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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The verses regarding the 3 ''goddesses'' which were supposed to be intermediaries between man and God are very well known.....
  2. Check Rafiditerminator on youtube and you'll find plenty of Islamic evidence about Shia shirk!
  3. Syed Zago,if you happened to read something about Islam at least once in your meaningless life,you'd maybe learn it's all about Tawheed-monotheism;a concept totally antitethical to imam-worship.Process that.
  4. I am damn serious!The more I learn about the Deen,the more i see shias as mushrikoon and kufar!
  5. Dear friend,leave this Shia kufr for good and turn back to Islam!As a matter of fact,shias are not Muslims at all!They are idol-worshipping,jahili kufar!
  6. You don't know anything about Islam,my man! "Wahhabism" is actually the purest form of Islam;read the Quran at least once in your life and discover Tawheed,an unheard of concept for the likes of you!
  7. I wholeheartedly hope the U.N passes a resolution authorizing a military action to bomb that pig Assad senseless!
  8. If you at least once in your life read the Quran,you'd learn that even the Prophet had Shaytan suggest him idolatrous verses which he at first thought came from God.
  9. The only terrorist in this war is that butcher Bashar Assad.
  10. The experiences of these people have been suggested by Shaytan.And yes,how could you be so stupid?
  11. Zaqi Yumani,as many have surely told you before,you're in deep need of psychiatric help! Assad is destroying the houses of his own people because he's an idol worshipping kafir pig;and he has nothing to do with Jews whatsoever!
  12. It's total and utter idiocy only weak-minded kuffar could possibly believe in.Nothing to do with Islam;therefore stay away from it!
  13. @hasanhh,I am curious to know if you were so content with stoning if it were applied upon you or some relative of yours.....
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