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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Sis Zainabia The transliteration itself is sufficient - leave alone the tafseer. Kibdly re-read the ayat.
  2. Sis Zainabia :) It would have been prudent on your part to read all my posts before replying - as to where i have stated that Ya ali madad is a replacement for Salam Aleikum. Lolzzz. Does the ayat says so ? - People amaze me by telling me about akhbariat without understanding the context. - Najaat is on AQL - when used only to find a ruling in shariat and not to deduce laws beyond quran and hadees. Unfortunately i dont want to elaborate on this as it will deviate fromthe thread's topic. - R u implying that it is used in Ilm e Usool. :) -IF yes, then kindly read quran on its implications. I will not waste server space. I think u should have left Br Orion and myself to this - our dialogue was more meaning ful than your dig at akhbaris.
  3. br Orion Every period / person has its way of finding out wether the criteria is being fulfilled or not. It is not necessary that what method we use today should be or should have been or was used. Else simply u say salam instead of salam aleikum - as said by 6th imam when u dont know wether the person in front agrees or not. Because if u say aleikum u r actually send blessings on an identity. but when u see a person whome u know, agrees, then the Ya ali madad part is not necessary because u know the criteria is fulfilled here. I would still reiterate that loving ahlebait is not the criteria but following them - as far as other religions or sects are concerned.
  4. Br Dhulfiqar - 1. Absolutely - why not - Who is telling everybody to stand on the road and do tabarrah. Let them come witha clean mind, without prejudice, and then we should tell them abou the hadith of walayat. If he dosent agree tabarrah is wajib. - Love no - unless one agrees and follows the shariat of ahlebait. After that - i will keep his shoes on my head and do tazeem. - 2. No. No one can know who is who is each nasl except masoom. Utmost we can do is explain giving daleel from quran and hadees, of our books and their. After that if he is sincere, he will think. - 3. Salaam to him means blessings from Allah - to a non shia - no br - no tangibility in this. - 4. what did meesam tell the hakim ? Should he not have followed the imam. - I would still reiterate that condition of salam be fulfilled and then salam be sent. Wether u say ya hassan madad or any of the 12 it is immaterial. walayat is base. Br Orion. - why did the followers of ahlebait did tabarrah during their times. To whome do we say - lanallah ummatan sameat be zalika farazeat beh. Are we aware of who all listened to khatl of imam hussain and kept quiet. - Then most of the ziarat will have to be discontinued. - Yes i agree on the fact not all are aware but like i said above - nobody is advocating doing tabarrah on an unknown basis. If u read above i have specified that we should talk and explain to the ignorant - but if they dont agree then tabarrah is wajib. - Condition is - loving ahlebait is universal be it hindus, christians, sunnis etc - but is it enough. Kindly read the last hadees i gave u - ahlebait are waseela for what - religion of Allah. So loving them is not enough if u dont follow them in usool and furoo. My hadith is very self explainatory - unfortunately peoples views are not on it. - br orion - we are also following shariat by making the criteria for salam as walayat of ahlebait as specified. Shouldnt it be so. wether u say ya hassan madad or any of the 12 - it is immaterial - walayat is base.
  5. It isnt a laughing matter - masoom were bound to shariat - we have the hurriyat to see and say salaam. 4th imam gave hospitality to qatil of sh ali akber. Would u do the same. It is easy to laugh and post - but one has to understand the intricacies of shariat. Just imagine that u are saying "may Allah bestow his blessings on you" - which is the transliteration of salam aleikum to a non shia knowing fully well that he has nothing but hatred towards ahlebait even today and does not follow them as ordained by Allah. Have u not heard - ya ali - bughzoka kufrun wa nifaq. - even after this u want to say salam - wallahi - there has to be a rethinking on loyalties. Br Murabit Thats what i m saying , the one who does so is wrong but it does NOT makes him non-muslim( Kafir), b/c he still beleives in Wila e-Muhabbat which is the essential part of Faith. - Wila of muhubbat should lead u to follow them. As rasool[sa] said " Man yariful haqeeqa wa shareea bila imam faqad kafar. - All those who learn and follow shariat from other than a divinly appointed imam are doing kufr"
  6. Imam or rasool[sa] inspite of knowing the person in front said salam because they had the limitations of shariat to . - Do u all mean to say that they violated the ayat by saying salam to all :). - After reading the ayat - what will u do - will u say to all. Then what will happen to the hadees where imam says to say just salam to non shias. isnt this as per the ayat quoted above. - Stay away from akhbari - yes - because u will never get zan from him - only quran and hadees.
  7. I would goto kerbala first - tell imam hussain[as] that all my wajibs are going to accepted based on your walayat and love - so since i am going to haj - i have come to tell u that i walk the pathof your love and walayat - pl light my path and make sure my haj is khubool. br zensunniy - had rasool e kareem been alive in this world - would u have gone to haj directly or gone to rasool[sa] first - learned, ask dua for khubooliyat and then go for haj. - logical isnt it.
