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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Correct me if I am wrong,but tisn't there in Shia fiqh an option for the judge to decide upon his personal opinion that the accused is guilty;even without four witnesses?
  2. You must live a sorry,lonely,miserable life.i sincerely pity you,you poor soul.
  3. Might it be 'cause it's August and many people are on vacation?
  4. But does being infallible mean one chooses Always right?I.e. one never befriends someone who is a snake and will betray him;one never buys a car which will break down after a short time;one does not go out for a walk on a certain Street because he will be hit by a car?
  5. Can anyone provide a link to a fatwa on this subject,please?
  6. So you're now openly promoting terrorism?I hope the Fbi nicks you and puts you away!
  7. You should be banned from this forum,you maniac racist!
  8. OmG!This is really sick!How on earth is someone supposed to respect such a vile creature?Who cares if she was the wife of the Prophet?Even Lut had a wife who was a wrong-doer and therefore nobody has to respect her!Here's a series of videos that show she does NOT deserve to be respected: http://www.youtube.com/user/AishaKafir/search?query=aisha
  9. I know where you live;I've contacted the psychiatric authorities of your area;you need urgent help;in a short time some friendly men all dressed in White will arrive at your place in order to escort you to your new house;in the meanwhile please stay away from those knives in the kitchen.
  10. If these things were more widely known,Sunnis would be in great embarassment:not only scum like Yazid and Mu'awiya,but even their top role models like Umar and Aisha are de facto destroyed when their biography is closely scrutinized.
  11. Wow,I didn't know this one!Could you provide a link to said hadiths?
  12. You seriously need help.I am not joking;you are sick.
  13. Please.Everyone knows that drinking it can cause you hepatitis.
  14. I din not change the subject.I just stated that prophets are on a higher level than average people therefore I do not believe they marry children.What part of this you find it difficult to understand?
  15. You keep repeating the same lame anti-White racism over and over again!You NEVER seem to be able to write anything else;you're becoming tiresome,dude!
  16. And they'll also find people performing tabarruk with the Prophet's sweat,hair and some say(even if it's very disputed)urine.
  17. These people were not prophets;prophets have a far higher moral level than common people.
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