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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. This poems written by someone i know, I think it shows the predicament some muslim brothers are in. Rice, spice, plenty of ice. Fame, game without any shame. With her walk there is a glow, She's just another J-lo. Her hair would shine, Oh look, there she is with a glass of wine. This is part of the devil's tricks, And this includes the flicks. Look at the youngstas, Livin like gangstas. Remember that day, when u must pay. For every little thing, including that one night fling. If you leave it to long, this is so wrong. Inactivity of the sack, will make you crack! Is it about the penny, that you give up the Jenny. Is it about the money, that u stay away from the honey. Silver, platinum ice, what about paradise? Leather silk, honey and milk. This is the place of rest, for those who pass the test. Find that path and avoid that wrath. Look at that ride, it's full of arrogance and pride. It's all about to crumble, so step back and be a little humble. Youngstas chasing girls in Rome. Who's gonna save the Dome? What about the network? It's one big connection, attracting so much attention. Look away from my eye, cos it ill make u cry. Don't worry it's not your time 2 die. When the time is right, you will leave without a fight. Drop 2pac and Dre, cos Islam is the only way. Forget the thug life, Concentrate on a wife. Islam is like a cool breeze, Leaving the heart at ease. Give it all up, the life is but a dream........ 'YT'
  2. This poems written by someone i know, I think it shows the predicament some muslim sisters are in. Girls and makeup, give it up and wake up. I wanna be Liz Hurley, straight hair or curly! Give a little to the poor, no we just want more. Are u listenin to this address, or just here to impress. Sell that Versace skirt and stop being a flirt. Forget Summer bay, this is not our way. What about Ricky, this is so tricky. How about Urmila & Rishi,, is it just Bollywood? Girl, this is no good. Aisha, Aisha, cover up that shame, to save u from the flame. What about Britney, Mia and Pink? Forget them, they'll make you sink. Why look at him and wink. Stop for a second and think. This is part of the devils device, go home and get some advice. Sin, thin, size eight is not the way to win. Design, wine, dine and shine. Don't call your sister a little 'tart', but mention Islam to her heart! 'YT'
  3. Salaam, Can someone please tell me the main differences between the shias and sunnis??? I'm sure this has been discussed many times, if it has can someone please locate the thread for me. was-salaam
  4. Salaam, Hey at least you are engaged and have someone!!! :P
  5. Salaam, I'd like to welcome you, the sister who started the thread and myself who recently joined!!! :P lol Was-salaam
  6. Salaam, That is so coooooooooooooool. Now can you convert dollars into pounds for me??? :P lol
  7. Salaam, I found this site and was really impressed!! I don't think theres any other site with so many members, so many interesting topics being discussed and in such great manner. I'm 21, studying at university and from the uk. was-salaam
  8. Salaam, Can you get this documentary of Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) in the uk??? Was-salaam
  9. Truth

    Very impressive!

    Salaam bro, lol, maybe you need to get out a bit more!!! :D was-salaam
  10. Truth

    Very impressive!

    Salaam bro, Thanks for the advice. I don't undersatand where you guys get the time to spend on here!! I will try to praticipate when i can insha-Allah. was-salaam
  11. Truth

    Very impressive!

    Salaam bro, Thanks for the welcome. Where did you get the idea i was a brother??? :blink: lol. Look what you started, the rest of the bros are calling me it to!!! :lol: Was-salaam
  12. Salaam, I think in any country wearing the hijab is difficult let alone the niqab. I think it is important to wear the hijab before moving onto wearing the niqab. I think that if hijab is worn correctly (full covering, the hair, chest etc) then niqab is not necessary. What are the extra benefits wearing the niqab? When we wear the hijab not only do we cover up but insh-Allah try to have the islamic personality with it. So when people wear niqab saying that it covers the whole face and stops unwanted glances i disagree. I think the niqab brings unwanted attention which one may not have received otherwise. was-salaam
  13. Truth

    Very impressive!

    Salaam brothers and sisters, I’d just like to say that having spent a little time on this discussion board browsing, I was really impressed. Not only with the topics discussed but with the manner in which there done. Mash-Allah there seems to be a number of brothers and sisters who have a wealth of knowledge. I look forward to participating on this forum
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