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  1. qutb


    (salam) I have no idea how she died. Ya akhi, people die. It happens all the time. How did the prophet pbuh die? How did Nuh (as) die? How did Harun (as) die? She was buried secretly by Ali (ra) and we don't know where. I'm not lying bro. Really I think that this is one of the biggest ugliest lies ever told. I think most ithna'asheri are convinced it happened because it fits into their view of Umar. It really has no base in reality though. The hadith are unreliable, it insults ahle'bayt, it makes Ali look bad (astagfurallah), and demeans everyone involved. I'm not denying she died. However I think anyone who believes this non-sensical story after honestly looking at the evidence of history and rationalism is insulting the Prophet and Imam Ali and Bibi Fatima (may Allah bless them all). Curse all you like. My love and dedication to ahle'bayt is strong (God willing). in peace, q
  2. qutb


    It sickens me. q [Mods note : WARNING for cursing shia narrators]
  3. qutb


    (salam) I would just like to say that it is best not to use peoples names in the way bro. hussain did. It can offend others (obviously) so it's best to avoid it. Br. Hussains original point was good, although now we have been derailed on a side issue. q
  4. Some people went a little farther than a handshake: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detai...020047?v=glance http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detai...=glance&s=books q
  5. Not particularly. Well if they are still there then they are still there. I don't really care how much of the land they are occupying. I wonder why they left? Could it have anything to do with the state of Israel? Why of why did this only happen after Israel was formed and the Palestinian people colinized and oppressed for 50 years? Geez it's a stumper. You're right. We should be tolerant of 50 years of colinization and oppression. Silly us for wanting our rights and fighting injustice. I support putting Arafat on trial for any reason you want. I'd love to see it. We can put him in a cell with Sharon and let the evil SOB's kill each other. Do you agree? Nope, the reason being that one group is the agressor and one is the victim. You never saw people forming groups speaking out against Black South Africans killing whites (bombings etc). You did see lots of people all over the world condemning South Africa (except Israel of course, I wonder why they supported SA?). Same situation. I agree, and this is why Isreal is inherently unjust. More injustice. I'm glad we can agree on the inherent injustice contained in the Israeli side. Perhaps you can see why people are angry. As Pontius Pilate said "What is truth?" Well truth is truth regardless if you want to "relativise" 50 years of subjigation. q
  6. I'm not sure I follow you here?????? No. But if you shoot 700 of them and only kill one person then I don't think they are that threatining. Do you have a point? Again, do you have a point? I never said certain palestinian groups don't target civilians. So does the IDF, are you conceding this? You don't know who the Stern Gang and Haganah are? Do a net search. Again, is their a point in here that I'm missing? Still searching for a point..... q
  7. qutb

    Questions for shia

    I think what she is trying to say here (and correct me of I'm worng sis) is that if the concept of Caliphate was divinely decided then it doesn't matter who was "called" Caliph. The divine reality of who was Caliph remains the same. For example, it doesn't matter if people recognized the Prophet pbuh as a prophet. He was a prophet regardless of peoples opinions. q
  8. Obviously I think there is a lot of good on this site or I wouldn't spend time here. Can't we all just get along? Anyway, will you all get over it already. I am not Salmany or UltrMuslim or anyone else. I'm just me and I would not lie about this. q (and only q)
  9. I do not support the total destruction of Israel. Sorry to burst your bubble. I support two things. a. A country of Palestine with both Jewish and Arab populations sharing control. Whoever is in the majority would most likely decide the government (just like in any other democracy). b. A two state solution that is equatable. (I'll get more into that later) Hizbullahs goal was to remove Israel from Lebanon. That was their only goal in reference to Israel. The other groups do not support the state of Israel. Hpwever, that does not mean they want to "kill all jews" they simply don't want to live in a apartheid state. If "all" Muslims wanted to kill all jews then this could have been accomplished 1000 years ago easily. Jews have been living among Muslims for 1400 years and their relationship has been mostly peaceful. This being the case one has to ask what changed in the last 100 years. The only answer is colonialism, the theft of land, and the opression of Arabs by ashkanazi european Jews. I still don't have a good definition of terrorist from you? We can prove that the IDF targets civilians (Qana etc.) if that is the only definition you have then I don't think that those groups are any more or less "terrorist" when compared to the IDF. If you want to concede this point then we can move on. I am Lebanese and I do not think there was anything okay with how the Phalange acted during the civil war. It was evil and I will call it evil. I'm not looking for revenge against Israel. I'm looking for justice for people who were treated unjustly by Israel. That is all I'm seeking. I also seek justice for the people who were massacred by the Phalange. I do seek peace. My anger with you comes from the fact that on other threads you blamed the Palestinians for the death of their children and claimed that they do not love their children. I find this stance morally repugnent and pointing to an underlining racism on your part. There are innocent Israels who have died in this conflict and that saddens me. I also feel that the fact that many people in the IDF refuse to serve also points to the strength of my position. They refuse to serve because they feel that the IDF is unjust and carrying on an unjust war against an oppressed population. I respect their courage in standing up to their ethnic group and acting in an honorable way. I wish for peace and I wish for justice. In order to achieve peace the following has to be done. 1. All settlement activity must cease. Once and for all without delay and without lies. 2. There must be a right of return for Paletinians in diaspora. Fair is fair. 3. There must be compensation for Palestinians who had their homes and farms taken or destroyed. 4. Jerusalem needs to be an international city overseen by Muslims, Christians, and Jews. If those things happen then you will see an immediate end to all hostilities from Palestinians. They have been waiting 50 years for something like that and the only reason they blow-up busses is because for 50 years Israel has weasled out of doing any of those things. That is how peace can be achieved. With justice. in peace, q
  10. qutb

