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  1. Interesting read. Not sure if there were any Shia NAK fans, but I am not one anymore. Title should say "inappropriate relationships with females" but I didn't have enough space.
  2. This whole area seems like a [Edited Out] show. I can't believe all of these dudes are ganging up and disrespecting this old man. It's ridiculous. What happened to the akhlaq of our ummah?
  3. This debate is truly hilarious. Br. Hijab is an experienced debater who should know (and have some respect) while debating others. I think that Br. Hijab gets angry too easily and starts interrupting/smirking/laughing to try and get respect from his own audience. It's very sad to see this -- I wish the Sunni community had a much more well-respected figure to debate with than this joke.
  4. It has been a long morning for all of the scholars. One thing I would like to note is that it is Eid for some areas in the United States (southern countries) today Sunday the 25th, for Syed Sistani.
  5. This is unfortunate. My mosque just declared today is Eid for us here locally. We are in South Texas. May Allah guide us.
  6. http://www.aimislam.com/eid-al-fitr-announcement-2017/ surrogate is like a second office
  7. Surrogates for Imam Khamanaei declare today Eid for North and South America.
  8. Bismillah, There are new updated reports that the moon was sighted during the sunset in California. According to Sayed Sistani's methodology (May Allah lengthen his life) for declaring eid, it has been declared eid for certain shared horizons today, Sunday the 25th. See I.M.A.M.'s statement here: https://www.imam-us.org/crescent-moon-month-shawwal-1438-2/ There are also updates on AIM's website, a surrogate for Khamanaei marja3. http://www.aimislam.com/eid-al-fitr-announcement-2017/ May Allah guide us.
  9. Multiple people on the North American Hilal committe reported that they could not sight the moon. This is coming from various states in the U.S. This is from the Shi'a I.M.A.M. organization. Other reports from moonsighting.com show that two reports explain that you cannot see the moon with the naked eye. Another report shows that you can only see it with an optical aid. I think it comes down to whether your marja'3 allows for optical aid or not. If all else fails, follow your local masjid. Mine has declared that Monday is Eid. May Allah guide us.
  10. Heading Towards Karbala | Hamed Zamani and Husayn al-Akraf
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