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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thank you for your comment! You are right that it is a way to bring us back to him. My biggest concern is that it wont be 'effective' unless its read in arabic...which also doesnt make sense to me because I dont understand! Its all just a bit confusing. Do you know of any marja who has ruled on such things?
  2. Hello, I have a question. So I have an issue in my life and have been advised to read surah Yasin 40 times for my troubles to be fixed. I agreed to do it and started to read. My problem is that I dont speak arabic and can barely read it. After some practice through the years I am able to 'read' it...as in I know the alphabet and how it works and can sound it out....but I am really bad at it. For example it can take me a full minute or two to read a line. Not only am I veryyyyy brutally slow, I also make mistakes, and I also dont understand it - Like I have no idea what
  3. thank you for all of your kind comments and advice. I guess what I should do is 1) not tell my parents 2) Try to talk to him and get to be more 'friends' with him, but not bring it up (what I saw). And to clarify, I'm a girl, so I am his big sister :) This is what kind of makes things a bit difficult for us....when we were younger we were really close to the point that he would worship me and follow me around everywhere and do WHATEVER I said, and I in turn, was reallly caring for him, spent hours devising games for him to play, taught him everything from his A-B-C's to 1-2-3's. We got along
  4. what do you mean by show him problems of the world? The thing is I dont think he would smoke *maybe I'm being naive?* because he has always hated the smell of cigarette and weed smoke (like would cough and make comments about how gross it is). Going out with girls? Don't think so but who knows :/ Thank you for your comment Summayyeh :) Yes I need to calm down. its 1:30 am and I cant fall asleep :( My problem is I don't know who to consult. The people who attend our religious/community events are people who know my parents very well and I just can't trust them with this 100%. It
  5. Thats my point exactly! He is not a child! We cant FORCE him to do anything (nor do we have a desire to). I don't know if theres anything I can do....or if there is a point in telling my parents? If theres nothing they can do? But wont they be upset if they one day found out I knew and didn't tell them? :( It was a guinness cup filled to the top with white foam. Usually they dont pour coke in guinness cups do they? >_>
  6. Hello, I honestly cant believe this and am in total shock and not sure what to do so all I could think of was to turn to this anonymous online forum for advice :( My family has been in Canada since before my younger brother was born (he is currently 20). We are a fairly religious family and it has always been important for my parents to raise us to believe in the Islamic Faith. For example, every year since I can remember they have made sure we attended muharam events, explained things to us about the events and its significance etc. They have told us in our day to day lives the importance
  7. The exalted one, I like how you get offended at the mere thought of being told 'there are no real men', and yet have no hesitation on blaming it on 'the women', and that any problems that exist are because of ' most women' I thought the article was very true and well reflected. There are many men who are like this in this day and age, not EVERY MAN, but some men. I can see it from many of my friend's spouses. But that doesnt mean there arent equally flawed women who 'pose provacotively on instagram' etc... It is a both sided issue, but I am finding that for some reason men of this generati
  8. I always thought you could have an abortion based on three things: 1) Risk to mothers health, 2) rape, and 3) If the fetous is unhealthy (as in severe deformities etc) This is correct...isnt it?
  9. salam006


    I heard about it and I am even facebook friends with one of the girls who was in the contest :) I have mixed feelings on it and havent really decided where I stand. On one hand I think Ms.Universe pageant is really stupid and serves no purpose other than to objectify (vapid) women. There is no 'greater purpose' to it than having a bunch of women compete against each other for stupid things like 'beauty' and 'bikini bodies'. Sure they claim they will do 'good' with their titles for charity...but really who are we kidding? How much effect are they REALLY having :p So with that mind set I was
  10. Why are you guys trying to limit non-muslims from participating? Does that not foster a lack of understanding between religions? :( hahaha I agree with you 10000% Pinata, Im 22 and dying of stress from life already and not even married or have kids etc. I think you guys have it a bit wrong though in terms of 'perspective'. When you say 'women are more depressed than men' and associate that with them 'working outside of the home' is a very unfair and biased perspective. Consider this: In this day and age when a man and women both go out to work in the world the responsibilities of the hom
  11. ORRR the woman could just make it part of her marriage agreement that she has the right to 'leave the house' and 'work' whenever she darn well pleases :) (something about 90% of the women I know have done) I personally think it should come down to having 'open discussions' between both spouses to see what it is best for the family unit. At times it may be best for the woman to work, at other times it may be best to not. To arbitraily say 'NO! YOU ARE A WOMAN YOU STAY HOME!' is just stupid in this day and age in my opinion (unless you live somewhere like Afghanistan or Pakistan etc). Whe
  12. Every time you think 'what if I could find someone better' you should think 'she could have found someone much much better than me and yet she didnt. She chose me' Because really....how do you have the right to think that way if you arent all that great yourself? Please dont take it the wrong way I am not trying to insult you or anything but we are all human and not perfect. The fact that you think you could 'do better' is a sign of your ego and thinking that "I am better, thus I deserve better". Unless you are prince charming (insert every wild thing a girl could want - model looks, tall da
  13. Salams everyone, My question is simple. Does brushing your teeth while fasting break your fast? I always brush my teeth MINUTES before you have to stop eating, and then gulp down a couple of cups of water. And then I dont brush my teeth for the rest of the day because I have been told it breaks your fast. Is this true? I would benefit greatly with brushing my teeth a few more times a day because I am constantly talking to coworkers and feel really embarrased about the bad breath.
  14. +1 !! A lot of guys offer going on ziarat as an option ( a very valid and nice one! :) ) But they seem to use it as a 'cheaper than having a wedding' argument when in reality it can be a lot more costly!! I agree that there shouldnt be such extravegant weddings and the thought of a 200+ (or should I say 300+ or 500+ !!) wedding makes me queazy. I mean hey, if you REALLY know every person you invite and have a close and personal relationship with them and that adds up to more than 200 people...then by all means do that. But I highly doubt that is a norm. But my view on all this is somewher
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