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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. It's so rare to find someone genuinely nice and caring. It's funny because sometimes the most caring people aren't necessarily the most religious, which is surprising because you would expect the opposite.
  2. The concept of being stuck in space is just mind boggling so I've been really liking space movies: The martian Interstellar Gravity is next, haven't watched it yet, if anyone did let me know how it is!
  3. I see where you are coming from, there have been reports of attacks to Muslim women wearing the headscarf but these events are thankfully rare. I've been called a towelhead before by some people, but thats the worst I've got. This asks the question whether or not hijab is relative to your environment. I disagree with cultural impositions held by different societies, wether they expect women to dress in little clothing or full clothing. I don't think one should follow what culture or society tells women what to wear, but women should make their own choices into what they are com
  4. This is perfect. I will remember this. Thank you!
  5. I agree, the benefits outweigh everything else. I'm not saying I feel uncomfortable in it, it's a part of me now and I would never go without it. It's a daily reminder of the values that I aim at, modesty, respect, etc. Hijab is the flag of Islam, and I'm proud to wear that symbol. I'm just irritated at how we are perceived, but I think we can do something to help that. I think our duty is simply to be human, do good, forbid evil and let people observe the qualities that can come from Muslim women. I think we can change societies perception by being more active in our communities, and ev
  6. Salaam everyone, I'm a hijab-weaing muslimah living in the West. I was discussing this with a colleague who was saying that girls, specifically hijabis, encounter more difficulties in society than others. By society, I mean the general population. We are judged the moment people see the scarf on our heads. I don't know if it is my perception of myself in front of others, or if it's a general trend that people assume that hijabis are voiceless, powerless and weak. I personally know people get surprised when they find out I like sports, or I watch The Office. It's as if I'm not allowed to b
  7. Salam all! New member here. I joined a while ago but never really explored the forum, but I'm back at it. My names Maryam, originally from Bahrain. Studying to be a doctor, 1 year left!! I go through periods where I'm very interested in theology and religion, and understanding the tenants of Islam, and what it means to be a shia. Looking forward to learning new things here and meeting cool people.
  8. That's true but the American Academy of Pediatrics don't universally recommend it for medical reasons, they leave the choice for the parents. I don't know why, given the benefits.
  9. Islam itself is a platform that can be used to broaden how you see the world. So I think if anything, it can increase your creativity because it allows you to see the world differently.
  10. Salaam, that's a good idea there should be something like that. I'm in New York (medical student)
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