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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Safina Children's Orphan Home <safina.australia@live.com> Date: Subject: Safina Children's Orphan Home - Give an Orphan a Home Project: Please help! Assalam alaikum, insha'Allah you are well. As you have heard, Safina Children's Home is an Orphanage in Islamabad, Pakistan. The group initially started as a result of the October 2005 Pakistan Earthquake which left behind it many orphaned children. Donations were collected from the friend's and families of Safina Home volunteers, and a house was rented and orphan boys were taken in. 5 years on, Safina cares for 44 boys with all expenses paid by donations and khums/zakat/kafara/fitra and other religious dues which are paid to Safina home - which has the ijazaat of Grand Ayotollah Sistani and Makarem Shirazi, to name a a few. The Safina Home management committee has signed an agreement to purchase a new house which is costing 9 million rupees. This new house is bigger with better facilities, including heating/cooling a computer room and more. Additional orphans will be taken in, bringing the total to approximately 70 insha'Allah. Alhumduilah, 7 million rupees has been paid off but we are now struggling to complete the final payment of 2 million rupees (approximately $25, 000), which needs to be paid by early November in order to receive full possession of the house. The project can be seen on our website: http://www.safinaorphanage.org/?p=352 Our new facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/group.php?gid=144278358948631 It is our humble request, that if possible, you and your organisation and any other communities or youth groups you may know, generously contribute towards this cause, insha'Allah. Every donation either small or large will be greatly appreciated. Attached are a few pictures of the boys and the soft copy editable version of the poster in PPT format. For convenience, it would be great that any donations are to be first collected as a lump sum within your organisation and then sent to Safina Home via paypal or bank/money transfer etc. Please feel free to contact me for more information or any suggestions. Safina's Chairman in Pakistan, Hujjatul Islam Syed Asad Aalam Naqvi can be contacted on +923005558472. Waasalam alaikum, on behalf of the Safina Team, Zara Syed Safina Australia safina.australia@live.com The Prophet [saww] said to a person complaining about his hardheartedness, "Do you want your heart to become soft and acquire your needs? - have mercy on an orphan, stroke his head and feed him from your food, and your heart will become soft and you will achieve your needs." The Prophet [saww] said, "The Earth on the Day of Judgement will be scorching, except for the shadow of a believer, for verily his charity will serve him as shade."
  2. Salaams,

    I sent you a PM I think due to the upgrade it was lost. I wanted to ask if it is okay for me to upload ShiaSource videos of Yusuf Series on my youtube?

    I would link them back to the Shia Source website on the video information.



