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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam baradar, movafagh bashi, vali begu bebinam, shoma Arman Pakan khodemun nisti?

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  3. [Edited by Staff - Member suspended for 3 days for racist comments. If member continues with this attitude, member may be permanently banned from this board]
  4. Well Hawraa29, that would mean you're a liar then. I am an Iranian, in fact you don't even have to be Iranian. Many of his speeches are subbed and can be found on the Internet. Not in a single speech in decades of memory can I recollect him saying death to anything. What does happen is that some times someone calls for takbir, the Iranian way for replying to that is three Allah akbar, plus death to some of our enemies. Some times when the enemies are mentioned, that is enough to get everyone to chant against them. Nothing less, nothing more. As for technology and what should and should not hav
  5. The German V1 was a pulse engine driven vehicle with a gyroscope as its only input for where it should go. You're comparing what that, with an Iranian vehicle that has more than 100 censors, a jet engine, and advanced programming that allow it not only to strike and return over hundreds of km's, but target land, sea and air vehicles. I don't really know where to begin with your ignorance. But I have already told you before...
  6. I don't care whether any of you support(ed) Saddam or not. What I wish to expose is the extreme hypocrisy and lame excuses behind which you hide your hate, jealousy and ignorance. You seem to be a big fan of youtube. Use your arabic language skills to search for Bangladeshis, Indians, etc being discriminated against and beaten up in Saudi Arabia and all the other countries around you. Also I've spoken with enough Arab speakers to know just how much racism is going on in their heads. I'd also like to correct you again, there is no such thing as an "Arab race". This is something that came into e
  7. What was the purpose of your lecture anyway? You first insult my intelligence, then proceed to show me stuff I already know. What you said was further proof that you hate Arabs and I brought more proof afterwards. Wake up to reality, look at what's happening in that country. Torture, executions, protests and violence. Was it just a lie made by all the news agencies and Iranians in the world?

  8. The audacity some people have. Unbelievable. I will tell you exactly what bothers me about exactly your type of "human". I have no idea how far your knowledge of your own history goes back, but I can guess what your linking capabilities are. Let me linearize the time line for you and wake you up from your one sided dream world: * We have a revolution, we call for brotherhood and unity. * We declare we're willing to resolve everything from the past so the above can be attained. * The western workers who were in Iran, before they left, have sabotaged all our important military equipment. * In th
  9. (salam) I would like to WARN people from listening to these self proclaimed experts on Islam. For example, Nader Zaveri and those who supposedly praise him (could be himself with multiple accounts or a group of people with an organized plan). We do not move our heads during prayers like the sunnis do. During the last rakat, when you are in your sitting position, the very last thing you do, is say: Ash-hadu Alla Ilaha Illa Allah Wahdaho La Shareeka Laho Wa Ash-Hadu Anna Muhammadan ‘Abdoho wa Rasooloh Allahumma Sally ‘Ala Muhammadin wa Aaly Muhammad Assalamu Alaika Ayyuhan-Nabiyyo Wa Rahmatullah
  10. Bestiality is something common (today), let alone long ago. There are many websites dedicated to this sickness.
  11. (salam) Well, I bet you can google search for a local place around where you live for halal meat. Also you said, "Also dont be stupid and silly. I dont want to know if it is allowed to eat haram meat. I want to know if there is any condition if I can eat meat that is not slaughtered according islamic laws." Yes, that is called, "Haram meat". There are two types of haram meat: 1) Meat from an animal that is forbidden. 2) Meat from an animal that permissible to eat BUT it was not slaughtered according to Islamic directions. Both of the above case are called haram meat. The Qor'aan specifically m
  12. I don't understand why anyone would become stressed about meat. First of all, It's very confusing that you keep saying, "unslaughtered meat". This means that you want to eat a live animal. So basically you want to know if a marja allows you to eat a live animal. What you want to know is if it is permissible to eat haram meat (meat from an animal that is by definition impermissible or meat from an animal that is not slaughtered according to Islamic rulings). There is only one condition, and that is when your life is in danger. For a person whose life is in danger, they can eat just enough to su
  13. Alaikom Assalam, Congratulations with finding the truth. Their anger and pain is due to not knowing, having been fed lie after lie from the media around them about us, and not seeking the truth for themselves. Most of those who call themselves Muslims merely followed what their fathers (ancestors) told them to follow. It is exactly the thing we have been warned from doing in the Qor'aan. You are a special person in that something in you wanted you to find out the truth, and you found it by the grace of Allah (swt). There are others here in a similar situation as you, some much more severe case
  14. Ahh... Communism, Marxism, put in one sentence with "Islam" nonetheless. The first thing that reminds me off are MEK terrorists. Not to mention a very long list of the most brutal people ever known to man. None of whom "of course" followed the true communist/Marxist path, right? ;) The two/three do not go together and it really is not worth the time to talk about it. These ideologies have died out. When it was still alive, we rejected these foreign ideologies and methods of governance. No wise person is interested in digging up this grave. Iranian scholars had written books on this matter when
  15. I'm against any kind of shi'a with sunni marriage, the sunni one has to change their wrong beliefs BEFORE marriage. The prophet (s) and his progeny (as) have told us time after time again that whether we marry someone, must be based on their faith, not "love". Two to five years into your marriage all these 'lovey dovey' feelings will be 'forgotten' and pushed aside for important things about life (e.g. what on earth are your children going to believe -> and NO there is NO SUCH THING as children decide on their own, they do not, take it from me, they will end up very confused children). If t
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