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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I have a feeling ur other grasshopper is just lurking in the shadows :p I will still read ur posts like before, I just won't be posting. Lol! You know u like sami's posts :p
  2. :Inshallah thanks.Tacos. I like tacos. You know brother :Sami, you're not 100 just yet, may you be among the 313 also
  3. Jazakallah for the kind words but there are plenty of people more reasonable than me :) like buggylemon or WFH usually, or Notme and others. I'm sure you are too :)
  4. Aww dont be sad :cry: I will message u later as to why I'm leaving sc. Right now I'm about to run some errands for my mother.Ws
  5. Ooh in the rap biz I see lol :p
  6. If you learn about these people and grow love for them, the grief comes naturally.
  7. I have an andriod so it tells me what the app has access to before I download it and sometimes a random app can have acess to many things it doesn't need to! The first time I downloaded an app I was like "what? Why does this app want access to my contacts, phones calls, ect. When it has nothing to do with that?" But the cook for the greatest secret society is here using their system...
  8. If you go on youtube and search for frequencies, they're pretty aweful. Like search 365 hz or 440 hz or binaural beats and listen for just a few minutes with earphones or headphones. I always get a headache or nauseous and feel scared and have to play :Quran afterwards to calm down. I also sometimes get headaches from music too but I'm not sure if its directly related.Also, I'm not exactly sure how what br sami is talking about works, but one can easily add a frequency to the background of the music.you could do it at home with a program like audacity or whaterever. Let me know what u think o
  9. Hey those martial art women are awesome :p I will learn too iA but :Mashallah to ur friends! May :Allah bless them and their families :)
  10. Wait, I'm confused?Are you talking about fasting and eating meat once every 40 days?
  11. Can't tell if ur being serious?Did u join the cult of :Sami too? Lol
  12. Really? I read somewhere iabat was the only one but I go to state so iabat is the closest for me lol but I'm so glad to hear that! I was scared to go by myself being a revert and all but now I'm really excited ^^ There's another revert brother near nc who is 13 I think. Really? :O I've never met a convert in nc. Although I think my roommate might convert one day :Inshallah
  13. Oh :| well thanks for the reminder, my family was going to a party actually.
  14. Wallikum asalam I'm pretty sure iabat is the only place in nc. Too bad ur a bro, I live in nc too. How was the masjid tho? Like what did u do there? I have yet to visit it.
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