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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam thank you sister Rokaya for the book title do you know of any others
  2. Asalam brothers and sisters, I know that Allah (swt) communicates to us in our dreams. Does anyone know of any good books that teach you to interpret dreams. And could you list them for me so I can let my students know. Wasalam
  3. Asalam, ahsant translates to well said, or good job on what you just said or did. wasalam
  4. asalam brothers, we have foreign used cars. You don't have to have a lot of money to buy a car you can put $0 down and finance at 300 amonth for 60 months
  5. :) Asalam Brothers and sisters, currently we have 0% financing for 48 months on most 2003 and don't pay for 90 days. You also get a 7 year or 115,000 km powertrain warranty and roadside assistance that no other manufacturer in the market offers!!!! All the other manufacturers only offer you 5 years or 100,000km. The vehicles that are egible for this offer are all 2003: Jeep Grand Cherokees, Liberty's, jeep TJ's, Chrysler Intrepid, Chrysler Sebring, Dodge Caravans, and more. For further information visit www.southbankdodge.com, you can see my picture Kamel El-Cheikh. Or call me at cell: 797-8992 or Business: 731-1970 VM:310. Don't worry I will make sure you get approved on credit. Wassalam
  6. Kamel80

    fear of death

    Asalam Sister, Fear of death is only normal the prophet Noah (as) always was afraid of death. Allah granted him approx 900 years because of his fear. He always ran away from the angel of death until eventually his own grave was dug and the angels threw him in it by surprize. So if a prophet feared death thus us humans can fear death as well. This fear is actually a good sign, because you will try to do whatever you can to prosper in the Barzakh. ONe advice I can give you is to visit the grave at night with a whole bunch of your friends. The more you visit the stronger you will get because someday you will be by yourself and it's good to get ready for it. Wassalam Kamel
  7. :) Asalam Aalakoum Brothers and Sisters my name is Kamel El-Cheikh, Since most of my clients are based on referrels, I want to build a shia clientele at the company I work for. I'm a Sales and Leasing consultant at SouthbankDodge on Johnston at the corner of Bank St in Ottawa, Ontario. It's across the South Keys Mall. I sell new Dodge, Chrysler,and Jeeps and almost every kind of used vehicles. It's the Number 1 company in Ontario and Quebec and the biggest lot in Ontario. We won 6 Consumer choice awards and we are also five star. If you want to lease, finance, or trade your car for a new car please email me at Kameron80@go.com. If you are not sure about your credit come and make an appointment to see me. Or if you know anyone that wants to buy a vehicle let me know as well. You will benefit and I will benefit as well. Visit Our company website ( www.southbankdodge.com), you can also see my picture there but email me on this email if you want anything Kameron80@go.com. If you get me a referral and they buy I will give you a check for $50 from the company, but make sure the person coming in has your full name and phone number so I can contact you to pick up the check. As shias we should help each other out.
  8. My name is Kamel, and Im 22 years old. Im also single. Im 6' 3", 190lbs, Brown hair and hazel eyes. I live in Ottawa, Canada. Im originally from lebanon and came to Canada when i was really young. I m a former student of Carleton University, studied Economics and accounting. Im a Sales and Leasing Consultant at Southbank Dodge. I finance and lease new and used cars and my goal is to become top salesmen there. I'm also the founder and President of the Amal Karbala Youth Club in the Ahlul-Bayt Center. This club consists of up to 35 members with over 20 people on the waiting list. It's all guys but inchallah someday we will start the girls section. The age range is 15 and up. Alhamdullilah a lot of people in Ottawa heard about it and it's growing everyday because of it's popularity. We have 2 new teachers and an External affairs Representitive who handles all our budgetting and external issues. The main objective of the club is to change a person's life and follow the path of Allah. The environment is amazing, there is no pressure to do haram. My goal in life is to be as successful as possible and to serve in the Shia community and make it a stronger Ummah in the Western world. To eliminate any biases or labels people have of Islam, and to prove to them that Islam is a religion which is open to any doctrine of knowledge. And most of all that Islam is a religion of peace! If Allah wills I will be working on a nadbiat CD soon, Im still planning for that. I was also told to write Islamic Books for Teens because of my teaching. That's something that requires a lot of work, but I ask Allah to give me power to do that. Everyday in my life I keep in my mind what Imam Ali (a.s.) said, "be a person that when your around people are happy with your presence, and when your gone you are greatly missed." My alternative email is Kameron80@go.com.
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