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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Wa Alaykom Salam Bro.

  2. It will be soon InshaAllah..under banner of Al-Mahdi (a) Army. :angel: Bush's brain cells are pushing it to be very soon..he thinks Jesus will thank him for that. :lol: As he served us for taking-down Saddam's regime, he keeps serving us for hasting Al-Mahdi (a) appearance InshaAllah. ;)
  3. The strongest = the strongest in body and mind, and they always come together from the faith and faith comes from Allah only. Iran & its allies have the full faith and the others miss it. Look at the successes of Iran and its allies and in the same time the enemy is around them, he couldn't do anything to them from 1978 till now. :) I voted: Iran.
  4. My cousin (Hashim) was in Baseej, he has been killed during Iraq/Iran war in 1985, at age 18. May god makes him an intercessor for us InshAllah. :angel:
  5. Well, as for me, I do speak 3 Languages.. Arabic, Persian and English. :)
  6. You should have add option: Pervaiz Musharraf & The CIA. Musharraf can't do something like this without consulting Mr. Bush because he has a nuclear weapons, and an operation like this could make chaos in all-over pakistan. Anyway... I voted: Pervaiz Musharraf.
  7. Hey man..what are you saying?! how it comes?! I needed somebody would have constrict of my validities if he won the next elections.!!!!! :wacko: One of the most important targets of Bhutto if she won the elections was: The constricting of the validities of martial establishment. She has said that clearly before she die.
  8. Well, I got married at age 31 and I have now 3 kids...2 lovely boys and a beautiful girl. MashaAllah. :)
  9. ^ I don't look at details, always I look at the public interest, generaly and in this time I see Iran as a defender of the real Islam, because if we look at details then we will find out many of mistakes that have been happened in prophet(s)'s era, so what do you think? was the prophet(s) responsible for those mistakes?! or in fact, the hypocrites who were really responsible for those mistakes?. One of the most important problems that the prophet(s) has faced in that time is: Most people in that time didn't understand him clearlly.
  10. I never doubt that Waly Al-Faqih (Rahbar/Leader) meets Imam Al-Mahdi and gives him directives to lead & to grade peoples to appearance era, when I look at the constant successes of Hizbullah & Iran (And in the same time the enemies are around them) I find out that they are getting directives from someone is infallible. Normal human can't do this. I voted Yes for the both.
  11. Al-Manar is a Lebanese TV station, it beamed its first terrestrial signal in the 1991 and it began broadcasting via satellite in the year 2000. The Channel approaches Arabs and Muslims all over the world with an open unifying speech. It assumes objective policy motivated by the ambitions of participation in building better future for the Arab and Muslim generations by focusing on the tolerant values of Islam and promoting the culture of dialogue and cooperation among the followers of the Heavenly religions and human civilizations. It focuses on highlighting the value of the human being as the center of the Godly messages which endeavor to save his dignity and freedom and develop the spiritual and moral dimensions of his personality. Al-Manar avoids cheap incitement in dealing with developments and activities, and it stresses objectively on the adoption of the fair and just causes of the whole nation. Al-Manar was able in a very short period to occupy a leading post among the other Arab satellite stations and to draw a large number of Arab viewers inside the Arab world and in the countries of immigration, and it became the true reflection of what each and every Muslim and Arab thinks and believes in. Al-Manar is an active member of the Arab states broadcasting union, part of the Arab League. Sat. Name: Arabsat 2B - Sat. Position : 30.5 East - Transmission Type : Digital C Band - Frequency (MHZ) : 4196 - Polarization : left - Symol Rate (Mbit/s) : 3125 - FEC : 3/4 - Coverage : North & Centre Africa - Middle East - Europe - Sat. Name: Nilesat 102 - Sat. Position : 7.0 West - Transmission Type : Digital KU Band - Frequency (MHZ) : 12130 - Polarization : Vertical - Symol Rate (Mbit/s) : 27500 - FEC : 3/4 - Coverage : Norht Africa - Middle East - Sat. Name: Badr 3 - Sat. Position : 26.0 East - Transmission Type : Digital KU Band - Frequency (MHZ) : 11823 - Polarization : Vertical - Symol Rate (Mbit/s) : 27500 - FEC : 3/4 Live test streaming for Al-Manar TV.
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