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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaams See below from ShiaMobile.com With the holy month of ‪#‎Ramdahan‬ a few days away. The iDuas Ramadhan app has been updated by ShiaMobile.com. - new updates include - new Duas such as Dua Kumail , Dua Nudba, Dua Tawassul, Ziyarat Waritha and Sura Yaseen along with all Duas for the Holy Month of Ramadhan - ability to select your own reciter - search enhancements Download now for FREE iPhone/iPad: http://www.shiamobile.com/portfolio-view/iduas-ramadhan-2/ Android : http://www.shiamobile.com/portfolio-view/iduas-ramadhan
  2. Salaamun 'Alaykum, The blessed Month of Ramadhan is almost upon us. ShiaMobile is proud to launch its newest App - iDuas - Ramadhan for the iPhone/iTouch and iPad. This app contains Du'as and Amaals for this blessed Month and the Nights of Qadr. A special new feature is the ability to download an Mp3 and follow along while reading or listening. For more details visit ShiaMobile.com Jazakallah
  3. A message from ShiaMobile.com -------------- Salaamun 'Alaykum, "Peace be on You O Aba Abdillah and on the souls that died with you. Greetings and Peace of Allah be on you, from me, forever so long as I live and so long as the night and day remain. May Allah not make it my last contact of Ziyarat with you. Peace be on Husayn, and on Ali the son of Husayn, on the children of Husay...n, and the companions of Husayn." --Ziyarat-e-Ashura Muharram is here and we will be commemorating the tragedy of Karbala and the sacrifice our beloved Imam Husayn (A.S.) and his family and followers did to save Islam. Centuries have passed but we remember this every year and every day. We shall insha'Allah be also performing the Amaal of Ashura and reciting the famous ziyarat of Ashura on the Day of Ashura. And as such, ShiaMobile.com is pleased to launch the latest new app titled iDuas - Muharram for the iPhone. This app contains all what needs to be done on the Day of Ashura and the Amaal itself. The Amaal of Ashura is also not just for the day of Ashura and there are merits in doing this Amaal throughout the year. Insha'Allah ShiaMobile with your support will be developing more of this and also for other platforms. You can download this app from http://www.shiamobile.com/ or visit: itms://itunes.apple.com/us/app/iduas-muharram/id346415840?mt=8 May Allah (SWT), Our Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.), Bibi Fatema (A.S.), the Lady of Light and The Master of The Age, Imam Al-Mahdi [atf] accept our mourning and get closer to them. Jazakallah ShiaMobile.com
  4. Please see below ------------ Salaamun 'Alaykum, On this auspicious occasion on the birth of the commander of the believers, successor of the Prophet, Amirul Mo’mineen, Imam Ali (A.S.), ShiaMobile.com is pleased to announce the launch of the Nahjul Balagha iPhone/iTouch application. Please visit www.ShiaMobile.com for more details. We will be launching our website shortly. Also watch out for future applications which will be announced on the website. ShiaMobile.com's vision to have Islamic content specifically the Shia books/resources readily available via an application format on the iPhone. We welcome your suggestions, comments and questions. Please spread the word. Jazakallah, ShiaMobile.com
  5. (salam) Does any body have an MP3 version of Dua Arafah? Jazakallah Shahid
  6. New DVD Release by Tabligh Subcommittee (salam) The Tabligh Subcommittee has released a new DVD entitled “HAYA - ­The Islamic Code of Conduct” by Maulana Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi. The DVD is being sold for $5 and will be available for Ordering online at www.islamicentre.org/orderDVD.asp and at Jaffari Islamic Centre. As well, the complete English Muharram 1426 Majalis by Sheikh Abbas Jaffer are now available on DVD for $40 for the entire set. Additionally, DVDs are available for past Thursday Night Majalises, Friday Khutbas, Wafats and Wiladats recited by Maulana Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi. Please visit www.islamicentre.org/orderDVD.asp for a list of available DVDs.
  7. (salam) Visit IslamiCentre.org to listen LIVE majalis by Br.Abbas Jaffer from U.K. and Maulana Fayyaz Hussein from Iran. Shahid
  8. Salaamun 'Alaykum, The following Majalises are for Muharram 1426. Also, these are LIVE. To listen to it, please visit the Paltalk rooms (English - Jaffari islamic Centre and Urdu - Jaffari Islamic Centre). For more information on the LIVE schedule, visit IslamiCentre.Org. In addition, the Majalis can be seen LIVE on Video too. Visit IslamiCentre.org for details. Urdu Majalis by Maulana Fayyaz Hussein from Qum, Iran @ Jaffari Islamic Centre - Toronto, Canada - http://www.islamicentre.org/viewByReciter.asp?reciter=31 English Majalis by Br. Abbas Jaffer from U.K @ Jaffari Islamic Centre - Toronto, Canada - http://www.islamicentre.org/viewByReciter.asp?reciter=33 English/Urdu Majalis by Sheikh Arif AbdulHussein from U.K. @ Masumeen Islamic Centre - Brampton, Canada - http://www.islamicentre.org/viewByReciter.asp?reciter=4 For ALL Muharram 1426 Majalises, http://www.islamicentre.org/viewByType.asp?type=17 Jazakallah, Shahid
  9. The majalis are in English with about 5-10 mins. in Urdu (the last part)
  10. (salam) Shafa’at (Intercession) DVD on Sale by the ISIJ Tabligh Sub-Committee: The Tabligh Committee is releasing special DVDs of the majalis’ on topic of Intercession that were delivered by Maulana Rizvi during the 19th/20th/21st night of Ramadhan. The DVD will be at a nominal cost of $7 CDN. Please contact the ISIJ Tabligh Sub-committee at tabligh@jaffari.org. You can also request your copy at www.islamicentre.org/orderDVD.asp In addition, the entire Ramadhan Majalises and Tafseer by Maulana Rizvi will be available on DVD shortly.
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    Salaamun 'Alaykum, With no NHL, we have the NBA only really. Sign up for Fantasy Basketball which allows you to make a team and operate it as an NBA team. Sign up now.... Here are the details. In order to join the league, follow the link above or go to game front page, click the "Sign Up Now" or "Get Another Team" button and follow the links to "Join a Custom League". When prompted, enter the League ID# and password below. League ID#: 170530 Password: allstars We will send you a confirmation with further details once you have completed the registration process. Click Here to continue Shahid
  12. (salam) Are there any Arabic/Farsi tutors in Toronto? Or anybody know of somebody? Thanks,
  13. (salam) Maulana Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi delivered an excellent Majalis on Shafa'at. It is in a series of 3 lectures. These and all his majalis for the Month of Ramadhan will be available on DVD after Ramadhan inshallah. Click here to listen/watch the 19th Night of Ramadhan on Shafa'at Click here to listen/watch the 20th Night of Ramadhan on Imam Ali (A.S.) Click here to listen/watch the 21st Night of Ramadhan on Shafa'at For all the Ramadhan lectures, visit IslamiCentre.org Shahid
  14. (salam) Does anybody have any links to sites that have the recitation of Dua Wida? I have seen duas.org which does but wondering if there are others. Thanks, Shahid
  15. (salam) Does anybody know where I can get a powerpoint presentation of Ziyarat Waritha along with its translation? Thanks, Shahid
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