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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. If the baby is one who will grow to be a true momin, then even as a baby and even with all his disabilities, he would bow his head down in front of Allah in utter awe and absolute praise and never ending thankfulness because of the sheer degree of blessings and favours Allah has bestowed upon that disabled child, by making him a human being. The child would say that even if Allah had made him a thousand times more disabled than he already is, he would still never ever be able to thank Allah enough, even if he were to spend his entire life in prostration. The blessings of Allah upon all mankind are so unimaginably great and supreme and wonderful that no degree of disability or hardship or trial in this world can be anywhere close to the point where the man would have any right to complain about it. No matter how difficult a child or a man's life may seem to him or to others, he would never ever be able to thank Allah enough for the gifts He has bestowed upon that child / man - even if he is the most disabled person in the entire universe. So the question here is not why Allah tests innocent babies by making them disabled, the question is why don't people who are disabled from birth thank Allah all the time for His absolutely amazing blessings and favours.
  2. Salam alikum Is there any Islamic recommendation to sleep on a hard floor instead of a soft mattress? Is it mustahib to sleep directly on floor rather than sleeping on bed/mattress. I heard yes this is recommended as it reminds one of the hard floor of the grave. Has anyone heard any hadith or is there any evidence for it? Thanks.
  3. Thanks to both of you. I will try that link and also see if it can open in excel
  4. Salam, I have a list of entries in MS word in which the entries are of different colors. I want to sort the list by color. Is it possible to do that?
  5. Slightly off-topic... Forehead indentation due to sajdah is a sign greatly loved by Allah Talla. It is one of the characteristics of the believers.
  6. Is this rule applicable to private parts only or is it also applicable to breasts? Is it permissible for a woman to see the breasts of another woman for non-medical reasons? I ask this question because I've seen woman show their breasts to other women while breast feeding their babies. Although, these ladies are hijabis, but when they are breast feeding in women only gatherings, they dont feel any reluctance in exposing their breasts in a way that all other women can see. So is this permissible or forbidden?
  7. Yes, but that doesnt always happen. For some, living away from their spouses is inevitable (for short period of time) and for some it is voluntary. In my community, there are many couples who have been married for years, but they dont live together. The husband works in a foreign country and comes to visit his family once in a year or two. Strangely, the women do not mind this a lot and remain much satisfied with their lives, as long as they keep getting handsome finances. So, this trend of being married but living separately is not uncommon. In fact, we have a servant at our home who visits his family for two weeks only after every two years (for the past 8 years)!
  8. What are the islamic guidelines for parents who have children masturbating at very young ages? Masturbation is common in infants but it disappears as the child grows up. Children start masturbating again at ages 11-15. But, in extremely rare cases, a child may start masturbating as an infant and then continue it as he grows up till he becomes an adult. The child does not necessarily use the hand, instead he masturbates by lying prone and exerting pressure on the private part through the belly. In such cases, what are the responsibilities of the parents? Writing to the scholar (marja's office) has received no reply for this question. Masturbation in very young children?
  9. Cary Grant, you seem to be offended by my post. Hmm, I dont have any disrespect for a woman who shows her breasts for feeding her child. I do find it surprising though that some woman may not feel shame in doing so. But I asked this question not to insult any woman, just to inquire whether this is Islamically permissible or not. Asking islamic questions is not a bad thing..so dont get offended.
  10. In Pakistan, these days we have temp upto 48 C (116 F)! Imagine wearing an abaya in this heat when the sun is overhead! Staying indoors does not help much either...because we have load-sheddings (electric power breakdown) for upto 12-16 hours every day.
  11. Hijabis in joint families - How difficult is your life?
  12. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  13. Women can learn from this hadith too. I think it is difficult for women to understand what intensity or degree of attraction men can feel for women - but this hadith tells us that it is possible for a man to be affected simply by hearing the voice of a woman. When talking to men, women should be careful, not make their voices extra sweet, because simply that can be seductive for men. There is infact a verse in the Quran where Allah(swt) has ordered the wives of the Prophet (s) to be firm in the voices, so that men do not get any wrong feelings about them.
  14. A woman cannot prohibit polygamy for her husband, however she can place the condition that if he re-marries, she would be entitled to automatic divorce. This means that a woman cannot prevent her husband from marrying another woman, but she can end her own marriage if her husband marries someone else.
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