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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. omg yuck ^ im not even gonna quote that post coz i cant look at that horribly disgusting picture again
  2. OMG where is this??? I SOOO wanna be in that cage!!! :(
  3. Btw just incase you dont know, thats me in those pictures :P
  4. i hate apple andoid for life! :P
  5. salam jazakallah , thank you for sharing!! :)
  6. backbiting sunnis, non muslims, shia etc.any human is haram. end of story its a matter of akhlaq and deen, the prophet (saww) didnt do it nor did ahlul bayt (as), even if the marja3's didnt specify it, its common sense you shouldnt talk badly of people.
  7. oh wow :donno: just goes to show how careful u have to be when making such comments :wacko: thanks for sharing ibnsohan, very interesting headline :)
  8. People act like mirrors; friends reflect your good qualities and enemies your faults.

  9. welcome to SC sis, yes of course, everyone here is a close knit community and very frinedly, i hope you enjoy ur time here :) if you need any help dont hesitate to ask :)
  10. 1. Allahsparadise 2. SouthSideShia 3. Imamihussein2011 4. floating 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. .. ^ aww look its our chat gang :D so proud of you guys :cry: for a second there i was gonna write my real name :P lol
  11. OMG you caught me!! :D *calls hitmen for security measures* :P aww those babies are just so cute :wub: nah samosas are savoury, these are sweets. :p
  12. Dont know if this is a lebenese recipe, but they always sell it in the lebanese pastry shops :P Cream Pastries Ingredients puff pastry sheetsricotta cheese2.5 tablespoons of cornflour2 cups of milksugar (depends on how sweet you want)quarter of teaspoon cardamon ground10 ml of rose watersuger syrup To make the cream add the milk, cornflour, cardamon, rose water and sugar in a pot and put over high heat. keep stiring until it boils and thickens and becomes as thick, sticking to the spoon if it doesnt thicken, in a bowl on the side mix a tiny pit of milk with a tablespoon of cornflour unt
  13. Hellooo!!! :D How do you know they are a 'sir'??? :P
  14. nope never, if i had a daughter, i would never let her marry a guy more than 10 years difference, nor myself will i marry someone with that age gap :no:
  15. Thanks jamal :D It is paradise indeed. I would love to just sit and read a book under a tree. Its an artificial rainforest. They have very high sprinkers to keep it moist while the other part of the park mimicks the usual australian outback with its harsh desert like environment. Very pretty :wub:
  16. Why my dear welcome to the procrastinators club!!!!!! We will register u inshallah..............tomorrow :P
  17. Yes its sydney!! :D its actually in Narrelan Never been to orange before tbh. Have you?
  18. Trip to the botanic gardens yesterday :wub:
  19. aww thats so nice, thanks for sharing....so true :(
  20. I hate it when you are driving on the speed limit, and all the cars overtake you as if your the slow one...geez :dry: Edit for above image ^ Both my mum and dad think i drive like a lunatic :wacko: (number 2)
  21. Thanks everyone!! While audacity didnt work for me because it made it sound like the chipmunks lool, i found another audio program called waveform that worked perfectly. Thanks for all the suggestions........i know have my CDs!!! :D I figured out how to speed it up without changing the voice, its by increasing speed without changing the audio's pitch
  22. :(

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      hahahaha ti3rifnee zeen :P

      eee emkhabala sa3a up sa3a down

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      Loool :)

      Yallah may khalif!

    4. floating
  23. OMG thats....thats.......the most beautiful heart breaking story ever :cry: :D My thoughts:
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