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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Posted 06 August 2013 - 02:16 AM Noah-, on 05 Aug 2013 - 9:56 PM, said: I think you should understand that the Yanks are in Afghanistan due to politics played by Iran and Tajiks in Afghanistan and the FAILURE of Iranian government IN TIME to understand that 9-11 FalseFlag was a racist Inside Job and that Israeli agent, Adam Gadahn penetrated the taliban. This is the reason for Terrorism in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Iran did not give support or advice to Musharraf when it was really NEEDED. The Americans bought the loyalty of the Northern Alliance with a rain of dollars very cheap and since
  2. Yay. Caught an agent. I dont think he is a chaploos patsy with shaitan riding on his head. Note, how he goes OFF TOPIC. Indian RAW and others have meticulously studied the religously significant symbols of shia and sunni and infiltrated the forums with remarkable subtlety. That is how the handlers use the suicide bomber patsies. Without the coupling of forums to misinterpret the news of terrorism, this 4th generation war is impossible to conduct. Note, how he goes OFF TOPIC. Without the coupling of forums to misinterpret the news of terrorism, this 4th generation war is impossible to
  3. The Israelis will follow their SOP (standard operating procedure) which would be a falseflag to divert attention. In 2000 Prince Abdullah met George W Bush and made a presentation about the situation of the Middle east and the Palestinians and Bush made his mischievious grin without saying much. 9-11 falseflag followed which has bought Israel another 15 years, removed Arafat from the stage, removed Gaddafi from the scene, created a civil war in Iraq, Egypt and Syria and also a big mess in Pakistan. The economies of all the muslim countries are backward and even South Korea has gone ahead. The
  4. Pakistani nation has reached a concensus conclusion that the attack on the church was done by the CIA. The attack was S-T-R-A-T-E-G-I-C and timed to the prime minister Nawaz Sharif's visit to UN and to EMBARRAS him so he cant talk of YANQUI TERRORIST CIA and its drones. Pakistan will demand the pay at the rate of the LOCKERBIE from the Yanqui and CIA Bustards. Iran should demand the downing of its air liner. The murder of Chinese and Russian mountaineers was also strategic. The most brilliant mind - General Hamid Gul explains this in clear detail. http://www.zemtv.com/2013/09/24/
  5. YAY, caught an agent by the hook and baited with Shaikh Osama bin Laden. The FASIQ has no proof that the Honorable Shaikh ever had anything to do with 9-11. Read this and slap your face ... you are not fit for the job successfully making us fight each other. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXPHilw81Bg
  6. What US/NATO will do to Iran and Pakistan after 2014 Sayed Zaid Hamid Zaman explains in CRISP english. http://www.zemtv.com/2013/09/23/the-debate-with-zaid-hamid-cias-war-in-afghanistan-and-its-impact-on-pakistan/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9NokWKKyFE
  7. This Mutah king is an Indian agent. This guy is lying and misleading you and planting non-facts in your memory and brain. You should always verify when this ugly image with satanic laughter fasiq writes something. what this fasiq says actually happened to christians and muslims and sikhs in India.
  8. CIA-Terrorist FASCISTS attack a Christian Chuch in Peshawar and then put the blame on the Taliban like they did on PURE and INNOCENT Shaikh Osama Bin Laden who was TOTALLY INNOCENT of 9-11 falseflag. These incidents NEVER used to happen before the 9-11 falseflag of the Yankee greedy Bustards .. of UNOCAL for the TAPI gas pipeline. Jews and CIA (who call themselves "christian") did 9-11 as a JOINT Project. Oriya Maqbool Jan explains in Urdu http://www.zemtv.com/2013/09/24/sahi-khabar-aman-ki-talash-23th-september-2013/ Sir Sayed Zaid Hamid Zaman explains in very CRISP English to the wor
  9. There are lots of conspiracy theories floating over the internet on this strange coincidence of blowing up of christian church like the buildings on 911. I quote a random selection from the uppcase type on the forum. I have no connection with any of these, nor responsible. Please, just hand over the world, your sovereignty, and surrender everything to the zionists, khazars and Gog and Magog so that we can finally live in peace and they can slaughter and rape all of us without any resistance and according to their whim.
  10. Gaddafi raped before being Murdered by Zionist Criminals, watch this video and go to youtube and search by this link http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=gaddafi+raped http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXPHilw81Bg
  11. Keep on dividing us one against the other. You are doing a great job. I need your address at the Mossad building so I can send you a gift of chocolate as my humble appreciation for your overtime efforts. Keep on dividing us one against the other. You are doing a great job. I need your address at the Mossad building so I can send you a gift of chocolate as my humble appreciation for your overtime efforts. Keep on dividing us one against the other. You are doing a great job. I need your address at the Mossad building so I can send you a gift of chocolate as my humble appreciation for your
  12. In the Quran and in the Bible both, Allah, the Rabb of all of us has declared war on Ribba and the Money Lenders. After the Khazars were successfully brought in by the Normans to England and USA, and also the Communist Khazar revolution in Russia to kill the Orthodox church, they started Ribba all over the world and Rothschild was the most successful. Will the ISLAMIC Republic of Iran take the lead in declaring the War on Ribba and Jihad against Ribba or will she forget that In Chaploosi to the Zionists and contrive an excuse that she has to wait for the Imam Mahdi(AS) ??? Sayed Zaid Ham
  13. This is a very serious post. It is established by globalresearch.ca that Syria chem weapons was a falseflag by the CIA with the Saudis.
