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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thanks a lot. How is everyone doing here? I finally finished my classes for the spring semester. So I'm spending a little time on the site here.
  2. Chilling with friends

  3. Hello everyone..My name is Lloyd aka Abdullah Ali Khan, Age 28. Nationality African American. My family is mostly Christian. I reverted to Shia Islam under the banner of the NOI (Nation of Islam) in offically in 2009 was Sunni for a while. I'm a History Major in College. I love to read, explore, debate and play a lot of video games within my spare time.
  4. To me Zionism, Salafis and there mindless Sunni sheep along constant American intervention and ignorance is the reason for terrorism. And again I'll make the same statement again. Saddam, Hafez Al Assad and all the other secular Arab governmensand leaders warned of of tbe groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and the jihadi groups. And they felt the full force of there against the citzens of the countries. Yeah Saddam killed a lot of people, so what they were far better off then now with all the Sunni vs. Shia violence and killing Christians. To me that will never be right killing based on relig
  5. Just enjoying a nice evening

  6. Lol nice pics..And the pic with the poppy was that legal to even grow?
  7. I support Bashar al Assad's war on the forgien backed jihadis coming and bringing destruction to Syria and partially Lebanon. May Assad and the beautiful Syrian people destroy this fith who bring death, fitna and intolerance to the land. People like Saddam Hussien, Hafez Al Assad, and others warned the Muslim world about these groups like Al Qaida, Muslim Brotherhood, Jamaah Islamiyah etc. This is why secular Arab governments cracked down so hard on these people. I may not agree with all of there methods but, its to protect all of the citzens in the muslim world. islam protects its minorities
  8. This again is one of those things that annoys me off. Sunnis/salafis are constantly judging and harassing other Muslims on lslamic law and things like sex, marriage, jihad both spiritual and physical and issues like drinking and homosexuality. Everyone is wrong according to and are considered kufr unless they do it. For example, they just sanctioned the act of sodomy to prepare for suicide missions. One mujahid sent a email to scholar asking if it's okay for the brothers to have anal sex with him to prepare for this suicide act. Although the scholar told him homosexuality is wrong he said the
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