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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. As-Salaam Alaikum, I've been gone for quite awhile and when I returned I discovered that nearly 98% of my stored messages did not appear. The inbox reads that I have messages and that my storage is 26% full, but, as I said, when I click on to the message, save but a few, nothing shows. Can someone please tell me how to retrieve my messages? Thank you. The Iconoclast-
  2. PEACE TO THE ADMINISTRATORS I cannot send messages [e-mails]. Is this a consequence of the new server business? Also, I have a lot of free space in my personal files, yet, when I attempt to store something and hit send, I'm routed to the home page and nothing gets put into my files. Can you tell me going on with this? Thank you, The Iconoclast.
  3. DAYSTAR ICON WROTE:The verses are clear, Day. They only talk about those who say and do works in Jesus's name, period. ***Matt. 7:21-23 is ONLY about those who THOUGHT they did and said things in the name of Jesus. But there are TRUE CHRISTIANS who produce the fruit he spoke of in these verses. To illustrate how non-Chritians can give the appearance of true Christians, observe Jesus' parable about wheat and tares (Matt. 13:24-30).*** LOL! Oh, they thought they were Christians LOL! What?! are you kidding?! Do you know of any Christians who, will tell you that they are not believers or that the
  4. DAYSTAR ***Yes, I aspire to do all in his name.*** Then you will be in the company of those who are condemned, according to Matthew 7:21-23, unless of course, you change your position. ***Conjecture? OK, let's test your reasoning abilities. First, do you think anyone who PRACTICES LAWLESSNESS (sin), and to whom Jesus says, I NEVER KNEW YOU and DEPART FROM ME, is more suitable to heaven or hell?*** Hell, of course. ***Secondly, do you see any reason why Jesus wouldn't be talking about the false prophets he referred to in verse 15? Third, do you think TRUE BELIEVERS will bear bad fruit, be cut
  5. DAYSTAR ***This is one of the strongest terms Jesus uses to reveal those who belong to him. Not only does God KNOW who his children are before the foundation of the world, He KNOWS them intimately. He did not KNOW any of these false professors of Christ who only thought they were doing things in his name. In verses 7:15-20, Jesus is talking about false prophets, teachers, etc. The logical conclusion is that he is also talking about them in 7:21-23.*** As is your custom to do, you resort to conjecture. Nothing in those verses mentions anything about "true believers" or "untrue" believers. Wha
  6. ***[Day] My understanding of iniquity is the deviation away from doing what is just. In that sense, it may not attach the same meaning as more specific sins and transgressions of the law.*** You are not far off. The word, iniquity, in the Hebrew is "awen" which means "wickedness", "evil", "trouble". In the Greek, the term is "anomia" and it is the strongest word for sin that exists. Iniquity/anomia, is not only a violation of the Law, but is in fact lawlessness, that is, not having the Law. The other Greek terms for types of sin are: harmatia-to "sin", "fault"; agnoema- to sin out of 'igno
  7. Daystar Do you have an analysis for Psa.6:8, yet? Ask Trinity and Woj, for help if you need to.
  8. ***Only if you promise not to invoke 1 Thes. 5:21, verbatims *** Only if you promise to present facts and not conjecture. Anyway, what does the word iniquity mean to you?
  9. TO TRINITY, WOJ, DAYSTAR, KARAITE AND...THE REST OF CHRISTIANDOM, Can any of you tell me what the following verse means? Psalms 6:8 Depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity; for the LORD hath heard the voice of my weeping.
  10. Trinity, I never saw this post until today. If you will still like me to respond, then let me know and I will be happy to defeat your challenge.
  11. TRINITY, DAYSTAR, WOJ and the rest of CHRISTIANDOM LOL! Listen Trinity, do you have at least three functioning brain cells left? Don't you realize yet that it is unacceptable to Almighty God and man for either of them to be misquoted? Don't you know yet to misquote someone can end up with your being sued? Main Entry: QUOTE: to give exact information on. Main Entry: EXACT: exhibiting or marked by strict, particular, and complete accordance with fact or a standard: marked by thorough consideration or minute measurement of small factual details. Main Entry: VERBATIMin the exact words : word f
  12. TRINITY Your analogy, as with your "faith", fails and here's why. The detectives cannot, repeat, cannot, say a suspect said such and such, knowing full well, the suspect did not say to them that he/she said such and such. If the detectives were to do that, then that would be bearing false witness. Also, if you've ever been in a courtroom, you should be aware of the...stenographers, who, are recording VERBATIM what is being said ad by whom for future reference. Each time you and your co-religionists say Almighty God and/or Jesus said such and such, and then not produce the verbatim evidenc
  13. Salaamun Light upon Light Thanks. Yes, it is obvious that to recite back Al-Qur'an to Allah, just makes no sense and, when one really contemplates this, it is contemptuous behavior.
  14. "As for those in whose hearts there is perversity they follow the part of it which is allegorical, seeking to mislead and seeking to give it (their own) interpretation." What, exactly, is your point?
