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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. And what EXACTLY are the SIGNS. You obviously think your some sort of expert. Macisaac please stop generalising, just because you are ignorant of something doesn't mean it's not true.
  2. What a Wicked, Wicked woman...kicking him out of and taking away his house and kids. Yeah right. Macisaac go do some research on child abuse, the tactics used by those that abuse for e.g grooming their victim. Irishman i agree with you 100%. You put it so well. As much as we would like them to be, some things are not always black and white.
  3. Noha by Qamber Ali Kiyani of Denmark 2010 audio is on Matamdari.com Ghair mumkin si mera weer magar kitaey. Mein teri maut te (x2) Shabbir(as) sabar kitaey. 1. Aap so jandiey mitiyan te nayi lori mangdi. Sir tera neze te chup chap hay takdi rendi. Haal ey teri Sakina da Shimar(la) kitaey. 2. Naam shehran de te tafseer dayaran di puch. Ginti moran di te tadad bazaran di puch. Yaad ey menun mein jitna wi safar kitaey. 3) Veer Muslim de jadun sir ne tilawat kiti. Eywan lagda si ke mar gayie Rukaiya meri. Paar mein okha bara kufey da dar kitaey. 4) Maan ne awaz jadun Allahuakbar di suni. Naal hath
  4. What a stupid question. :-s. (sorry for being blunt)
  5. ^Thank you...finally someone who talks some sense. I have my doubts about the OP making out to be someone very pious. Yet seems to know alot about what women, be it married ones are doing on facebook.
  6. I have no idea...i only know that cos i heard he was injured whilst doing zanjeer and in hospital, quite serious i think.
  7. MDM you'll be pleased to know, he is in fact a malang. Like you a zanjeer zan aswell. (there a well known family to me).
  8. This hadith does not just refer to the Prophet (saw) but it is also saying that (naudobillah) Allah is not Adil. It is saying that he is FORCING through Hazrat Jibrael, someone who cannot read. Into reading the Quran. He is punishing someone by them being so tightly squeezed when they have done absolutely nothing wrong. Those brothers who follow this school of thought and this book in particular. Open your eyes, minds and hearts and read the book for yourself. Don't go on what ANYONE says. Assess for yourself, some of the things that are written in it.
  9. Its got nothing to do with 'ATTITUDE'. Shows how much you know. You are not allowed to eat something which is cooked by a kafir. I have not made any of the rules. I don't have anything against anyone. Personally i do my best to treat everyone the way that i would like to be treated. No matter what their colour or beliefs. So please stop being so pathetic.
  10. She was definitely a hindu. One of the ladies did have a word with the organiser, who confirmed it but said that the food was not cooked by her. Would it not be seen as disrespectful to mention it in front of everyone? Is it not better to stay quiet? I mean the organiser have enough knowledge and its their responsibilty is it not? What would you do?
  11. So would it be allowed to eat from her hands? She is still an unbeliever?
  12. Salaam. My mum went to a majlis today where at the end niyaz was served. One of the ladies serving was the housekeeper, who was hindu. Not all those present noticed her. My question is that those who did notice her and let the others carry on with eating the food that she had touched and quite possibly been involved with preparing it. Would they be at fault along with those who held the majlis and who also employed that lady?
  13. Sister, if you don't want to share your husband. Then i don't see why you should be forced to. And if he also doesn't feel he wants another wife then what anyone else thinks doesn't matter. Can i ask where you are from.i.e eastern country or western? Those people who are pressuring you have obviously nothing better to do other than poking their noses in where its not wanted. Who are they to say that you are being selfish or unjust to yourr husband by not 'getting him another wife' why on earth would he want another when he's got you. Who obviously loves him and cares for his needs.
  14. /\ true say. Pure intention is very important in ibadat. If it isn't for the right intention i.e showing off then you can pray 100 rakats and its not gonna do you any good.
  15. I'm totally sick and tired of these discussions, that i have almost given up getting involved. Why don't people just live and let live. Just today there was talk of the majlis being stopped in the middle to pray namaz. The zakira was of the opinion that if theres no namaz then 'majlis is a waste of time and waste of money'. What the hell. Praying namaz and good timekeeping are both good practices but why do they only become important during a majlis? Do those people who make such a big fuss at matam time, that its namaz time. Do they really stop their worldly tasks and pray namaz on the dot wh
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