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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam to all. without even realizing it, you have downgraded hadrat ali asadullah to the point of slandering him. look, in one of the holy war hadrat aliasadullah was about to give the final blow to an unbeliever when that unbeliever spitted at him. hadrat ali asadullah stopped and the unbeliever asked him why he hesitate to kill him? hadrat ali asadullah answered that he wasabout to give the final blow just now due to islamic spirit but now he felt enraged by the spitting and if he killed him, he will do it based on his nafs. that unbeliever feel deep respect for islam and recite the shahadah. the 2 mortal enemies just now become brothers in islam. this is hadrat ali asadullah, he will not forgo his right of the khaliphate if he believe to be entitled to it as shias suppose. he helped them not because they are helpless, but he know them to be good muslims, simple. if he know that he has such right he will fight for it, shias bros. that is why one of your scholar in Qum during the 17th century by the name of abdurrazzak ali lahiji accepted the fact that hadrat ali asadullah respected the 3 khalifahs. salam to all.
  2. salam to all. that hadrat abu bakr siddiq, hadrat umar faruq and all other ashab kiram are not munafiqs are as obvious as the sun. if you read history written by unbiased hand you will know the truth. hadrat umar faruq is such umar that the hadith sherifs: the sun has not risen on anyone superior than umar. and this is proven during his khaliphate. how he managed to spread islam by subduing the roman and pagan persian empire and maintained his zuhd, alacrity, etc. the desert arabs are condemmend strongly in various ayah kerimas because they used to give excuse to hadrat highest rasul but some of them were honoured with mercy if they return to ALLAHU TAALA in repentance. the undeniable truth is that hadrat abu bakr siddiq and hadrat uthman zuunurain compiled the mushaf of ALQURAN ALKARIM, the highest book in the universe. and ALLAHU TAALA promised to preserved the highest book from tampering by human hand. shias has been reading this very QURAN KARIM. the false claim in the Usulul kaafi by kulayni about other mushaf do anyone here possess them? salam to all.
  3. salam to all. when a superiority is mentioned, it is not Fadhl kulli, but fadhl juzii. it means that superiority in one respect does not mean superiority in every respect. that is why Sunnis say that the highest Muslims after the hadrat highest rasul is hadrat abu bakr siddiq, followed by hadrat umar faruq, then hadrat uthman zuunurain then hadrat ali asadullah. it is the Sunnis again narrated all the superiority of hadrat ali asadullah more than the others. hadrat abu zarr ghifari was narrated in one hadith sherifs to possessed the zuhd of hadrat Isa alaihissalam, in fact, each Sahabi was compared to various anbiya' mursalin but all that superiority denote one respect not the whole of it. you do know that hadrat ali asadullah helped the 3 khalifah in the shura council and served Islam well but at the same time you shias said that he maintained superficial relationship with them to get along with them, how can the asadullah be downgraded in such a way? the fact is that hadrat ali asadullah accepted their calhipahte willingly and assist them in everything. shias books can't deny this bare facts. though the khutbah in nahjul balaghah is not sahih according to Sunnis, there are certain points that you can find to be praising the 3 khalifah. read the khutbah carefully and you will see that even hadrat ali asadullah is vulnerable to the trick of munafiqs who claim to be following him such as munzir bin jarrut, malik ashtatr, etc. salam to all.
  4. salam to all. hadrat uthman zuunurain ruled the islamic world without flaw and served civilazation, his governors made jihad against kaafirs and establishand strenghten the islamic dominion. he bear the closest moral quality with hadrat highest Rasul and were loved and accepted as rightly guided khalifah. salam to all.
  5. salam to all. hadrat umar faruq is far of being the one accused by shias. he was appointed as the commander in the holy war of muraysi by hadrat highest Rasul himself. he fought valiantly in badr , uhud and joined all other holy wars. hadrat highest Rasul praised him so much that an average person who saw his accomplishment in subduing the roman and the persian will accept him as heroes,champion of islam. he is one of the miracles of islam because through him all the conquest of kaafirs land begun. and he married hadrat ali asadullah daughter too. salam to all.
  6. salam to all. the munafiqun mentioned in ALQURAN ALKARIM refers to the follower of abdullah ibnu ubay bin salul. read the Surah Munafiqun clearly and you see that they hated the muhajirun and cheated the ansar.how can hadrat abu bakr siddiq and hadrat umar faruq be among them while they are the greatest one among the muhajirun? ALQURAN ALKARIM is the highest book in the universe, to read and make explanation of this book require knowledge. we can't just makea haphazard tafsir out of it without knowing the Asbabul nuzul,nasikh wal mansukh, etc. and these knowledge was narrated to us by sahabah kiram who conveyed them to the posterity. the sahabah kiram who always fought the munafiqs and how can you classify them suddenly in the group whom they fight? salam to all.
  7. salam to all. Sunnis believe that those 3 other daughters are also loved by hadrat highest Rasul and even if shias do not accept them as the daughter of hadrat highest Rasul, when utbah and utaybah divorced hadrat ruqayyah and hadrat ummu ghulthum in order to put the hadrat highest Rasul in financial strait, hadrat uthman zuunuurain, rich as he is, married hadrat ruqayyah,thus, helping hadrat highest Rasul. and salam to all.
