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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Watch "Syrup." An excellent comedy / drama / romance centred around consumerism. Great script.
  2. If you don't deny that the Mehdi is afraid of emerging due to fear of being killed, then how is it logical to twist it to make it look like he fears the "repercussions" or "consequences" of His murder? The narration clearly states that He is absent because he is afraid of being killed, that's the reason. You're adding your own made up reason that isn't stated in order to justify it. Here's a thought. Why would the Mehdi be absent due to fear of death anyway? The divine prophecies predetermine His success. So why is He afraid? This is nonsense. Not incoherent? If you were confident of that, you would've responded to the logical inconsistencies of the concept presented in my thread. He isn't necessary for governing an "Islamic" society, since God will either turn all hearts toward divine law of Islam or force people into a state of submission. That is the only way the Mehdi will be able to establish a global society founded on divine laws. But, in such cases, the Mehdi wouldn't be needed anyway, he'd be unnecessary, because God is manipulating His creation to His own ends. So it is a paradox in itself. If God won't orchestrate 1 or 2, explain how the Mehdi will: #1. Deal with "infidels" that are peaceful - how will he integrate their own political and social persuasions into His own global divine system? Or will He just commit genocide? #2. Keep an eye on every single individual on the face of the world; E.g. stop any form of religiously / socially illegal act performed in private and spread implicitly? I posed a particular question about illicit material posted via technology in my thread. Will the Mehdi confiscate the video camera, Internet, mobile phones, basically most forms of technology accessible to people? If so, how will that affect the economy in national trade? Traditions say that resources will be abundant to the extent that wealth shall be shared equally. But, hold on. Wouldn't that result in hyperinflation and a stifled economic situation? Wouldn't trade be on an all time low, since no one would have an incentive to earn, create or produce any longer? Will God miraculously churn out industry on its own? Another challenge is to say who holds monopoly over what is moral or immoral? If the Mehdi will accommodate other religions and ideologies, like the Prophet did, in His system, what will essentially change? Nothing at all. If the Mehdi forces His policies down the throat of the masses, all hell shall eventually break loose and it won't be the just, peaceful and prosperous world as promised. You're absolutely brilliant at manipulating arguments with superficial, and baseless, twists. Sophistry at its finest. So, let's see. Some people may need guidance from the Mehdi but, caveat, that can't always happen without God re-wiring their psychology. Ok. That actually means some people shall be psychologically manipulated into needing guidance - which isn't real. And, yes, it negates freewill. What about the rest who don't want the sort of guidance that Mehdi prescribes in His divine manifesto? If God isn't going to deliberately toy with their heads, how will the Mehdi achieve hamonious social cohesion and justice with all sorts of ideas and beliefs floating around, hand in hand with freedom? What is this "guidance" that will attract some people to His government? Anything that we don't know already? Why do the Shia scream for His hastening and early arrival if: #1 - He has an appointed time mentioned in the texts? #2 - He can't logically emerge before all the prophecies leading up to His emergence have been fulfilled? #3 - The Shia do not know what He will do in pragmatic terms? Seriously, how do you believe in something that is unintelligible? It's foolishness.
  3. Who does then? The owner of the forum? Where does the information get stored? You have an enormous amount of posts. Wouldn't you want to access it for, I don't know, future reference or to reminisce on good e-times? If it's locked up somewhere, it's pretty much lost.
  4. In other words, you don't know. It is most important, but you don't know. That's all I need to know.
  5. No, InshAllah. He is invisible because he is afraid. Read the narration again. Point 2 basically asserts that whatever of the many inexplicable and incoherent gaps that exist in the doctrine are somehow magically compensated by the omnipotence of God. Of course, this is completely baseless. If God tuned human psychology to submit to the governance of Mehdi as a whole, He would negate freewill. Or if God exposed whatever one does in the privacy of ones own home, He would be contradicting His own law, enforcing hypocrisy and completely interfering with freewill. If this is the case, then neither Judgment Day or the Mehdi is necessary.
  6. He did. I refer you to post #40, in case you missed it. Post #39 is an idiot slap, as Kadhim put it, indicating your lack of coherency.
  7. Anyone know where the threads are backed up? I'd truly appreciate it.
  8. Look here. Even a scholar has to contradict the sources when trapped in a corner. http://www.al-islam.org/mahdi/nontl/Chap-7.htm Of course it isn't possible. If you can't answer simple questions of pragmatism, which I've provided plenty in my own thread, it proves that this belief is not grounded on reality, but pure fantasy.
  9. Yeah, I understand the definition of "illogical," thanks. You're not explaining what it is that is flawed and contrary to logic. You just repeat yourself like an automated loop machine.
  10. Are you mentally challenged? I asked what justice will the Mehdi bring and how exactly will it be expressed? You're arguing something I wasn't speaking about.
  11. Right. According to you, any narration of which I dispute and extrapolate further questioning upon is an automatic fabrication. I question the whole corpus of texts. Therefore, again according to you, the entire concept is a fabrication. It's not like you or anyone has indicated my socalled "literalism" and corrected me. Every believer in the Mehdi hasn't an iota of His purpose in reality. What is illogical about my argument? Nothing. Define what you mean, or you're just insulting.
  12. You're lying. I've been forming valid objections in question form based off of what has been written in the authentic historical records about the Mehdi and what is to come when He shall rise. In that sense, the entire doctrine of Mahdiism is derived from these sources. So if there exist loose ends and incoherencies in the doctrine, and there are a plethora of them, then the character of the Mehdi is put under doubt. You can't have the prophecies being internally haywire and haphazard, and exclude the Mehdi himself from His own actions. This is senseless.
  13. How unfortunate. Is there a link where it's all stored? Where is it?
  14. That's a succinct, thorough response. Thanks. It'll help me discuss the issue better with my mum , who suffers from the same lack of reasoned thinking, hence hell-bent to undermine mut'a.
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