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    Ebn Tie me yeah reacted to Enaya in Sunni - Shi'a Converts   
    Salam Abdul,
    I was born and raised a Sunni. I did not choose to be one. I was born into it. Just as being born into Islam does not necessarily make one a Muslim. I taught Sunni Islamic School for two years and never really understood what I was teaching my students. I did not understand why there was so much emphasis on the Sahaba and little to none on the Ahlul-Bayt. I had always known that Rasulullah (SAW) loved his family very much. I did not understand why I wasn't teaching my students about them instead. Aside from that, I was surrounded by a community who believed that Sunni'ism was the only correct form of Islam. How is that possible? As a Sunni I did not even feel Muslim. I had so many questions and whenever I asked them I would be told "that's just how it is." I was angry and began to drift away from Islam. I stopped teaching and praying. I was angry at the ignorance my community had and the self-righteousness they possessed.
    The mosque that I taught at was lead by an Imam who would preach against Shi'as. He considered them non-Muslim. Some of my family friends also felt the same way, I even know one woman who stated that, "Shi'as are wajib-ul-qatl." I hated such terms and sermons that lashed out against Shias. Even though I was not one at the time, I still always stood up for Shias. I always supported them. I didn't like the environment I was surrounded by, and since I could not change their ignorance, I had to change myself. Sunnism was not for me.
    I started to research Shia'ism and began reading stories of Karbala, and listening to latmiyas, and reading Hadith. I read this one hadith about the birth of Imam Hussain (as); that on the day of his birth, Rasulullah (SAW) received a revelation about his beloved grandson's fate. While sobbing he stated, "Hussain-o-Minni wa Ana Minul Hussain," which translates to "Hussain is from me and I from him." This was the first time I ever cried when reading a hadith. Even the latimyas that I had put on my i-pod made me cry. I felt a pain that I had never before in my life. I was distant from din for so long and finally felt that I had found it. I had found religion. Not the Sunni ideologies that I was raised upon, but a truth that my entire heart and soul felt embraced by.
    Today, as a Shi'a I feel so much more Muslim than I ever did. I am still trying to improve myself religiously, as there is always room for improvement, but I feel as if I am on the correct path now. When I tell others that I am a Shi'a I feel so much pride. By loving the Prophet's family, I love the Prophet, and therefore I love Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì. When I tell people about my conversion tears spring to my eyes and a light resonates within my heart. I could never be more happy with the change I made.
    Now I could go on and on and on but I wanted to keep it short and simple. If you wish to know the elongated, detailed version feel free to message me personally. Sorry if my story is all jumbled up and makes no sense. I tried to include as much as possible. I would love to tell you all the entire, detailed story. I am working on creating such a post on my blog. Once it is made I shall notify those interested!
    P.S. Just to let you know, my parents is not fond me being Shi'a. They say that 18 is too young to be making such decisions. If I didn't change now, then when would I? I changed myself for the better. I know I did. My parents are hesitant because of how it will look to my city's Pakistani community. I don't care how it looks. There is nothing shameful about what I did. I found truth. I found myself.
    :lol: :wub:
    Lol I am a sister! :P But nonetheless, thank you.
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    Ebn Tie me yeah reacted to Noah- in Sunni - Shi'a Converts   
    Check YouTube for 100s of clips, with real images of ppl who tell their stories and how they converted to Shiism.
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    Ebn Tie me yeah reacted to guest 34193 in Sunni - Shi'a Converts   
    Sounds more like Kharijism to me.
    No thanks, I'm trying to avoid the whole going to Hell thing.
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    Ebn Tie me yeah reacted to Enaya in Sunni - Shi'a Converts   
    That is great! It is very nice to meet you Qaim, and thank you for replying to my post :)
    Thank you for replying to my post and thank you for the links! I shall check them out :D
    Thank you Mr. Kamran Syed. May Allah also bless you!