  8. agreed br orion as long as the person giving the solution remains in the domain of quran and hadees - in case of religious requirements
  9. Ya Ali Madad first then Salam Aleikum - Quran - wa iza jaakal lazeena yumenoona ba ayatena fa qul salamun aleikum - jab tumhare paas wo log aaen jo hamare ayaat per imaan rakhte hain tum unse kaho salamun aleikum - when those people come to u who have imaan on my ayaats, then u say to them salamun aleikum - The main criterion for saying salamun aleikum is that the person should have imaan on Allah's ayaats else u r not supposed to say it. - In the ayat of meraj - Allah says - that O mohd[sa] i want to show u some of my ayaats. - what did he show and thru whome. - Imam ali[as] said - ana ayatul akber - i am the biggest ayat - Nenhu ayatullah - we are the ayaats of Allah - So now it is clear what the criteria for saying salamun aleikum is - which is why i say ya ali madad first to make sure that the person in front agrees to walayat of imam ali[as] and based on the reply i say salamun aleikum else just salam [which is wht 6th imam says to say to any person who does no believe in his walayat]. for those who know urdu hukm e quran e paak ka aamil hai ya nahin ayaat e kirdegar ka hamil hai ya nahin kehkar main ya ali madad kerta hoon ye pata aya tu mere salaam ke khabil hai ya nahin - az shoukat raza
  10. Br khurram You have quoted syed seestani's view, how about something from the shariah which is based on quran and hadees
  11. Thanks. I really appreciate the perspectives. Although i am not in agreement with this. Quote Even though we all know Imam Ali [as] was the first Muslim to accept Islam, the successor of the Prophet and his contributions; if we look at this hadith, it shows that Imam [as] was maybe apprehensive [? not getting the right word] whether he will die being on the right path or not. - Unquote - Simply because Imamat is a divine status, appointed by Allah. Above quotes like " Willi be on the right path" - is for the ummat to understand that no matter how much u do in the way of Allah, dont be complacent. - To prove the above i will quote an ayat - O rasool[sa], we have forgiven all your sins that u have done in the past, doing now and all that u will be doing in the future. - If u take the above ayat in its direct transliteration - then there will be no difference of aqeeda between shia and non shia who say that he wasnt divinly appointed. - In tafseer of above ayat, 5th imam says that these sins pertain to the ummat of rasool[sa]. I just want to relate these two to prove that those who are divinly appointed, they have a zahir and a batin to them - and their zahir should not be taken per se. - In a jist i will summarize my view. Inspite of all his accomplishments, he never gloated and was the humblest of all. His major and only problem was nusairi - who was hell bent on proving that he was Allah. The masjid of kufa on gave the nusairi the daleel he required that Allah dosen't die. I know that this jist is probably not sufficient to present the batin of ahlebait or the esoteric side - but is enough to present a view.
  12. Br Orion - Oh MY !!! What have i said that has changed the way i behaved. :). Or is it that ur level of acceptability has gone down over the years. Kindly give a link to that site - then i will see. Br Ali Fazel Imam Mahdi (as): Our knowledge is comprehensive to your news and nothing of your news is concealed from us . I just picked this from the ahadeeth this site displays on top right.
  13. :) First Br Ali Fazel - i owe him a reply. Are you going to say Ali (A) is the first and the last, Ali (A) created us (i.e. he is our creator and not Allah. - Man zaa'ama innahu khalaqal ashya min shai faqad kafar. - Qala Rasool Allah [sa] - Anyone who thinks that Allah creates from substance is a kafir because Allah becomes dependent [mohtaj] of that thing - and Allah is samad - beniyaz e mutlaq. - 12th imam - nehnu sana'yo rabbena wa ba'ad al khalq sanaiyona - We have been created by our rab and what ever is created after us has been our creation because Allah does not create using substance. We are yadullah - his working hands. He creates thru us. Second Br Murabit - Those who follow quran and ahlebait are pagans .... well ! - It is a misconception that akhbaris dont do taqleed - they do but only of masoom. - It is another misconception that akhbaris dont respect scholars - Any scholar who speaks in the domain of quran and hadees is worth respecting. - I cannot comment on the pakistani akhbaris - as i am not from that place or know those people - but above should be sufficient to show my point of view. - Br Orion :) - u and i go back a long way - perhaps u could have shed some light.
  14. Could also be. Then again this is zahir.
  15. To every life there is a zahir and a batin. From the zahir [external] point what u have written will suffice - summarisation of lifetime achievements and then contentment. Very unlike a person like imam ali[as] - who never in his lifetime said something like this once. Obviously the biggest was ghadeer. let me give u another thought. What is a wali and what is his work.
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