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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, Moreover if as Qadri suggests the Angels were staking their claim to Khilafath via consensus, Allah (swty) rejected - their ijmaa was not entertained. If the ijmaa of masum angels is unacceptable when it comes to the issue of khilafath, what right to fallible humans have to determine it?
  2. Delight Sahib nice try, but that is your book not ours, and the Hadeeth that stated Maula 'Ali (as) could remain in the Mosque and Rasulullah (s) in such a State that no other Sahaba could is Muttawatir and Saheeh according to Asqalani, so that makes that Mu'awiya style tradition null and void. As for the Satan tradition can you tell me how many times Satan urinated in your ears, once, twice, a million times?
  3. Sister, read this article http://www.answering-ansar.org/answers/azadari/en/index.php It deals with such rubbish argument.
  4. Sunni tradition state 'he who doesnt recognise his Imam of the time dies the death of Jahiliyya' - Sharh Fiqh Akbar, Bab ul Imamate - If you dont have an Imam whatever your Sect the end is clear. In fact Abdullah Ibn Umar relied on this to back up the reign of you Imam Yazeed (la)/
  5. Highlander, Its telling that as an alleged ‘ex-Shi’a’ (in other posts) you have no knowledge of the Wailayath of ‘Ali (as) from sources, and yet we have Tahir Qadri the most renowned Sunni scholar of modern times who not only affirms and writes about it, but also states anyone that denies it, denies the Prophethood. Here is the link of the book on line: http://www.research.com.pk/home/fmri/books...dex.minhaj?id=0 If your Salafi buddies who have blinded you are blighted to the reality of Maula ‘Ali’s Wilayath it doesn’t mean that the rest of the world is as you can see even the
  6. Highlander thanks for the Fatawas, clearl;y you dont even know the Sunni or Shi'a position on Tawassal, rather only what you new Salafi mates have told you. If you knew even the basic position of Tawassal and its permissibility in the eyes of Sunni and Shi'a scholars you wouldnt have wasted your time with such a stupid response. Brother I suggest you check out Answering-Ansar's article 'Ya Ali Madad' wherein the persimmibility of make di'a via a medium is discussed
  7. Highlander, we will ALSO be asked if we believed in the Wilayath of Maula 'Ali (as), no one will be able to cross the Path to Heaven until this final question is asked, and this has been recorded by Ibn Hajr al Makki in Sawaiqh al Muhriq and Shah Ismail Shaheed al Wahaby in Mansab ai Imamate page 72.
  8. Salaams Ya Ali Madad! Sis Abbie A little brotherly advice, dont go around chucking Fataws based on what 'you think' Allawi aqeedah is. Its good to ask Allawis directly, your logic is just like Sunnis from the Indian Subcontinent who believe that Shi'as cook Sunni children on the 10th of Muhurrum and place them in rice! I repeat ANT lover of Maula 'Ali (as) is better than a Wahaby! Maula Waris!
  9. Nice try Jat Sahib, But you should know that the inhabitants of Kufa did not adhere to Shi'a aqeedah, Ziyad had massacred all save one during his era (see Tabari) those that lived in Kufa, believed in the earlier Khaleefas such as Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman that has nothing to do with Shi'a aqeedah. Go and check http://www.answering-ansar.org/answers/who...in/en/index.php Dont get some allergice reaction coz its a Shi'a Site!
  10. Now Now Sister Abbie you shouldnt just jump to immediate conclusions about the beliefs of others! I personally know of Allawi's and they dont believe this on the contrary the deem Maula Ali their Imam.
  11. Aysha You dont even know basic facts so whats the worth in debating with you. Many of the Tabieen that you love killed Imam Husayn (as) and you take Hadeeth from them, and then there's your Imam Yazeed (la) oh then again he's innocent, right?
  12. The brave Sahaba such as Umar Sahib were cowards, he fled in Khayber [twice]– so it is a FACT that they he was scared of Marhab. When it came to the events after the death of Rasulullah (s) Khaleefa Jee knew very well that Maula ‘Ali (as) would not seek to get embroiled into civil war, and thus he adhered to patience. They knew that he would adhere to Sabr, a man that would walk away from his enemy when he spat in his face, fearing that his personal feelings would have got in the way, would likewise never let his personal feelings overtake him when his rights were trampled. Jat Sahib the
  13. Jat Sahib No two circumstances are the same, using Qiyas wont work! Maula 'Ali (as) reacetd according to the situation he faced, if he (as) maintained silence it to avoid mass bloodshed and feudal wars, something that the Khaleefa Jee's took maximum advantage of.
  14. Mobeen, You also need to inspect your books a little, some version mention a Qunfudh Servant of Umar going to the house on the order of his Master. Now lets look at the text: The delegation dragged Ali to Abu Bakr where Omar, Khalid bin Walid and Abu Ubaidah ibn Jarrah (R.A.) were also present with many other people. Omar severely reprimanded Ali and told him to swear allegiance with Abu Bakr. Ali then took Abu Bakr's hand and took an oath of allegiance. (Al-Ihtijaj, by Tibrisi: 83, 84) How you suggest this means they werent prsent is way beyond me, if Maula Ali(as) was brought before Khaleef
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