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  1. Salam, My husband and I would like to go for Umrah this year. I was wondering if anyone can recommend any shia travel agencies that can help us from the US? I would prefer one in Texas, but open to anywhere in the US. Does anyone know of any shia groups going to Umrah during Ramadan? And is it permissible to do Umrah during Ramadan? We just want to go for a maximum of 3 days, possibly the last 3 days of Ramadan.
  2. Salam, this is my first post here on ShiaChat. My question is: can I recite Hadith e Kisa and gift it to the marhoom/deceased in the same way that I do Surah Fatiha and other Quranic ayats? Also, is it permissible to gift them Naade Ali? What I usually do is I will read Fatiha, the 4 Quls, and any other Surah and Dua I remember and say "I give this as hadiya for the 14 Masoomeen, please give the sawab for this to marhoom so-and-so...etc" Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for your answers!
  3. Only your feet need to be dry when you do wudhu.
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