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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hey dear, how are you? First year lol, hows it going? Miss you so much xxxxxxx

  2. Salam Wow o.O I really don't see what the need for all this chit-chat is? A muslim is asking for guidance and all some people seem to be doing is throwing insults at each other? Thats the only thing most sunni's seem to say. About shia's hitting theirselves. Grow up guys. Get a life.
  3. My point isn't about whether its haram or not. I'm just bothered that such songs can make it into the media industry. Are there no restrictions?
  4. Salam All, Earlier on today, my friend said me a link to this song. I was shocked when I heard arabic in it and was then startled to realise "Lil Wayne" had been singing to the quran. "Bismillahu rahman al raheem" He then goes on to sing the first line of Surah Al-Fatiha "Alhamdulilah, my dollars are piling" Firstly, I'm sure music is forbidden in our religion. But for these people to associate Music with the Holy Quran, how bad can they get?? The link below contains this song.
  5. aww. we went london in th holidais. wos sikk :P. did sum march fing for ashura lol rellig ud buhh soo tiringg :(. draggin ma abayaa witt me in th soakinn rainn ! :l hw wos ur holz hun x x x

  6. JINAN ^_^! Good to hear from you habibti :wub:. I know man, its been absolutely ages. You should come up here some time.. we're close to ur sis n all =P. Hows everything? Its the hols lol and we havent been anywhere either. Missing you xxxxxxxxx

  7. Salam aleikum habibtii

    Im okaii thnx :)

    Hw bwt u?

    Ooohh chek u shud cum Manny in th hols :P

    Nt seen u fo agez bbe




  8. 3 sisters May god help me lol. 2 Older, 1 younger. Its not that bad actually..
  9. Heyyyy! How are you sweets? xx

  10. EiD MUBARAK HABIBTY :) xxx

  11. Lol its so harrddd..

    Will do:) Shes at leeds university nw lol doin medicine


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