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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Can someone shed some light(name of tariqa, orgin etc.) on any specifically Shiite Sufi orders that are still very much alive & active? In particular those of Persian orgin. I am aware of the 'Nimatullahi Order' already so no need to mention them. I am of course also aware that the esoteric teachings of Islam were transmitted to Imam Ali(AS) who is the link between The Prophet(PBUH&HF) and almost all of the Sufi orders in the initiatic chain, which relates every Sufi generation back to The Prophet(PBUH&HF). This of course does not mean that most Tariqas are Shiite in essence. I just have not come across(though my knowledge and readings on this is very limited), any Sufi orders that speak within the framework of Shiism per se. Any info is much appreciated! Wa Salamm, Jason
  2. I sent an e-mail to the Nasr Foundation but I recieved a "mailer-deamon" almost immidietly. Would anyone hear know of an alternate e-mail other than info@nasrfoundation.org for the Foundation or perhaps how I could get in contact with Prof. Nasr directly to clarify this issue? In reality it certainly is not an "issue", but with the tremendous influence this great man has had on the Muslim intellectual world and beyond I think this information should be known. I mean with most Muslim scholars there usually is no doubt as it is either openly stated by them in books and or interviews article etc., whether or not they are Sunni or Shia. In Prof. Nasr's case this seems to be a mystery. I tend to think he might be on some sort of "middle ground" as well(but how would one do that??). Oh well, if anybody could clarify it would be nice. Jason
  3. I'm wondering if anybody here can confirm which branch of Islam does the scholar Seyyed Hossein Nasr adhere too? I've heard from some sources that he is Shia, but none of the books/interviews I have read of his actually confirm this. Though he has written much on Shiite spirituality, what I have read is written in such a way that it seems to be so extremely unbiased in allowing one to make a distinction as to which particular school Prof. Nasr himself follows. I also heard from someone who said he once knew a close relative(of Nasr) and he is a Sunni, he said he was pretty sure that Nasr is a Sunni as well. And that the Nasr family is originally from a part of Iran which is close to the Turkish border(being sunni territory). On the The Nasr Foundation bio page http://www.nasrfoundation.org/bios.html it says "He also traveled to Morocco in North Africa, which had great spiritual significance for Nasr who embraced Sufism in the form taught and practiced by the great Sufi saint of the Maghrib, Shaykh Ahmad al-Alawi." Now, the al-Alawi tariqa from what I understand is part of the Shadhiliyyah-Darqawi Order is it not? And is this Order not fundamentally Sunni? Or am I mistaken? Is it that within certain Tariqas' it matters little as to wheather or not you come from Sunni or Shia backrounds? Or? I'm just extremely curious as to wheather or not Prof. Nasr is a practicing Shia sufi or did he perhaps "forsake" Shiism(I'm assuming he at least was probably raised Shia given his Iranian heritage)to follow the Shadhili-Alawi tariqa? Anyone with some knowledge about this, I would greatly like to hear your comments! God Bless, Jason
  4. Hello, I'm hoping that someone will help give me some guidence on conversion to Islam. I'm a 24 y/o male living in Gainesville Florida USA, and I am on the verge of conversion(reversion) to Islam. As far as my backround is concerned I feel it is not relivent to post, as my life up until now has in my own opinion been quite a waste. Though now I want to live my life in service of Allah! I feel myself extremely drawn to Shiite spirituality and would like to convert to Islam and be a practicing Shia. Now my question pertains to the dillema I have concerning Shia mosques in the city I currently reside in. To my knowledge there are not any Shia mosques in Gainesville. I'm only aware of two Sunni mosques. Would it be suggested to take shahada at a Sunni mosque and then take the Shia shahada when I move back to NYC(this winter) at a Shia mosque? I personelly feel that if I want to be Shia then I should wait until I can attend a Shia mosque(though obviously I'm open to suggestions since i'm posting here). I know that Shia Namaz(salat) differs from Sunni schools as well as other ritual preperations and the like(I would not like to become accustumed to certain Sunni rituals by attending Sunni mosque only to have to re-learn things the Shia Way). So if I am to make this life transforming decision i feel, that I should embrace Islam through the path I feel absolute kinship with; that being Shiism. And that Allah would bless me knowing in my heart that until then I believe in him his Prophet and the Imams. What do you think? Please give me some sound advise. Thank you so much and God Bless! Jason
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