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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. she is making me very angry she is making comments on my marriage and home life saying i do nothing for my husband when its simply not true i do every single thing for my husband and our baby i try to explain to her everything i do yet she still complains she isnt even married to even be commenting on anything and has her mum do everything for her She also said mum and i will come into ur apartment and watch how you do everything ( im thinking excuse me who are you to make these comments) dont even get me started on how she tries to control the trips my husband takes with me and going
  2. i knew it was pork i didnt touch it she put it on top the food i was eating so i couldnt continue the food i had brought and she knew very well i cant eat it so i stopped eating as soon she put it on top
  3. i am 21 years old i converted to islam when i was only 18 i got married at 19 my mum asks me all time "do you have to wear that thing on your head?" "take it off your not ugly" i explained many times why i cover still she hates it One time i was eating she put pork on my food knowing i cant eat it because of what she did i love my mum very much im very nice to her and speak to her with respect and i buy her gifts and send them to australia my sister she will not talk to me anymore she is an married to an coptic christian (mind you i was muslim before she met him) he tells her not to tal
  4. my update is.. i asked my husband if i could study arabic he said we will see and talk about it later
  5. assalam alaikom I KNOW i shouldnt complain and some may think this is nice but almost every second night we are eating out because my mother inlaw wants too i mean call me old fashioned but i love to make a nice home made meal
  6. Well i couldnt recommend it because she is still in the stage where anything could happen example losing the baby and also you should protect her from evil eyes
  7. his parents dont speak much english im trying to learn arabic
  8. I am australian my husband is saudi arabian so he is a local His father or brother could take me Most of courses are photography and beauty courses that i would want to join we live in an apartment which is attached to his parents house
  9. I did ask him why he just says you dont need it and you like being at home He says i got him and his family thats all the friends i need according to him And i cant do it behind his back for two reasons i feel it would be bad to do behind his back its like i would be disobeying him and the second reason we live in saudi arabia women here need the husbands permission to study
  10. I am not talking about a degree i was thinking just to do a short course to pass sometime as i get bored during the day because he works long hours and he gets angry if i have many friends How can i convince him to let me do a course
  11. I can understand goofing but your comment was just too far
  12. You are really sick and sad people if you have an obsession with killing kids and making joke of people from iran to be this way I was talking healthwise sickos
  13. I used to have a cute cat called persia he was so gentle and nice he would stand up on my lap and rub his face against mine
  14. My husband wants to vist iran Again but is it safe to bring a young baby girl
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