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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hello This evening i came across this - Ann Barnhardt - Islamic sexuality - a survey of evil.- http://tomohalloran.com/2013/06/10/watch-must-see-for-all-americans-ann-barnhardt-islamic-sexuality-a-survey-of-evil/ I think these videos were made in 2011 and I thought i would post it on here and see what your opinions were of the content. Please note she also speaks about Imam Khomeini. Jen
  2. Salaam.. Just a small note - Id like to point out that it is not a shia sunni issue and nor should we say lets help our 'shia' brothers because that then makes it sound like a sectarian issue and this is what the Bahraini government want the world to believe.
  3. (salam) Brother, What if you changed it to: Australian Islamic Ahlul-Bayt Association or Australian Ahlul-Bayt Association or Australian Ahlul-Bayt Islamic Association? Its just that i didnt feel it sounded right the way it was written there.. :blink: :) ws
  4. Jennah82


    (salam) Out of the stuff u have up there.. Reading!! :blush: ws
  5. (salam) Dear sister Binte Ali, This is the first time in a while i read something that makes complete and utter sense to me, thank you for sharing that with us. May i say that you have a way with words, and that you should be a writer? I couldnt help noticing sis, that you joined shiachat in 2002, and you have only 7 posts! most of which are in this recent i presume. I welcome you :) and you have touched my heart :blush: Thank you, Your sis Jennah.
  6. (salam) Sister, its a common thing, you dont have to worry about it. Stress does affect your cycle, and even a change in weather affects, or a change in your eating habits, or a change of the environment ur in (like if you go overseas for a while). Or if you suddenly start an excercise routine. All of that contributes to your cycle. Hope that helped... :blush: ws
  7. (salam) Sis, u had European and American up there... but no Australian!! :cry: ... i mean... ur gonna make Australia fall under.. God forbid... other? :cry: :cry: :cry: :P just joking sis :P Anyways, Bahraini/Australian here. ws
  8. (salam) omg cakehot, take it easy, and if u want to reply, reply in one post... why split it like that? :dry: w'salam :)
  9. (salam) Omg sis like howww adorable :wub: mashalllahhhhhhhh.. i want one just like her! :blush: ws
  10. (salam) erm, its called sheesha. simple. english version - hubbly bubbly lebanese version - argeela indian version - hukkah original name : sheeeshaaaa (and thats because bahrainis call it sheesha lol) so there! :P ws oh by the way, it is an arab thing. Dint u know arabs are heavy smokers? :huh:
  11. (salam) Thas really freaky smilenatalie, i think she might have been part of the kkk :Hijabi: lol.. I rather doubt shes a weirdo though, maybe just a racist. :blush: ws
  12. (salam) Khala Hajar, alf alf mabrook (thousands of blessings) :blush: I am so happy to hear it, alhamdulillah. :wub: ws
  13. (salam) i was going witht he flow.. they were mentioning indian names earlier.. and i did mention a long list of islamic names. ws
  14. (salam) Rupa, kareena, prinju, jesmi, anita. :P if you're into indian names that is. hehe. ws
  15. Jennah82


    (salam) LOL... I was way off wasn't i? :blush: ws
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