  8. salam to all. the ayah kerimas in Surah Attawbah verse 40 clearly denoting the honour and virtues possessed by hadrat abu bakr siddiq, the companion of the cave. the biting of the snake was because he voluntereed himself in covering the hole in the cave lest the snake will bite hadrat highest Rasul. and after get biten, hadrat highest Rasulcured him by using his saliva and remember, he was lying on the lap of hadrat abu bakr siddiq. salam to all.
  9. salam to all. no angels? then here goes your atheism , zindiqness again. omer khayyam, worshiper of your own nafs, condemmed in ALQURAN ALKARIM. only speak based on nafsu ammarah. go away and study somemore, purify your itiqad. else, wait for your death and witness the truth.
  10. salam to all. aliyya, let us forget about our differences for a while. this umar khayyam is an atheist. ban him. my advice to you umar khayyam, learn about ALLAHU TAALA first then islam. you are only mere nothing except propagating your useless worst knowledge, satanic masons sent you here i suppose. aliyyah, ban him
  11. salam to all. SURAH AL AHZAB 6. aliyya i think even you cannot tolerate this umar khayyam, he is an atheist i supposed. omar khayyam, if you want to debate, let me tell you atheism is the worst of the worst unbelief. you are not invited here. i hope this guy is banned because he speak ill of islam. i can argue with you because atheism is nothing , not even a knowledge. it is a useless idealogy propagated by your freemason masters. look at yourself in front the mirror before say anything. just get out of here.
  12. salam to all. my apology for you aliyya for the misquoted. that is shias view i suppose and you share similar view too. a person can't turn bad if hadrat highest rasul himself say so and the sahabah kiram , all will enter jannah as he said. nobody truned bad. this is the mujizah and i believe so. if shias do not believe this, but insist on the infallability of 12 imam, i cannot argue further. hadrat highest rasul predicted the conquest his ummat will make and that turned to be true. he said about hadrat abu bakr siddiq: ABU BAKR IS MY COMPANION ON THE POND KAUTHAR. so, he is now lying besides blessed bodies of the highest human being. you shias, related the miracles of hadrat ali more than hadrat highest rasul himself. but we sunnis, have books that talked about the highest rasul mujizat, among that, are all the prediction that turned out to be true. the conquest of cyprus, the conquest of iran, roman, etc. all done by muslims khalifah and hadrat Shaikhan are the best muslims in this regard too. they accomplished all the conquest as predicted and this were possible only by the grace of ALLAHU TAALA. so, love all the sahabah kiram aliyya, be a sunni. salam to you sis, never have the chance to meet you but if i have the chance we will together read books on this issue.
  13. salam to all. hadrat talhah bin ubaydullah is a great Sahabi. having joined all the holy war except badr. he occupied an honour that earned him praisals from hadrat highest rasul. your question about hadrat talhah is so strange. he wanted to marry her but there is verses revealed to prohibit muslims from marrying zaujah mutahharat, because they are the UMMAHATUM MUMINEEN. remember? mother of all believers! and i repeated again: believers! this will refute shias for they refuse to acknowledge this. ALQURAN ALKARIM HAS THE PROOF. Surah al An Am verse 6, 155. read shias. salam to all.
  14. salam to all. do you believe in your own books more than ALQURAN ALKARIM and the SUNNAH? the sahabah kiram narrated many hadith sherifs from hadrat highest rasul and our sunni ulamas recorded that in their books. you can find none among the record that spread hatred to hadrat ali asadullah, hadrat fatimah betul, hadrat hassan , hadrat huseyn, etc. this means that we the sunnis are on the right path. no sunnis ever imagine hating hadrat ali asadullah and the ahlil beyt. the SUNNAH has many praisals to hadrat abu bakr siddiq, hadrat umar faruq, the sahabah kiram, ahlil beyt, etc. ALQURAN ALKARIM has many verses that lauded these people, calling them VANGUARD OF ISLAM. that is why, i sunnitruth, who though borned a Sunni, later strayed to atheism, then to wahhabism/salafism, then finally being guided, all praise due to ALLAHU TAALA, a muslim with the itiqad of AHLUSUNNAH WALJAMAAH. the one and only unique and group of salvation. i encourage my shias bro, be a Sunni, attain the truth. salam to all.
  15. salam to all. hadrat aishah siddiqah threw arrow at the coffin? prove it! and there is none out there except mere allegation. do i have to list the ayah kerimas praising her and command us to love her? aliyya, review your own literature before you use against us. hadrat aishah siddiqah honour and chastity are not something shias do not know but they insist on calling her sinners(astaghfirullah). read surah ATTAHRIM carefully and you find that she is so important that ALLAHU TAALA advice her through strong reminder. and she repented, alhamdulillah, she occupied high position in islam as ahlil beyt, zaujah mutahharah, beloved one. salam to all.
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