  3. The MKO are working hard towards getting these ignorant people to rise against the government. Press TV aired this today: http://blip.tv/file/2267487
  4. Article by WorldNews.com Correspondent Dallas Darling. I am beginning to understand why Ayatollah Khamenei urged the people of Iran not to vote for pro-Western candidates. Western democracies can be deceptive and disguised as imperial, colonial, and even militant systems. In fact, Plato warned democracy would lead to uncontrollable passions and chaos. Cicero, a Roman orator, said without a constitution and rule of law, democracy would become a dictatorship. While Thomas Hobbes thought democracy was impractical, since people thought only of their self-interests and were easily swayed by demagogues, John Locke called it "tyranny of the majority." Thomas Jefferson and James Madison believed true democracy could never exist. It would always take work, reform, a commitment to learning, and dynamic participation by citizens. Living in the U.S., though, you would never know this. It seems the U.S. has perfected democracy and wants to forcibly export its product to the rest of the world. (This despite a disastrous war in Iraq and a former U.S. Secretary of Defense saying, "Democracy is messy.") It was no surprise then, when major Western media outlets reported on Iran's presidential election with headlines like: Election Mania Turns to Confusion, Israeli Officials: Iran Vote Shows Growing Threat, Tehran Tense after Disputed Election Results, Voters Real Will in Iran Likely Won't be Known, U.S. Rejects Victory Claim by Ahmadinejad, and An Attempted Coup in Iran as Street Fights Erupt. These headlines and new stories served one major purpose: to discredit Iran's theo-democracy. Since the U.S. is in the business of "democratizing" the world, let us say it succeeds. Then what? Will it establish an Irreligious Democracy where art is portrayed as feces adorning Jesus, and Prophet Mohammed is pictured as a terrorist? Or how about a Materialistic and Secular Democracy, in which greed and the pursuit of wealth are more important than life itself? In a Corporate and Individualized Democracy, youth are branded and taught to rebel against their parents, schools, communities, and religious institutions. Corruption exists too throughout banking, housing, and health care industries. People believe they can do what they want without regards to others. (This might explain why the U.S. has 5% of the world's population, yet has 25% of the world's prison population. It also is a reason why thousands of youth drop out of school each year and form criminal gangs.) And then there is Technocratic Democracy that exploits youth. Through Facebook, Myspace, and endless hours of video games-not to mention sites that socially engineer harmful behavior and advertise usury and consumerist values-one can post and discuss the latest fads, fashions, tattoos, popular rock bands, celebrities, and pornographic material. This kind of democracy is about nothing, which explains why mental illness and suicide affect millions of teens. (Nothingness equals Nihilism!) Forget issues like homelessness, economic equality, universal healthcare, officials justifying torture, and two illegal wars. Militant Democracies are just as fatal. They spend half of their annual budget, $1 trillion, for war. They also create the Stephen Greens' of the world-who couldn't wait to get to Iraq to kill and then raped a 14 year-old girl, burned her body, and murdered her family; and the George Bushs' of the world-who start wars causing over one million deaths. Iran might not have a perfect democracy, but at least 85 percent of eligible voters voted, compared to only 50 percent in the U.S. Since Iran's voting age is 15, more people are free to vote too. If the winner in Iran does not receive a majority of the popular vote, (The U.S. still has the Electoral College!), there is a runoff election. Iran also regulates the amount of media coverage and monies spent per candidate, whereas the person who raises the most money and has the most exposure in the U.S. wins. Proportionally, Iran has greater representation: 1 parliamentary representative for 200,000 people compared to 1 congressional representative for every 6000,000 people in the U.S. Iran's Supreme Leader has also declared voting to be sacred, which the West should at least ponder. Finally, Iran never overthrew the U.S. Government, as the U.S. did to Iran's democracy in 1953. Iran's Islamic Republic has actually been an "island of stability" in Central Asia-no thanks to the U.S.! It is surrounded by ongoing wars and occupations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan-thanks to the U.S.! Because of this, Iran is the largest host of refugees in the world (4 million). The U.S. might want to suspend using the term democracy, along with its oversimplifications, at least for a while. Concepts like political compassion, economic justice, communal responsibility, respect for others, and rule of law, could be substituted. As Iran's Supreme Leader orders an investigation into election fraud, and as pockets of unrest unfold in Tehran, at least people are grappling with democracy. In the 2000 U.S. presidential election, five Supreme Court justices stopped a recount and an investigation into election fraud fearing it would harm the U.S. and cause injury to George W. Bush's presidency. Where was the unrest then? Can there be such a thing as a Dead Democracy? But then democratic delusions of grandeur are so much easier to believe. Dallas Darling - darling@wn.com (Dallas Darling is the author of The Other Side Of Christianity: Reflections on Faith, Politics, Spirituality, History, and Peace. He is a correspondent for www.worldnews.com and writes a weekly column for Iran-Javan-Newspaper. You can read more of his articles at www.beverlydarling.com and wn.com//dallasdarling.) http://article.wn.com/view/2009/06/16/Demo...ns_of_Grandeur/
  5. I'm sorry Shabbir but Ahmadinejad mentioned himself Rafsanjani is the pivotal figure behind all this. In his speech yesterday he told the people to be patient and vigilant while these people will be exposed. It's hard to believe people admire such personalities like Rafsanjani. In the past there were many figures who supported Imam Khomeini and the revolution then later on turned against the values of the Islamic Revolution.
  6. Salaams, A nice insider report about the events in Iran http://vineyardsaker.blogspot.com/2009/06/...ts-in-iran.html
  7. Salaams, For those who missed out, the video can be watched here: http://www.shiasource.com/ahmadinejad-vali-asr.html

    A Global Campaign For Zahoor e Imam-e-zaman (ajf), Trying to make an effort for the quick return of our beloved Imam.

    and post ur comments. thanks.


    if we love IMAM E ZAMAN ajtfs then we have to do some thing that shows our love for him.

