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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Astonishing!I didn't know about this;my sole knowledge about Jewish beliefs were the ones I quoted i.e. the difference between rationalistic thinkers like Maimonides and the mystical kabalists who believe in 12 different "manifestations" of God called sephirot and believe in the blasphemous concept of a pantheistic God who even resides in our souls.Thanks for showing their weird beliefs !

  2. That's not correct:traditional Judaism views God as incorporeal(see Maimonides) and saying God has a body is tantamount to kufr for them.So Sunnis cannot have taken this idea from Jews;it must be said that some Jews also believe God is present everywhere and even in the soul of all Jews(not the differnce which might seem subtle but is enormous:Muslims view the soul as God's creation;these Jews as God Himself!),an opinion which is blasphemous in my view.But they still don't assume God has a body.

  3. *Facepalm* I never said anyone is committing shirk. You aren't listening young Juan.

    Firstly, you're mixing up Ibadah (which includes religious practices and Du'a) with everyday actions that have no connection to Religion at all. Secondly, you're insinuating I said all that (including those examples) are Shirk when I did not. There is a huge difference between asking my mother to pass me the salt and asking Imam Ali to heal me or calling on him directly when he is no longer in my presence. If you fail to see this then there is nothing I can do help you.

    Neither of us are Qur'anists so I think playing the there is no need of Ahaddith card isn't the best move. We have been given 12 Masoom guides to follow after the Prophet [sawa]. We are to follow their example in our religious matters and daily affairs. It's not anyone's fault they failed to even mention once that this was part of our religion. Yet I'm expected to believe something that even appears to run contrary to the foundation of their Message with not a shred of explicit evidence from the Qur'an or Imams themselves? Surely, you do find this odd? Let's reason here.

    The Qur'an said seek a means to Allah so what is that means? The Aimmah are, no one doubts this. However, how on earth have you concluded that this verse means we can call on other than Allah and ask the Aimmah directly? There is just no connection. They (the Aimmah) tell us how to seek nearness to Allaah, correct? So when Imam Ali [a] states in Nahjul Balagha that the best way to seek nearness to Allah is through salat why do I need to turn around and say: 'no, making Du'a to the Imam is what is the best.'?

    If you think that the verse in question gives us permission to call on the Imams then why didn't the Imams themselves say this? Where are the traditions where the Imams have said: 'Allah has given you permission to call on us, even after we leave the world'?

    Now, I'm aware you don't like me using the word du'a to describe what you're doing, but let's face it, that's exactly what it is. Calling on Ali isn't calling on Allah. Beggining a suplication to The Lord of the Universe as 'Ya Ali' or Ya Muhamamd' is rather strange, isn't it? Who are you addressing, God or a created being? Certainly not Allah if you begin by saying Ya Ali.

    This is what the Aimmah have taught:

    Imam Ja`far as-Sadiq [a] said,

    "When you stand to pray, say: 'O my Lord, I give preference to Muhammad and place him in front of me in need, and turn to You through him. So, make me privileged to You through him, and bring me near to You through him in this world and the next. Make my prayers accepted through him, my sins forgiven through him, and my supplications answered through him. Indeed, you are the Forgiving, the Merciful.'"


    Calling on other than Him is not something that the Imams did or encouraged.

    Yes, I have that thought every time this discussion and these arguments are given to me :P

    Excellently said!

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