    U.N. tells syria to quit lebanon. . .

    a. Shebaa Farms is still being occupied by Israel. Both Lebanon and Syria agree that shebaa is part of Lebanon. b. Israel still bombs Lebanon on occasion and also flies over Lebanese airspace, breaking the soundbarrier and causing damage to homes that way. Hizbullah does not attack Isreal unprovoked. There is still a war going on although you obviously don't know it from your armchair quarterback position. q
  11. When and where did he say that he wanted to kill all Jews? I understand that this is the default position you go back on whenever anyone criticises Israel. It's so much easier to think this is about "jews" then to think it is about injustice and colinization. So Hizbullah shot 777 missles at Israel. How many people did they kill in these terrible attacks? Also let's call a spade a spade. Exactly what was the IDF doing when they bombed Qana and killed over 100 refugees? Exactly how do you account for 500 dead children if the IDF doesn't target civilians? Are you really this naive? Don't you know the history of the IDF and their roots in the Stern Gang and Haganah? Please tell me exactly what the difference is between Hizbullah in sothern lebanon and the IDF? Is it nothing more than the IDF has uniforms and helicopters? Can you not understand that our blood is as precious as yours? Our children are as important as yours? Our lives are the same as yours? We are human beings too as hard as that is for you to accept. There can be no peace without justice. q
  12. qutb

    God's will

    God does take care of all punishment. Both on this plane of reality and the next. In this sense we are but tools of God to work justice on this level of reality. Not everyone does that perfectly but that is the ideal. I live in a society with other people. I care about myself and those other people. I'm concerned about crime for the same reasons people of no religion are concerned about crime. A world with emotion is better than a world without emotion. Our experiences and emotions (both good and bad) are a blessing of which I am very aware. You can't have pleasure without pain, you can't have goodness without something to compare it against.Without these things the world would be "bland." There are plenty of Muslims who are disobeying "god" as well. I'm not sure what your point is? Also let's be clear about something. Muslims do not believe God has a form. There is no "old man" up in the sky. Part of me feels you are anthropomorphising "God" in some of your questions. God does not occupy a physical place or time or form. Very strange indeed. Can you explain more why you don't believe you have free will? in peace, q
  13. qutb


    I don't know if this is the right place or not but what is "pooya"? Thanks q
  14. Right back at ya. in peace, q
  15. Nice try. But again all this shows is how the only reality you can percieve is a black and white one. I find ithna'asheri to be a lot more intellegent than wahhabis. That is what most people on hcy are. I'm not here to defend my faith but rather to hope we can all learn from each other. Again, my world is not black and white. What I don't like is when people here complain about hcy while doing the same things they do. It is hypocrisy. Again, you can insult me all you want. I have demonstrated my love for ahle'bayt on here and I don't really care what you think about them or me. I love the people the Prophet loved and hate the people the Prophet hated, that is good enough for me. If I see anyone trampling over ahle'bayt I will speak against it for my love for them is deep and true. I know you don't want to admit this because it would go against the black and white picture you have of sunni and shia and make you question yourself. I don't really care though, Allah (swt) knows what is in my heart better than I do. I don't consider this a game with abu bakr on one side and ahle'bayt on the other. Nobody wins when we have hate in out hearts. It is not black and white. You are obviously bothered by me otherwise you would not have bothered with these posts. The only circus are threads like this one which have no point other than to make some feel better by hurting others. No one learns anything but how to hate in these posts...just like on hcy. in peace, q