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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Asalamu alikum, Inshallah everyone is well. I am asking this on behalf of a cousin of mine who works as an artist. One of his project was to create an artwork based on the music they have chosen for him - so that means that he has to listen to the music and draw based on that music. Is it haram for him to do that? I am a sistani follower and I did email him twice but never got anything --- it has been 2 months now. Thank you and regards, Wsalaam
  2. student..studying to be an English teacher graduating in another 2 yrs .. inshallah
  3. i eat with hands as well..i guess its coz of culture..but i noticed im using utensils more often these days. I am not sure there was this one hadith i saw that said that eating with utensils was abominable ? Read it in one book that talks about the tehzeeb. ...not sure of its authenticity though .....so yea cant comment much on that.
  4. Hilz...salam

    im tryin to find the full version of this audio myself ..until now i cant find it but when i do find it inshallah ill let u know.

  5. Salamz.. ^sis, may i know what makes you say that? I think he's fine in praising the Ahlul Bayt, so I commend him for that. WS
  6. Salam Nice to see a change once in a while. I like the format :)
  7. Salam. wot if the hindus use gloves to prepare the food (obviously vegetarian food)? is it still paak? (clean) i dont eat from hindus but i'm jus curious to know. Wsalam
  8. ^ oh ok lol.. :blush: edit: .mashallah great vdos
  9. Salam http://www.shiabloc.com/2009/02/16/hope-in...ht-of-guidance/ :) wsalam
  10. ^ LOL.. my mom does that a lot just to get me out of bed.. What if you exaggerate on certain things.. like...telling people about funny events..and u add to your events just to make it sound more exciting and hilarious ? :S lol thats a lie too, right?
  11. salam same with members of my family. My uncle married a sunni muslim and this aunt of mine claims to have converted to shiaism lol...my cousin sisters are shias but one of them is married to a sunni guy..who doesnt know much about his sunni faith but he's open to the shia faith ..so thats a good sign i got other shia relatives married to wahabbis :S ....and aren't quite allowed to practice their faith ..while other shia members of my family are married to moderate sunnis.... yeah so theres quite a mix there.
  12. (bismillah) salam alikum heres the online version of mafatihul jinan http://www.shiamasjid.net/books/Almanac/ alternatively you can find it here: http://www.dartabligh.org/books/ jus type in "mafatihul jinan" in the search bar on the top...and you'll get what you want. other links: http://www.eimaan.co.uk/index.php?cat=Dua&...43d5ce7640033cc http://www.alitrah.info/product_info.php?c...roducts_id=1560 i hope this is wot ur looking for wsalam
  13. nah ..i dont get offended...coz i think im dumb most of the time :s loll
  14. salam Taken from sistani.org : Question: Can I remove my Hijab in time of danger? Answer: If there is a real danger threatening you because of your Islamic dress, you can remove it only to the necessary extent. hope this helps :) wsalam
  15. Fatema Ladak http://www.hussainzindabad.com/fatima-ladak-2009.htm
  16. Salam all! Inshallah, all of you are in the best of health and imaan Eid mubarak to everyone. I ask this on behalf of my friend and for myself as well, whether it is ok for shias to perform the eid salat behind a sunni imam. Thanks masalama
  17. am trying to be a shia ....although right now.. i can call myself a muhibbe ahlul bayt...
  18. ^ then wot would you say about Nabi Isa (as) who during his infancy spoke from the crib telling those around him that he was made a prophet of Allah (swt) and had been given the book???
  19. ^ salam im just curious...don't we shias look at the isnad before declaring anything daeef or sahih? the chain of narrators is important in the study of hadiths..no? wsalam
  20. its like the whole karbala battle scene taking place before my eyes when i see the alams and the harams...subhanallah...thats where i cant stop crying...the battle just replays over and over...
  21. "You mean the world to me" - a very special friend :blush:
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