  14. Pakistan's most popular and beloved Qalandar and Mujahid and Ghazi of the Afghan Jihad, Sayed Zaid Hamid Zaman who is also the author of the epic narrative "From Indus to Oxus" analyses indepth, the situation of Pakistan and advocates the Political system of Iran type for Pakistan. Its a great video. http://www.zemtv.com/2013/09/21/the-debate-with-syed-zaid-hamid-political-model-for-pakistan-din-news-20-09-2013/
  15. Are we ready to become homeless refugees like the Kashmiris and the Palestinians? The world will treat us with greater contempt than even the Kashmiris and the Palestinians because the people of the Indian subcontinent dont even have the light complexion of the Kashmiris and the Palesitinians in this white race dominated world. Syria should wake you up. Sayed Zaid Hamid Zaman, a mujahid of the Afghan jihad of the 80's, gives an interview in ENGLISH so that the world can hear it and especially our Iranian brothers and both have to decide if we want to be taken out separately one by one or
  16. What is manifestly true is manifest to people. Orwellian tactics cannot squelch the truth. I see a very destructive shia or agenteurs attitude here and that is to blame every thing on Al-Saud and Nejd Hadith. What about the Hadith that Dajjal will come from Isfahan? Anyway, it is destructive and even a deletion would lead to more determined enmity when there was friendship because that would tear off the veil that the other party was reasonable and that is why it is the best to act as a Momin. Even if there was not enmity aroused, the other reason is that BAD information propagated by ce
  17. If the Chemical attack was done by the rebels with the Chemical Weapons provided by Israel or USA/Europe, as is most likely the case (and I dont believe that the saudis can do that) then the only logical conclusion for Pussilanimously Submitting to the Fear of Khazar Puppet Obama is one and only one, ie Putin and Iranians are Abject Chaploos cowards Putin and Iranians are Abject Chaploos cowards Putin and Iranians are Abject Chaploos cowards They are MUM to even speak the truth in the International Forum such as G-20 or in the UN Security Council. Their TONGUE is TIED. They can
  18. you get a medal in the art of justifying one wrong by another. This is exactly how the Zardari (shia) and PPP justified corruption during their 5 year rule.
  19. Why bicker. Are the muslims ever united? I have done extensive research and one of the most self-centered communities on the planet are the muslims, be they from Iran, Pakistan or Arab countries, regardless of the sect. Never able to cooperate among themselves and with snake oil sellers and petty differences. You will not be able to bring ethics and Islam into the mainstream without fighting these type of anti-Islam rich groups of 9-11 falseflaggers and economic scammers and hitmen. And that you cant do without a certain amount of unity. The jews cooperate with jews. Muslims dont venture and c
  20. This is height of bigotry to remove the first post on General Zia. The other [Edited Out] one liners/sentencers may be removed, but not the main article. I have video on very fair analysis. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_fmDuGSM_w Balanced Analysis on Afghan Policy, Bhutto and Zia ul Haq by veteran journalist Mujeeb ur Rahman Shami
  21. All this mess in syria and pakistan is because of Iranian intransigence and cooperating in a humble or even equal manner. Iranians are too proud and do not treat even the well educated pakistanis as equal, (I am not talking governments but just the iranian crowd in the mosques and the secular crowd as well in the countries where they have a chance to come in contact). This is what Putin thinks about the iranians. that they are "clever and cunning politicians" trying to use the persecution complex to unite as the jews and more cleverly than the US was able to do by elevating Iran as a threat
  22. but where does the Quran or Nahj al-Balagha teach you to call your enemies with names like "cockroaches"?
  23. I think that this theory needs to have its own separate thread. There is much evidence supporting this theory if there is indeed some kind of sabotage. Quite possibly, the overworked personnel, in the hope of going home for holidays were cutting corners, but USA took too much trouble to get into this region by conducting a massive 9-11-2001 false-flag. Dr Alan Sabrosky shifts the blame entirely to Mossad, however, USA with FBI and CIA and Bush cannot be allowed to shift the blame. The USA is essentially, the successor to a Colonial power which was Great Britian. It was a bonafide Colonial p
  24. I think, it is a good precaution by Malaysia. Pakistan itself is suffering from Iran's bickering with Pakistan. Iran wanted a big role in Afghanistan for the Tajiks but did little to promote the Afghan Jihad against the Soviets. Then, Rafsanjani started taking suitcases full of million dollars to Russia to buy military technology while Chechens were being ground. The American footprint in Afghanistan is precisely due to Iranian bickering with Pakistan. As a Pakistani Shia, I put Pakistani interest first and then the Ummah and third Iran. Our home is in Pakistan or Malaysia respectively and t
  25. Shia (Iran-educated and fashion) and Sunni (Saudi or Arab-educated and fashion) scholars agree during the program by Dr Danish, who is possibly a Sufi anchor from Sindh and possibly a follower of Sufi Saints, Sultan Bahu and Sachal Sarmast. This is a Devastatingly Fascinating video and Scholarly Analysis. I especially urge the Iranian scholars and media to take a note of it and then present these ideas in their media - to defeat the zionist agents disguised in the garb of scholars of Shia (the Icons in the forums) to spread hate and misunderstanding. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozEis6jb
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