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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ali ra praises abu bar ra umar ra and uthman ra form their own shia hadith books Hadiths In Praise of Sahabas In Shia Books: 1. Qumi in his tafsir, “Tafsir Qumi” narrates from Abi Abdullah: “When the prophet (sws) was in the cave, he (sws) said to Abu Bakr , “I see the ship of jaffar in the river with his companions. And likewise i see the ansar. Abubakr asked can i also see? The prophet (sws) said , “yes”. Abubakr asked how? The prophet did masah with his hands on abubakr’s eyes. Thus, abubakr saw what the prophet saw. Then, the prophet turned to abubakr and said, “You are siddique.” Tafsir Qumi, 1/289 2. Abdul azeem hassani narrates from Ali bin mohammad bin Ali al riza and he narrates from his father and granfather and they narrated from Hassan bin Ali that the prophet (sws) said: “ Abu bakr is beloved to me to the level of hearing, Umar to the level of sight and Uthman to the level of heart.” Alburhan 565, 4/564 3. Imam Reza was asked about the prophetic hadith, “My companions are like stars. Whomever you refer to, you’ll be guided.” Imam said, “This hadith is weak, but its meaning is inshallah correct.” Then he was asked about another prophetic hadith, “Leave my companions to myself. Do not annoy them. Do not slander them”. Imam said, “Its authentic.” Ayon Akhbar al reza lil-Qami 2/87 4. Majlisi narrates that the Prophet (sws) said, “Fortunate are those who saw me and fortunate are the people who met those who saw me.” Bihar al anwar, 22/305 Amali al Sadooq, page 240-241 5. Imam Ali was asked, “Why was abu bakr chosen for the caliphate?” He replied, “We saw that Abu bakr was the most suitable for this affair amongst the people. He was the companion of the Prophet (sws) in the cave and was the second person ever praised by Allah (swt); and the Prophet made him imam while he (sws) was alive.” Sharah e Nihjal Balagha, Labin Abi Al-Hadid, 1/332 6. Imam Ali reads the funeral of Hazrat Umer : “I want from Allah to accompain you with your two friends RasoolAllah (sws) and Siddique . Because i heared from Rasool –Allah (sws) saying, “I, Abu Bakr and Umer entered together; I, Abu Bakr and Umer went out together; I, Abu Bakr and Umer ate together.” And I want from Allah to accompain you (umer) with those two (i.e. the prophet and Siddique).” Thus the imam turned to Sahabas and said, “By Allah, I wish Allah made my record of deeds like that of Umar’s “ Kitabe al – Shafi al-Huda, Syed ul – Murtaza and Talkhis Al – Shafi, Tusi 7. Ali says in praise of Uthman , “There is nothing that we know and you are ignorant of that. I can not point out any matter that you are ignorant of. You know all what we know. We were not better than you in any case that we would inform you. And we were not unique in any case that we would inform you of that. You also saw what we saw; and heared what we heared; you were and are the companion of the prophet like we are. And Ibn abi Kahafa and Umer ibn Khatab were not better than you in practice. And you were nearer to the prophet; you became the son-in law of the prophet while they didn’t. “ Nejul Balagha, volume 2, page 232 8. Ali comments on the sword of Zubair , “How much did this sword bring comfort to Rasool Allah!” Al-Ihtijaj, Volume 1, Page 380 9. Imam Jaffar Sadiq says, “Ali never charged those with apostacy, infidilty or disharmony who opposed him. Rather he would say that they are our brothers and they tyrannized us.” Wasail al Shia, 15/83 10. Hassan bin Ali considers ‘acting upon the way of Khulfai Rashideen’ one of the conditions of peace with mawiya. And in the original manuscript of the book the word ‘Khulfai Saliheen’ has been used. Mantahi al-amaal, volume 2, page 212 12. Some people asked Imam Jaffar Saidq , “O Son of the Prophet! What do you say about Abu bakr and Umar?” The imam replied, “They were righteous leaders; and they were just; and they died on truth and justice. May Allah have mercy on them till Qayamah.” Ahqaqul Haq, Shustri, volume 1, page 116 Ali (may Allah bless his soul) also stated: ''Allah has chosen many people from among the Muslims to approve extend the divine mission. Allah and His Messenger have conferred the highest status on the fisrt two Caliphs, Abu Bakr (may Allah bless his soul) and Umar (May Allah be pleased with him). I swear by my own life that they occupy the greatest position in the fold of Islam. May Allah have mercy upon them, for they suffered intensely for the sake of Islam. May Allah compensate them for their sacrifices. Reference: Ibn ul-Muthim, Sharh Nahj ul Balaghaa (Iraan) Page 488 ''There is no other person on earth with whose deeds I desire to merge with my deeds, except the man in this coffin (refering to Umar, May Allah be pleased with him )'' Reference: This has been recorded by many Shia scholars: Sayyid Murtadha in Kitab ush Shaafee, (Page 171) Aboo Jafar at-Toosee in Talkhees ash Shafee (Iran: Volume 2, Page 428) Ibn Babwee, Ibn Abee'l-Hadeed and Sudooq in Ma'ani ul Akhbaar (Iran: Page 117) Moreover it is found in another Shia book that Ali (May Allah be pleased with him) said: ''The best men in the community after the Prophet (peace be upon him) is Abu Bakr (May Allah be pleased with him) and Umar (May Allah be pleased with him).'' Reference: Sayyid Murtadha, Kitaab ush Shafee (Volume 2, Page 428).
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