  15. Hanif There is no question that, recitation is good for the heart, however, recitation back to Allah, simply makes no sense at all. For example, how much sense does it make to recite the following ayats to Allah? [23.66] My my ayats were indeed recited to you, but you used to turn back on your heels, [23.105] Were not My ayats recited to you? But you used to reject them. [75.18] Therefore when We have recited it, follow its recitation. [87.6] We will make you recite so you shall not forget, One does not have to stand up and recite things back to Allah, who, is already cognizant of what He re
  16. PEACE TO ALL [2.129] Our Lord! and raise up in them an Apostle from among them who shall recite to them Thy ayats and teach them the Book and the wisdom, and purify them; surely Thou art the Mighty, the Wise. [2.151] Even as We have sent among you an Apostle from among you who recites to you Our ayats and purifies you and teaches you the Book and the wisdom and teaches you that which you did not know. [2.97] Say: Whoever is the enemy of Jibreel-- for surely he revealed it to your heart by Allah's command, verifying that which is before it and guidance and good news for the believers. [41.3
  17. TRINITY We did consider them and that is why we asked you to, per 1Thess.5:21, to bring the verbatim quotes for what you said the principle beings of your faith said. Why can't you simply do that one simple thing? Do you, ever, want to misquoted or have someone say you said something, which you didn't, yet, insist that you did? The only gibberish are yours, Woj's and Daystar's lame,nonsensical and convoluted ramblings which you want to pass of "proof" of your theology. :D LOL!! We laugh at you, because you present yourselves as fools/jesters. It is a jester who, says things that are pur
  18. TRINITY and DAYSTAR The questions you've asked are not pertinent to my inquiries, regarding your so-called "faith". Tell you what, pretend you understand what the phrase..."rational thinking" means and simply go to your bible and produce the verbatim quotes where the principle beings of your faith, actually SAY what you SAY THEY SAY/SAID, okey dokey? :D Don't you get it yet?, it is unethical and in some cases illegal to say someone said something and then you not produce their actual quotes. LOLHysterically!!! What? do you think the other Muslims don't support my Light Upon Light's critiq
  19. Light upon Light Well, I guess this thread, at last, comes to an end LOL!! It is a real testament to the absolute insanity of Christianity [that rhymed :D] and it adherents. Will we see you posting anytime soon?
  20. DAYSTAR On the contrary...it is you is done, cooked, fried and barbecued...in this world...and the next. As far as being intelectually honest, you should choke on those words, becuase you haven't been able to prove any of the tenets of your blasphemeous "faith", who are you kidding, please. LOL!!
  21. DAYSTAR LOL!! Listen Daystar, I could give a good damn whether or not you respond to me. I bother to debate with you for pure entertainment and comic relief. To me, you are a court jester/clownie and I do not take you seriously at all. You cannot read with any comprehension...my God, you don't even know what..."AND" means LOL. Anyway... KJV 9:5: Whose are the fathers, and of whom as concerning the flesh Christ came, who is over all, God blessed for ever. Amen. The above verse isn't saying that Christ is God, it is saying Almighty God be praised for sending Christ. Paul, never calls Jesus A
  22. DAYSTAR No, I meant what I said...what 1Thess.5:21 demands. Is that clear enough now? LOL!! Listen, do you ever bother to read anything with comprehension? When I said principle beings, I named specifically the principle beings being discussed, i.e. Almighty God and Jesus, the beings whom you put words in their mouths. Following your foolishness, every being in the bible could be interpreted as a principle being. Use your head at least for something. :D See above and stop wasting time. But, why not, post the verse where Paul, verbatim, says that: "Jesus, is God". KJV 9:5: Whose ar
  23. DAYSTAR Has 1Thess. 5:21, cut back on what it demands? If not, then neither have I. I didn't ask you to quote Paul, have I? I've only asked you to quote, verbatim, in the first person, Almighty God and Jesus. But, why not, post the verse where Paul, verbatim, says that: "Jesus, is God". I repeat: Cool, you're getting the idea now about verbatim. Now, show me where he says--verbatim... 1. "I, [Jesus] am Almighty God". 2. "I, [Jesus] have come to die for the sins of mankind past, present and future, because Adam and Eve sinned". Bonus question...find me where Almighty God says--verbatim...
  24. DAYSTAR Cool, you're getting the idea now about verbatim. Now, show me where he says--verbatim... 1. "I, [Jesus] am Almighty God". 2. "I, [Jesus] have come to die for the sins of mankind past, present and future, because Adam and Eve sinned". Bonus question...find me where Almighty God says--verbatim..."I curse Adam and Eve for their sins". Will YOU believe and not be condemned?
  25. Salaamun LIght Upon Light LOL! Yes, it isn't amazing that they don't mind at all just saying/assigning anything at all to Almighty God and Jesus, but I bet if we miss quote them they would have a fit. Jesus, needs to come to this forum right now and mix up some clay and spit and put it on these people's eyes perchance they would see.LOL! Bottomline though...truth knocks the brains out of falsehood. :D
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