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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam...1 year closer to return to Allah "CONGRATULATIONS" + v Good day today...

  2. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  3. "My one year inside RADICAL ISLAM" by Daveed Gartenstein-Ross A thought provoking must read, I am tempted to say more but I do not want to ruin it for anyone!
  4. mishtaqatlich galub!


  5. WS, Congratulations for the acceptance and I hope you enjoy your grad school here in sleepy Hamilton! Compared to the Windsor/Detroit area dont look forward for shia activities, particularly at Mac! Unless you have the energy and time to start something!

    In case you don't know anyone here, If you have any questions about centers, halal places and such, do not hesitate to ask.

  6. WaSalaam,

    It doesn't seem like there are many. I'm actually from Windsor, but will be heading to Hamilton in a few weeks for grad school. I'm not expecting to meet too many Shi'is up there.

  7. Salams,

    MashAllah, I just wanted to say am impressed to see a shia chatter from Hamilton! How many of us are on here? I wonder...

  8. This is a very interesting topic and has been the discussion with few of my friends lately, (considering we are all 23 plus! lol). But I wouldn't be big about an 18 years old guy and 24 years old woman, this is a major difference. Generally speaking, men in thier teen years are very different than mid twenties or even early twenties, if he was 20 or 21 and amazing then i would have said go for it! But 18 is a bit too young, you will struggle a lot even if he is an incredible person who is above his age, men tend to be inconsistent, and at that particular age thier needs and demands are different than when they grow older. Last thing you want is you turning 30 after a long short term marriage or engagement and he is 24 and realises he needs a younger girl!! Unless you are already inlove with this person, i would say TAKE YOUR TIME, dont jump into this without thorough thinking of the pros and cons, but he must have one big pro, that you may be the first serious relationship his life :) this is unique and one of the many reasons that many girls are going for younger guys, considering that most of the older ones have been in mutas and what not, (am not bashin muta at all, but usually if a girl has not been with anyone she tends to want the same). Speaking to couple of my friends, its an established fact that younger ones are less controlling, more flexible, and most of all have higher chances of being virgins than guys above 26 for example. A friend of mine rejected couple of people for this reason and is now considerng a younger guy, and its working well so far! Finally the age differnce is not the problem , its the maturity level, and you are quite young dont rush into this because u didnt find better older ones, marry him because you appreciate his virtues sincerly. I personally wouldnt marry somone under 20, (am 23) but would go for a younger person, even if i was 26 and he is 22 for example...
  9. it all depends on your relationship with your ex the past and present, and your break up, i had a dramatic break up, and i know it will always hurt me to remember everything so I would never go (but then again he would never send an invitation lol), but in your case, you have to first figure out why he envited u then decide. if you guys have cut communication completly then why is he enviting u? it seems to be a rub in face, but if you broke up on good terms , and its not akward when u see each other in public, and you communicate occasionally, then he is being respectful although i personally think that if he meant a sincere courtesy and you had a really good relationship that he knows it may surprise u to hear that he is married from others and he should tell u himself then, he should have emailed u personally and told you, I am getting married, etc... thats were u simply reply thank you for letting me know and i wish u the best, man this is a hard situation, I would vote for not going, and not even sending a nice card, send something that can die and wont leave a memory like flowers, hmm coming to think of it more, i agree with brother solid, YOU WILL BE THE CENTER OF THE GOSSIP if you go!!! everyone will compare you and the bride, and imagine reactions like this (if u dress nice, ooh she is trying to show off or look better than bride or trying to make him miss her on his wedding day! and if you dress humble, his new bride is better looking...etc) honestly DONT GO lol unless ur married then go with ur husband :D then there is not much to talk about but your courage to go with ur husband! and the good relationship u have with ur man that he would go with u to such an occasion! :)... i guess my answer might have confused u evenmore! Best of Duas,
  10. walakum al salam, hala

    Allah yethikrech bil khair, i am doing well alhmdulilah, how r u doing? inshallah all is well, havent talked to u in ages inshAllah all is well :)


  11. sis Hanan is right, i totally agree with everything she says, as a matter of fact I personally believe that the number of good shia sisters that exist right now exceeds that of the good shia brothers, which is sad because many of the amazing muminas i know are trapped now btw settling for somone who is less compatible (spiritually) or between staying single until god knows when, dealing with all the community and family pressures and questioning about marriage.... the problem is that many of the so called good shia brothers want girls from "back home" thinking that girls overhere are all western, not pious and demanding which is not true in most cases .... everything is Naseeb... that sums it up
  12. I put others because my favourite sport to play is Handball, it's not well known but one of the most fun games it's kind of a combination of soccer and basketball together in one!
  13. I am not sure I understand what you mean by Nazr? :) Like a group recitation of duas? I do know that east indian cultural way of dressing is usually not revealing even in all girls gatherings and non islamic events. however it is different for arabs and others.... Islamically there is nothing wrong with wearing tight outfits and even skin revealing outfits to some extent among women as long as it is acceptable by sharia infront of women... "yes, indeed. but tight clothing should not be worn anywhere, whether attending a nazr or majlis etc... " I find the comment too general ... usually in celebrations of even births of Imams the majority of women here dress up, and when reciting something they put a hijab or something to cover themselves then take it of after that...some even clap and dance along nasheeds who are we to say this is acceptable and this is not.. some maraji3 say it is permissable others dont so let us not make general misleading statements to answer the proposed question more properly no i dont think the same, and define "good"... it is a variable, but halal and haram are constants, I'd rather say it is Halal instead of saying good or not but I do understand and agree that a certain level of haya and respect need to be displayed in relegious gatherings
  14. Salam alaikum everyone This book was the best book I have ever recieved as a gift, it is one of those books that you can read many times and still enjoy learning new things everytime you read it... I would recommend it for everyone who is interested in Shia thought and philosophy, politics, maters of the heart and soul, spirituality within and outside Islamic content, sufism , history, etc.. despite its intensity you will find it a fun and fast read... the only part that is not well written in my opinion is the intro that Shaikh Hussain Nasser wrote... I was expecting it to be at a better level, especially when compared to the rest of the book it was a very weak intro to an amazing book like this, it gave no justice to the beauty of the book itself. so what did everyone think of it? Sorry if this book has been mentioned before in another topic , I didn't find it when i searched the forum.
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