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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. For safety reasons/privacy reasons (not legal) kindly delete my account and last three threads, i would truly appreciate it.
  2. im newly married and my wife will be coming to Canada soon. she and i are staying over at a relatives place, and my parnets know this relative won't want us there all the time, and my parents with wisdom said for us to try to do our washing back in our home town when we visit in the weekends, and to only stay there one week-end a month and one week during the holidays and return home, to give our aunt space. she has been offended by this. She thinks i am being controlling...she says she has a friend who is married who she can stay with on the other week end, and come to my parents twice a month. she also has a chance to go to africa to do a term placement. I told her i don't like the idea of a woman living on her own away from family or me or anyone. I told her it won't make a big difference to her studies...and that i wanted her to stay. She basically told me not to worry, and it will be okay, and that even her parents support her...she told me she can make her own decision thanks.. =/ lost at what to do, what my islamic rights are , it's a temporary marriage I post this annonymously to get the help of scholars. can anyone help me who is a scholar or knows my islamic rights.
  3. I don't support saying 'May Allah be pleased with them'. However, i've heard scholars in my own mosque saying Hazrat Umar, it just means Mr Umar. It does no mean may Allah be pleased with him. However, i do draw a line on praying for Allah to be pleased with them, never done it never will. Taqqiyah = against Ummayds Not Taqqiyah - beliefs the Ummayads didn't actively try to shoot down. If i say X so an Umayyad won't slaughter me, i.e i love Ali a.s = me doing taqqiyah If i then say to my close follower i love Ali, why would i need to say that under taqqiyah? That's why you can usually tell what is said and what isn't. Anyway, Bukhari weakened ALL of imam Jaffer as sadiq a.s's close companions
  4. Salamunalaykum, The way you have transformed recently has truly amazed me. Your recent extremely good conduct towards everyone, especially our brothers/sisters in the ahle sunnah is very warming to see. To everyone else, Pure-ethics is the one who refutes a lot of sunni theology. But in a world of war and enemies who want to instill sectarian violence, i think i'm going to remain polite as well. Sometimes you need to look a the greater good of the Ummah than ones own personal interests. (Taken from Nahlhul Balagah sermon 206) During the battle of Siffin Amir al-mu'minin heard some of his men abusing the Syrians, then he said: I dislike you starting to abuse them, but if you describe their deeds and recount their situations that would be a better mode of speaking and a more convincing way of arguing
  5. to the shia's who hate Iran, imagine if it was the Shahs still in power ? Think twice before you spout your disunity and try to divide us. Ayatullah Sistani and Khamanei have a lot of respect for one another, and according to reliable sources even communicate. I often recognise the fitna mongerers for their hatred - not disagreement on a few issues- but hatred towards Iran.
  6. Well done! What an eye opening thread
  7. Tbh while i dont deny that in essence, press TV does give a truthful voice where mainstream media has blackouts and twists.
  8. Some of our early classical scholars like Al Mufeed and Al Tusi i think were against the 3rd Shahadah, some of them called it a Bidah. But you know us humans, our fathers did it, we're too attached, we'll carry it on until the 12th Imam a.s comes and he'll judge us.
  9. So according to authentic hadiths in the books of our brothers, the 'sword' of Allah swt killed an innocent woman in the battle field?
  10. Can anyone please find me a single narration in the sihah al sitta where Muhammed pbuh brings his wives and recites verse 33:33? People act like the verse was for wives, but Ali hassan hussein and fatima a.s were 'side additions' When you read the hadith you come to the conclusion that infact, they were the only ones, the main ones Umm salama r.a herself was refused entry into the Kisa according to authentic hadiths! If our brothers are forced to accept what is a fact and apparent, it means Hassan Ali Hussein and Fatima hold a superior position to all else, and that would throw the impetus to the shias.
  11. what about a poor man with a starving family ? I would steal if my child was about to die. The same way as i would eat pork if we were all starving with no option.
  12. Let me echoe this: These days, it's akward for some to go through family, especially for young students or converts. ShiaMatch is excellent if you stay careful and are not naive with it.
  13. I had a friend who met their spouse on shia-match, two infact. I personally believe it is key to be careful when using the sites, women and men included, make sure you do your research and involve parents from day one and weed out anything strange. If you find a good match it can truly work.
  14. Guys, How did we get from the hadith to this new discussion about washing feet? I'm speaking to all groups here.
  15. So we've established the hadiths brought are considered authentic by some of the most emminent ahle sunni scholars of hadith, not one but a very large number?
  16. No-one has called it claimed Sahih Al Kafi, but Imam Bukhari's collection is known as sahih al bukhari. Furthermore, could you find me the view of 5-6 of the most emminent scholars in the ahle sunnah, what is the Ijma - what is the consensus on this hadith?
  17. Salamunalaykum, You are right, you never mentioned foreplay. I just wanted to show if something as intimate as foreplay was encouraged, than being without any clothes surely is no real problem of itself. That' why i said, maybe we were forbidden from being totally without clothes so we do not simply have sex, but rather partake in foreplay as Muhammed pbuh taught, so the needs of both the husband and wife are met. These are ofcourse only my opinions
  18. The sign of a true admin/mod is he who actually stands for something, but lets those who fiercely oppose him -in a mature non abusive way- to give their opinion without hiding their view/censoring them. That's what we have on shia-chat.
  19. We get our sunnah from the sahabah and the ahlulbayt these are the ones who transmitted hadith. Even in Rijal shia and sunni do we both examine the conduct, the trustworthiness, the behavior of individuals. Could anyone kindly tell me, what are the views of Sheikh albai and other scholars in the ahle sunnah about the authenticity of these hadiths, one of him killing an innocent woman, the other of him killing captives?
  20. May they be granted victory and anhilate the tafkiri's. May they chase them if they begin to run. Remove this parasite completely once and for all.
  21. Brother i understand your reasoning, But what did Al-Bani and the narrators of hadith in the ahle sunnah say about this ? What are the views of the scholars? Furthermore, what about when he killed one woman in a battle field ? Furthermore, this hadith if it is sahih and if it indeed is not true, would not be an error, it would be a big fabricated lie and it would really put a huge question mark on the rijal methods.
  22. Salamunalaykum dear brother, I am taking you deem both hadiths as not authentic? What are the views of Albani, and many of the hadith scholars in the ahle sunnah about the grading of the hadiths. What do they say? Additionally, what about when he killed one innocent woman in the battle field, the blood money would not have to have been huge?
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