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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  2. Thanks shiah and proud.. I'd heard something like that but wasn't sure..! cool! B) jund: Alot of people I know who get engaged have their mutah recited till their nikah date so they can interact without any sins..:angel:
  3. Salaams, One of my cousin sisters recently got engaged and she got her mutah done till august next year. They're planning on having their Nikah either in April or July.. umm.. I'm just wondering does she have to break her mutah to get her nikah recited? lol.. it's something I heard and was wondering!
  4. Salaam, Hans Wehr dictionary is really good. But I found a more convinient PC dictionary on lingvosoft.com. You'd need an arabic Keyboard. Its the best I've come across so far, though my knowledge in this language is rather weak. I think they have a trial download which has about 10% of the dictionary. Ws.
  5. Salaam. happy bday! plz remember me in ur dua insha Allah. Wassalam.

  6. salam and happy birthday

  7. You might not need the cd -Under control panel, select regional and language options. -select language tab.. Install files for complex script... should be ticked..if its not you'll need the cd -click details -under settings tab click add -In 'input language' look for arabic hope it helps :)
  8. Refrences from history: In the battle of Mutah the prophet gave some conditions, and some of the conditions included not to harm women, children, the old, trees and religious buildings. From this we have to judge where exactly suicide bombings is acceptable. Also Ayatullah sanei has issued a fatwa against suicide bombings.
  9. have figs.. its recommended for weight gain in the book 'islamic medical wisdom'
  10. remembered some more: Rowing in regents park. (I've heard hyde park also has it..) And near hyde park there's a really nice chips shop.. lol (Between hyde park and gloucester road station)
  11. Go on a river cruise Near Tafalguar square in leicester square there's this halal place that has the best chicken wraps i've had in london! Also neaby is the National gallery, that has some artworks. London eye is also worth seeing. Buckingham palace: They have a change of guards.. a schedule's available at changing-the-guard.com Visit Hamleys: A many-storeyed building in Regent street which sells toys! It's just fun watching and a good way to relase the child in you And if you get really bored go on the circle line in circles! lol
  12. that would be lovely..I'll be prepared in 4 weeks.. :)
  13. lol.. when i was around 7 my teacher told our class if we swallowed gum.. we'd grow up to be a gum tree
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