow one to pass her on to others. Our literature has areas that have nothing to do with the Ahlul Bayt. Our aql can tell us when something is immoral."
  3. If they come to my doorstep looking for war then inshaAllah they shall receive in equal measure. But until then, 25:63. Anyway, we're derailing much now.
  4. Good luck getting those 629 Pakistani sex slaves back from beloved China. Yes, open enemies of Islam and aggressors only.
  5. You’re saying it as if Islam was helpless in stopping animalistic behaviour. If Islam could stop people from drinking alcohol, I’m sure it could’ve stopped rape and molestation of war captives, etc. From what I understand, Islamic countries didn’t even actively try to phase slavery out and were the last to finally outlaw it due to pressure from the West. All this about so n so being allowed because of “social norms of that time” is a cop-out. People need to stop using that as an excuse and admit their religious stance [derived from filthy hadith] allowed such practise on the basis of it being justified. I don’t believe any of those things. The Qur'an is clear on the matter of how to deal with what "your right hands possess" [4:25], and that is to marry them and through permission. Nowhere in the Qur'an will you find one being allowed to have sex with anyone outside of wedlock, let alone forcing yourself upon one and then also loaning her to your mates. What disgusting beliefs. Please read this for a detailed view of sexual slavery from the Qur'an: http://quransmessage.com/articles/sex%20with%20slave%20girls%20FM3.htm Fi Amanillah
  6. My fault for not being clear. Let me rephrase. The Prophet came at a time when burying the infant female was normal. But Islam abolished such a thing because it's injustice despite it being socially acceptable at the time. However, from what we read of the literature, sexual slavery along with all its perks of non-consensual sex, selling to friends, etc was not abolished. To say that it wasn't abolished because it was "socially acceptable" then is what I don't understand. The practise is abhorrent and surely the religious stance shouldn't be based on social norms but on ethics.
  7. I can understand when one says that these type of laws found in the religious literature are things which were practised back in the day - (probably by the Prophet and Imams themselves?) - and that for us in the modern era to understand these practises, we need to look through the lens of old to ascertain the societal norms of those days. But what I don't understand is that Muhammad (s) was sent with the message in order to dispel ignorance, injustice, wrongdoing, etc and so for these practises to remain in the religious literature means that in the eyes of God they are justified and permissible? And are we now saying that we must move along with the times and take it upon ourselves to prohibit practises the non-Muslims and new age Muslims now find problematic despite their original permissibility? Finally, are all these rulings only found in hadith? Is there any Quranic backing for [say] non-consensual sex being permissible?
  8. How to Brainwash a Million People No escapes, constant surveillance and forced confessions: Panorama reveals how China runs its re-education camps. More than a million people have been locked up. It's one of the biggest mass detentions in modern history. Reporter Richard Bilton uncovers the reality of surveillance and abuse inside hundreds of new detention centres. Today at 20:30 on BBC one https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000btl7
  9. Australia suspends human rights partnership with China over mass detention of Muslims and banning of politicians critical of Beijing ‘I will not repent’: Australian MP refuses to back down on China after being told he would need to “repent” to visit the country Internal Communist Party papers show how top officials - up to president Xi Jinping himself - describe Uighur resistance in terms like 'virus' or 'cancer' that needs to be 'eradicated’ China Killing Prisoners To Harvest Organs For Transplant: New Report Exposes Cover-Up Leaked papers on China's Muslim mass detention policies show President Xi Jinping urging the ruling party to use the 'organs of dictatorship' to round up the ethnic minority
  10. Were there agents that were part of the Wakalah system, loyal to Imam al-Kazim, yet rejected the Imamah of Imam al-Rida? Yes, I'm talking about the Waqifiyya. Normally, the reason given for their rejection is apparently due to greed over Khums money. But I think that's a bit of a cop-out. Instead it would appear they believed al-Kazim was the last. Regardless of the reason, wouldn't this cast doubt on the Wakalah system - its reliability and integrity - when trusted agents defect? Casting doubt on the selection process itself and the selector's insight...
  11. Uighur activists say China running hundreds more camps
  12. Nearly Half of Residents of Uyghur-Majority Village in Xinjiang Held in Internment Camps https://www.rfa.org/english/news/uyghur/half-10232019144954.html
  13. Some noise needs to be made about these atrocities, as a matter of urgency really. It's sickening to the core. Has any "Islamic" country even tried having any dialogue with China about this? https://www.independent.co.United Kingdom/news/world/Asia/china-xinjiang-uighur-Muslim-detention-camps-xi-jinping-persecution-a9165896.html More info:
  14. Is a man not permitted by Allah to take on a 2nd wife out of want alone?
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