  9. Salam alaikum dear sister... subhanallah ... it has bee years since we spoke right?...I miss you ... i hope has been treating you justly ...

    keep me in your duas... :)

  10. http://quran-questions.com The Qur'an has remained matchless for more than fourteen centuries since it was revealed to the last prophet of Islam, Muhammad (peace be upon him) because it is a divine revelation and not the work of any man. The Qur'an is also the only living miracle in comparison with all other miracles or super-natural events demonstrated by other great prophets of Almighty God in order to authenticate their claim of prophethood. Unlike other known scriptures, the Qur'an is the only scripture which was revealed and written down at the same time. The aim of this project is to build up a list of some of the most important topics discussed in the Qur'an and expound them in a very effective format i.e. in the form of questions and replies with the hope that any misunderstanding, misinterpretation or misconception will be removed. Readers can contact the site administrator for clarifications, references, suggest a topic or send further questions which will eventually be added to the data base. Last but not the least, it is not the intent of this website and the people who manage it and reply to the questions, to attack any belief, faith, culture or school of thought but to present the replies in the light of the Qur'an which in itself, encourages rational and analytical approach and healthy human reasoning and understanding.
  11. http://video.google.com.au/videosearch?q=m...a=N&tab=wv#
  12. Since you seem to have liked that one, You may find these to be of some interest to you: Self-Building -by Ibrahim Amini The Perfect Man -by Mutahari Philosophy of Islam -by Behishti & Bahonar Light Within Me Spiritual Discourses -by Mutahari Enjoy reading the rest of the book ^_^ Take care...
  13. Salams Sister, Its an incredible book, one of my favorite actually. :) What chapters have you covered so far? 3. "To know yourself is to know your Lord" –Prophet pbuh This is the fundamental principle in obtaining ma’rifa; it's to have an understanding of the real self which would as a result direct us towards knowing Him. Once we are acquainted with the Divine, we can attain intuitive knowledge through cleansing of the heart from impurities and therefore build an intimate relationship with God where one feels His perpetual presence everywhere. 5. In that context, it is correct. What is meant here is the usage of foul language or profanity when engaged in a conversation or when addressing someone. This has become a common norm in our society. However when it comes to condemning the enemies of the infallibles, it’s a different matter. That type of cursing is a means of distancing/repelling oneself from the actions that were perpetrated towards them; the cursing is not done to just simply denounce the individual, but to denounce the very act which consequently makes them evil. 6. That quote is profound and it leads one to determine who they really are in being and in essence. The sole purpose of worshipping God is so that we manifest His attributes and ultimately become Godly or in simple terms a perfect being. Now this certainly does not suggest that we take on sub-God roles but rather we are a reflection of Him. 7. It’s the same prayer offered by our fourth Imam in Sahifa Sajjadiya. “My God, who could have tasted the sweetness of thy love, then wanted another in place of thee?” It was the Sheikhs routine to recite it during the night as he considered it to be the best time to converse and express what was in his heart with God. “A lover hardly goes to sleep and yearns nothing but union with the Beloved, Dawn is the time of meeting with Him.” 8. Yes you can employ that as a method too but benevolence to your fellow human beings is far more favorable i believe. Stay well and God bless...
  14. lol I find the explanations given above to be irrational as well. Our souls are neither confined to female or male gender. It is simply referred or defined as 'It'- that of Divine essence. We can only attribute genders to physical things or properties.
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