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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. You hate "The Rawafid" so much,

    yet you chose Omar Khayaam as your profile name;

    Those that are blind in dunya will be blind in akhirah.

  2. rballer , an honorabke and intellectual man ,would not buy himself as this ,but those i cited are top iranian and iraqi intellectuals who wrote great books and those are famous and well known scholars . unlike those clowns of the iranian regime propaganda machine that have no past and come from nowhere.
  3. aabas shakir ,the most intellectuals of the shias are evolving towards sunnis ,among them Musa al Musawi ,Soroush,Ganji and millions of new sufis and the iraqi intellectuals ,the historians Hassan Allawi and Ahmad al Katib ,those are top intellectuals ,recognized by the world intellegencia. there are no serious sunni scholar who reverted to shia'ism ,tijani is a clown ,you have on youtube several debates on mustaqila in which 2 young salafis destroyed him. tijani works for the iranian propaganda machine ,it's strange that despite all these money spent ,they didnt find better than him. even the evangelists have found better than him. aabis ,nobody can accept a rafidi prey in his neighborhood it's comparable to sexual deviants and other marginals. so the more you have convert ,the more the reaction would be big... rafidism has no place in this umma ,even in iran,it would be erased sooner or later.
  4. basim ali ,thank at least for trying to answer and in this logic najad take the orders of mahdi that he meets from time to time. all this idea of the hidden mahdi is ridiculous.
  5. dirac,all of them died assassinated according to the shia sources and hey ,they must be the abbassids ,but so really was the reality ? anyway ,iraqi intellectual ,shias or not shias are proud of their abbasi past ,it's their reference and cultural makhzan. or if you are not happy with it,so creat your own culture.
  6. someone, it's part of the past ,the superchery of nasrallah has been unveiled ,the people have removed these pictures ,the same in egypt. you can lie one time ,two time ;but at the end the people would eventually understand the superchery ,this support is becoming hatred and fast . this anti zionist rethoric used as cover of their rafidsm ,is no more working. it's you the nasibi who believe that imam ali was a repetitive coward and jaafar was the master of lies and taqiye. so are not our ahl bayt. bani hashem is synonym of bravery and honor.
  7. someone , the tribes in pakistan ,afghanistan ,it's an other story. dirac ,the abbasi built the first kazimiya shrine for you ,most of these shia concepts were abassi invention as recognized by the iraqi intellectual Ahmed al Katib in order to resist ismaili influence on mesopotamia. it's a nearly 1000 years old carnaval.
  8. somone ,according to this year study from zogby institute ,nasrallah the wilayat faqih clown lost popularity and comes after chavez the atheist communist. our people support anyone who say something against israel and the usa,bin laden ,saddam did their time ,but it can not work for ever. qaradawi attacks on the shias has worked well.there should be more like this ,rafidism must be exposed to all muslims in the world... shiaben ,i didnt say shias ,i said rafida ... no one sunni can accept rafidism,this is true for sufis,secular,rationalists,neo mutazila or salafis ,so on this matter we are united the people should before free themselves from dictatorships then think how to fight israel ,the priority is human developpment of the islamic world,secularization and democratization . we should regain the liberal mind of the caliphs of the umayyad,fatimi - abbasi era. turkey and malaysia are evolving in the right direction .
  9. dirac i ask you would the shia mashayekh accept mut3a marriages for their members? you see they are against shia culture ,but instead the educated among them live in the culture produced by the arab caliphial civilization.so are the arabs of ahvaz too. someone,al jahiliya was not as dark than you think. anyway add it Islam and you have the bravery and honor...which are the absolute values for the tribes. i'm against tribal mentality if it replace the power of the state ,we in syria are not tribal ,but there are many qualities in it that we should preserve,without it .
  10. someone ,the pm of syria otari is an islamist,he is the uncle of bashar's wife ,as the great tzar of the syrian economy reformer ,dardari and most industralists and businessmen. the islamists in syria are everywhere on the streets,universities... only the security apparatuses and some field of the syrian economy are in the hand of the regime. but such balance would not stand for ever ,there would be a need of peaceful transition of power and i hope that president bashar will do it by himself. the iranian regime has no supporters in syria ,even among the alawites,many many alawite women are married to salafi saudis ,among them the mother of bin laden. and plz spare us the small communities of bahrain ,lebanon ,saudi,what would they do ? die for the sake of the qomi ayatollahs....in Egypt Alone ,there is 10 millions christians . or if you want there are more sunnis in Iran than all these arab countries together if we exclude south iraq...but those as i said will never be followers of qom ,and if a new war happens they would fight in the same side. if you like dreaming it's your problem ,but rafidism can not survive only throuth taqiya ,hypocrisy and lies ,you are damned to this secretive behavior ...that's why they use this overbide in anti israeli and pro palestinian slogans as cover....but it's no more working. i dont disagree with you that we are failed states ,societies in crisis,victim of ignorance and extremism and all of you want ,but the people as eternal factor ,can only improve and we can be sure of one thing ,that if we regain this prestige of the former golden eras ,we will be one of the super powers in the world,this is very likely in the long term. the sunnis are over 1,3 billions and are among the most religious people in the world ,many are fanatic islamists that hate the rafida as needed. dont fear to say the number as it's . the shias in iran are those who are leaving islam and fast. many will join sunnism,this is the natural outcome. people in general hate clerical systems,especially when they are educated and open minded.
  11. shiasoldier ,i'm sure that you dont want to see this army at work on the real battle ground against the great satan for example ,and instead you are satisfied with the hypocrite great slogans. at least in 1973 ,Sadate's egypt defeated the Israeli by overcoming barlev line in the biggest tanks battle in history. as for saddam with his soviet old weapons he was enough against the state of the art iranian shah era army inherited by khomaini ,who added weapons that he got from israel. shiasoldier ,a regime based on lies can only delude weak mind like yours.
  12. arman ,would you defeat the great satan with these divine weapons ? because we had enough with slogans ,we want to see something in the real world. the iranian army today is obsolete we are no more in 1970.
  13. someone ,this would change nothing on the ground ,and they dont rule the country ,they have to make deals with the most conservative muslims in Syria and they are even not allowed to learn their islam version in school so they are sunnified ,that's why bashar tries to show that he is a sunni ,so you never see an alawi in syria ,saying bad things against sunnism,when they pray ,they pray as sunnis.So Bashar wants to make sure to the syrians that he is a Sunni. there is only 1 or 2 ,alawi nusayri ministers. the minorities can gain some power for some times in some circumstances ,but at the end they have to face the reality. in all the muslim world ,the alternative is known ,it's the rule of democracy and the choice of the people that will prevail sooner or later... in Iran ,the regime will die ,and guess what is the only alternative ?we can oversee the future very easily. dont believe this propaganda created after the invasion of iraq ,that the destruction of several countries of the islamic world by the us army is called shia revival ,the shias are the first that will pay the price and who would protect these small minorities ? you understand someone ,a small minority is a minority and it should not try to play with fire. in general we prefer a christian and a jew over a rafidi ,this is normal...so good luck... as for our non rafidi shia brothers ,they would be allowed to live among us with respect and esteem.
  14. Dirac , they are against mutaaa and would prefer a salafi from the same tribe for marriage instead an iraqi of iranian origin. they are part of the arab body,go understand why the iranian propaganda failed to gain them as they succeed for the south lebanese. for me the reason is obvious. The iraqi shias are sunni in culture ,what we saw lately was an accident of history ,they are back in the fold.
  15. dirac ,you can change nothing ,the tribal ties are strong in Iraq and most of the shia tribal shoyoukhs are sunnis in culture.
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