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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Ibn Ishaq wrote that Jews were seeking forgiveness from Prophet when Saa'd gave judgement of beheading all males of the tribe and enslaving the women and children but prophet said since its a law of Moses he has no other way but executing them. I wish prophet showed his mercy to them and just gave them light punishment. Why dont get why prophet was so harsh on them. They were pleading to save their lives and prophet and the sahabas beheaded them. This incident is documented in many hadiths and also in ibn Ishaq's book. I think prophet was very anti semitic but he was weak towards Christians si
  2. Our prophet did some mistakes. The biggest mistake he did was not showing mercy to Jews of Banu Qurayza tribe. He executed hundrads of Jews in one day by beheading. I cant support this incident. Holy prophet was very hard on Jews and didnt forgive them while Allah said in Quran that o prophet you are sent as mercy to all living beings. Wish prophet didnt show his anti semitic behavior to Banu Qurayza. Another mistake is marrying a 6 yr old child when he was 51. This is mistake because he is a prophet and he should have waited till the girl is adult enough to concieve a baby. He married such
  3. Look here also Prophet said he is closer to Christians in this world and hereafter. Its obvious that Christians are more favoured than Jews in Islam even though Christians do shirk by calling Jesus, son of Allah. Sahih Bukhari Both in this world and in the hereafter, I am the nearest to Christians, the people of Jesus, the son of marry because Jesus and I are paternal brothers though our mothers are different but our religion is one.
  4. Imam Ali is dead. How could he be with anyone? Is he divine? Nauzubillah. Say Allah is with you.
  5. Its not about Sunni-Shia. Its about why Prophet (pbuh) married Aisha (ra). There may be some valid reasons behind marrying her. 1. To strengthen relationship with Abu Bakr (ra) 2. Aisha (ra) was supposed to get married to another man but when the person's family knew about Abu Bakr accepting Islam they broke the marriage. So the Prophet (pbuh) took her responsibility by marrying her because during that time if a girl is rejected at last moment it became a huge problem for parents to find man who will marry her. Any of the two may be the reason behind marrying Sayida Aisha (ra).
  6. But Prophet (pbuh) was 51 years old when he married Aisha (ra). More than 8 times older than her. This is very disturbing. There must be a reason behind marrying her. Non-Muslims have great time criticizing this marriage but we don't have solid facts to defend this marriage. May be Prophet wanted to stengthen the friendship with Abu Bakr (ra) hence he married Aisha.
  7. Hazrat Musa (as) is the central figure of Jews (Bani Israel). His story is mentioned more frequently because his teachings were currupted by certain Jews. So to restore the true teaching of Hazrat Musa Allah Swt mentioned his story more frequently in Quran. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is mentioned only 4 times as Muhammad and one time as Ahmad. It doesn't mean Hazrat Musa (as) is greater than Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh). Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) is higher in rank.
  8. Didn't Prophet (pbuh) marry any woman for his sexual needs? Hadith says Prophet's wives were extremely beautiful thats why I am saying it. I have no problem if Prophet married more than 4 but I sometime feel very uncomfortable when someone says Prophet married 6 years old girl when he was 51. Is it even possible to marry a 6 years old child? I highly doubt the hadith's authenticity.
  9. Homosexuality is a disorder. The person hardly is responsible for it. Don't be cruel to him. Don't break friendship with him just because he is homosexual. Try to help him to overcome his sexual disorder if its possible. Not only in western world Islamic world also has many homosexuals. Its absolutely injustice to hang them in public like Iran does. Yes, its haram to have homosexual relations but we don't have any right to kill him for his mental and physical condition. There are many madrassas (Islamic school) in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh where teachers have homosexual relations with the
  10. For a blind person like me (-3.00 / -4.00) seeing without glasses is like a dream. It must be heaven to see without glasses. I will do Lasek. That operation doesn't involve cutting cornea with blade like lasik.
  11. Mind is not always in our control. There are so many questions we have in our mind but no one can give definite answers of those. I myself have some questions in my mind about Allah and Islam. Where is Allah? Why don't he show up to us to make us true believers but after having such questions I just seek forgiveness to have such kufri questions in my mind but what can I do? How can I control my mind? I have faith in Allah and Islam but whenever I see there are so many religions in the world I question myself if Allah is one then why there are many religions? I immediately seek forgiveness by
  12. Islam is the only religion accepted by Allah. He will not accept any other religion. Judaism and Christianity are considered previous versions of Islam but when Allah says he has now perfected the religion and the religion is called Islam all other religions became unacceptable but I don't get why did Allah let other religions to form at first place? I feel so bad when I see a good man of other religion is so devoted to his religion and he is praying to God but not in a way prescribed in Islam and due to this reason he will go to hell. I know even I am not gurateed to go heaven even if I am Mu
  13. Quran criticises Jews more than Christians. Even though Christians are condemned for their blasphemous believe in trinity but they are called nearest in love with Muslims even though they commit Shrik by joining Jesus with Allah. Nearest in love with the believers are those who say, 'We are Christians.' because amongst these Christians there are men who devoted to learning and men who renounced the world and they are not arrogant. A Christian recently make a provocative film and you know what happened afterward. Christians make thousands of websites to denounce Islam yet they are call
  14. Suhrawardi Uddan (Park), Dhaka Hindu Kali Mandir at Suhrawardi Uddan Ramna Park , Dhaka
  15. Rural Bangladesh Lalmonirhat Rural Bangladesh St. Martins Island Rangamati
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