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  1. Salam Aleikum to you all! In this post i want to know why "a part" of the shiites hate the sahaba's of the prophet (saws). I know that the shiites think that a big part of the sahabs were disbelief or deviants, which offcause is not the truth.. Why does you talk bad about the wife of the prophet, Aisha (ra) ?? Do you really think, that the prophet (saws) would be happy about your behavour? Do you think Allah (SWT) is pleased with your cursing over the sahaba's? Do you think your a better muslim than the people closes to the prophet (saws)? How would you stand in front of Allah (SWT) at the judgments day and say that your not acknowledges the people that he has protected and blessed? Wa Salam
  2. There is a big different between Allah (SWT) cursing mankind and you cursing Aisha (the wife of the prophet (saws)). Cursing is allowed in some ecstences, but to accuse anyone falsely claim is among the greatest sins. So wash your mouth! satisfactory Allah (SWT) and stop cursing the camponians of the prophet (saws).
  3. Salam The real reason why Aisha has most reports is because of her history and her wisdom. Aisha (ra) was beloved by the prophet (saws) and she was respected by the Ummah. She was one of the wife's of the prophet (saws) that was "Hafiz", which means that she memorized the hole Quran! She therefore had the best memorisation and there she is a truthfull person in the Hadiths. According to the officele law schools, Aisha is the first female scholars (and even called the first scholar in islam). In some Sunni hadith is said that if people had doubts they should ask Aisha because of her knowledge of Islam was so great. In the light of the above, Aisha is an important person in Islam and therefore she was Reported in the Hadith. Wa Salam
  4. Salam everybody! I can't understand why shia muslims are always debates about Aysha's role in the history of Islam. Aysha was the loved by the Prophet (saws) and therefore it should be a duty of every muslim who follows the prophets (saws) path, to love or just respect Aysha! She played a big role in the spread of Islam. Read the Hadith's about the Aysha and then you will understand who she really was. She was loving, wise, determined and truthful. I hope that you can stand at the judgment day and say to Allah (SWT) that I do not recognize Aysha (one of the enlightened people). Do you think that is what pleases Allah (SWT)? Stop talking condescending about the Prophet and his camponians, it would'nt benefit you in this life and the next life. Wa salam
  5. Wahhabism has taken over? Are you serious? :huh: 85% of all muslims in the world follows traditionel Sunni-islam (Hanafi, Maliki, Shafii, Hanbali), which is not the wahhabists! And you find it strange that the Sunnis love Ahlul Bayt? Why is this that strange? :donno: We sunnis love the pious people of the history and you must deal with that. I find it strange that the raffidah blaspheme the Prophet (Saws) campanions and still call themselves muslims. Are they better than the campanions? The answer is no, not even close! So if wahhabisme is taken over the world (as you think), then raffidah is taken over the world with disbelief! -_- Wa Salam
  6. Pakistan must not have help from outside countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran or India. These countries play their own interresser in Pakistan and this is not beneficial for the country. In particular, Iran is a bad example for Pakistan, since Iran does not comply with international safety rules. I very much hope that Pakistan (again) be managed by a strong Sunni wing, thereby ensuring stability in society that have previously been. Pakistan is a unique country in itself. It's free too violent wars between different factions and it is Islamic checked with a focus on spirituality and humanity. Pakistan must be controlled very well again so that it can maintain its community! :excl:
  7. Salam Aleikum everyone :rolleyes: As a muslim i must say that the 12 imams isn't infallible or raised over the prophets of Islam. There is no proof that is strong enough to claim that the Imams has this position in Islam generally. If the Imams were such a central part of Islam, it would have been in directly in the holy Quran. The other schools in sunni-islam (Hanafi, Maliki, Shafii, Hanbali) have all written long theses about why the Imams is not that holy, as the Shiites believe they are. The only proof for the believe in the 12 Imams are exaggerations or bad interpretations of the Hadith texts. I could also obtain a lot of evidence who injects that the Imams is pious people but not holy (therefore they cant see the unseen as some scholars believe -_- ). Wa salam :angel:
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