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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Maybe you should get married. Tell your parents.
  2. I wonder this too. I believe it would have been mentioned in the Quran had it been true. Allah knows best.
  3. Intersect marriages depend on the two people and how much they practice their religion. Ask about his crowd and how strongly he feels about them, and ask how strongly his family feels about the relationship most likely the sunni family will be hesitant as well. Both are Muslim at the end of the day :).
  4. I am trying to break a few habits, but so far no luck, negative habits are hard to break, positive habits are hard to follow!
  5. See a doctors, of you want to the herbal route consider milk thistle for liver detoxification. Also please try a detoxification drink and drink natural juices especially orange, lemon, carrots etc..
  6. It was a born in that time era to marry young. Of you look at the age of wives in European countries then surely you will find brides of similar ages.
  7. The best way to be rid of this is just make a dua that Allah give you something better or remove the feeling. It's a natural emotion not a healthy one but completely natural, it happens to everyone I assure you.
  8. I highly encourage you to go see a doctors and see what health concerns are and how it should be taken care of, you owe this to yourself.
  9. I would imagine divorce would be heartbreaking, but depending on the situation like domestic violence or emotional abuse it can serve as a relief as well. I wish you a happier life :)
  10. I certainly have a prayer request to make, please make a dua on my behalf that all my wishes and duas for today come true this year, and that I get a job soon. I am really inspired by your strong iman maash Allah, may Allah grant me the same and persevere it for you too.
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