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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. And if the floor is wet then it remains najis right?
  2. Salamun Aleykum. This is kind of a wierd question but but.. Does a football become tahir if it rolls on the ground?
  3. Salamun Aleykum. If i had a small pimpel on my forehead, did ghusle jumuah and after ghusl i realized that the pimple started bleeding. Is my ghusl void and is my body najis?
  4. Salaam. Please do not come with opinions without facts. If I would say that something is halal to do and a someone listens to me and starts doing that "something" then wont I be accountable for all of his Sins comitted because of what i Said. Please do not forbid and allow things without sources. Peace be upon you all.
  5. Salamun Aleykum. I"ve been going through this in a while now and i really need some opinions and thoughts. I've been doubting really much for some months wether or not alot of stuff is najis or not, at home, my body my hands my feet etc. And Im getting really tired of this sometimes i feel like crying screaming... Could you share some opinions on how this can stop and if you also went through this how did you manage to get out of this?
  6. I just touched a small part so i think its ok! JazakAllah for the answer
  7. Salamun Aleykum. If while in wudhu just before i wipe my foot i slightly unintentionally touch my foot and then wipe my foot is my wudhu void?
  8. (salaam) I have a question i'd like to ask. When we discuss with Sunni people, should we have bad morals towards them? I mean sometimes I see people discussing with them but having bad morals and talking dirty about their "holy persons" i understand that we disagree with them but shouldn't we just bring them facts from their books and let them decide. I understand that we should do tabarra but should we do it in an outrageous way? That way no sunni person would like to convert. For an example theres a debate and I want to convince the other person to agree with me. Should i directly talk agressevly about his beliefs? Or should i just bring facts? Am i letting Ahlulbayt(alayhimalsalam) down if I tell a believer to cool down and watch his tongue while he is debating? Even though he is a shiamuslim?
  9. Salamun Aleykum. I just recieved an offer, they need a worker to help build a stage, on which an artist will sing with crowds, I wonder, is it haram for me to help build the stage? and is the money i recieve unlawful money? Please answer me as quick as possible.
  10. Thank you everybody for your responses and thanks for the answers
  11. But i feel like Im not doing what my imam has told me to do then..
  12. But they always wear a coat so you cant see:(
  13. (Bismillah) (Salam) I read a hadith from imam Al-Sadiq(pbuh) that the kneecaps should touch the ground while doing sujud.. I''m trying to do this but it is really hard because i have to almost lay down, my forehead hurts and my back hurts while doing this. Any explanation?
  14. Whenever i think about death i always get a little scared ..
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