    Thank you very much for replying to my post Osama. It is nice to meet you :) And Insh'Allah. I am only on the first few steps of my spiritual journey.
    Hello Dawud, wow you converted from Salafi'ism to Shi'a! That is amazing, especially due to the fact that most Salafis are not very fond of the Shi'a sect. It is an honour to meet you :)
    I am very glad to see such positive feedback on this topic. Thank you to everyone who took time to read it. And a greater thank you to those who replied. <3
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    Ebn Tie me yeah reacted to Qa'im in Sunni - Shi'a Converts   
    wa `alaykum as-salaam.
    I too am a Sunni convert to Shi`a - it has been 5 years now.
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    Ebn Tie me yeah reacted to Enaya in Sunni - Shi'a Converts   
    Salaam Everyone,
    I am a recent convert into the Shi'a sect from the Sunni sect.
    I was just wondering if there are others like me on this website.
    If so, do contact me :) I would love to get to know you, and perhaps
    share our "finding of truth" tales!
    Love Enaya
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    Ebn Tie me yeah reacted to TheIslamHistory in Imam Ali (A.s) Higher Than The Previous Prophets   
    All work is for Allah.
    Salam My dear brother, yes we have a Library here in our Mosq filled with Books, However I would go there only when if I cannot Find the book Online, And usually when I search Hard enough (takes a long time) I do. here are some of the Sites I use to Download:
    Sunni Books:
    Shia Books:
    And more which I cannot Remember, but what I do is usually type the name of the book in Arabic and then next to it "PDF" and usually its easy to find.
    It takes longer to read and Obtain the Sources though. But I've been able to collect Almost every book so far from both schools of thought (Alhamdeolliah)
    And not long ago, I was able to find over 400+ Scanned Evidence (Arabic), I made a post about here:
    Your Dua, Dear brother My Greetings to you. 
    في ايمان الله
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    Ebn Tie me yeah reacted to TheIslamHistory in Please Stop Lying.....   
    I think you should read the statement he made (in the chat) and compare it to the you made (on the post). Also The Author never made this claim. and we can see his Explaining a one Identity. I personally have checked many Sources of the Sunnah and have found most of to either not much the statement or either its not there at all. You can also check the book in "Text" form and search within the Document. And May Allah Reward you for your Efforts Brother 
    Concerning whether he was real or not, there is a book written by Sayed al Murtaza al Askary, on this issue, its a really good book, it goes into so much detail:
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    Ebn Tie me yeah reacted to TheIslamHistory in Please Stop Lying.....   
    Here is the Reference and there is not Abudllah ibn saba as you claimed of the narration you stated.
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    Ebn Tie me yeah got a reaction from Waiting for HIM in Order Of The Qur'an   
    There was a question posted on the order of the Quran, his eminence Ayatollah Al-Hakeem replied in the following manner:  
    How do I know that the order of revelations (Surahs) in the Quran are in correct order, or legitimate? Where is the proof they are in order beginning with Al-Alaq and so forth?
    Answer: We are not certain of the sequence of the verses’ revelations. We are sure of the fact that the Quran is the current contemporary one.
    Only after the zuhoor of Qaim (as), we would able to confirm this issue, Allah knows best
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    Ebn Tie me yeah got a reaction from Muslim2010 in Verse 4:59 - Ulil Amr.   
    Those who fight against the truth will perish, its about time the veils of hypocrisy will be lifted! 
    May Allah hasten the appearance of Qaim Aale Muhammad Imam Al-Mahdi (as) :)
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    Ebn Tie me yeah got a reaction from Muslim2010 in The 14 Righteous Companions Of The Prophet Õáì Çááå Úáíå æÂáå   
    I found this article by an honest Sunni, May Allah reward him. Please see below the article and the particular emphasis of the 14 Righteous Companions.
    This article is on Ibn Saba (la) but i find it relevant to point out the 14 Companions.
    Attacking Two of Most Beloved Companions of the Prophet (PBUH&HF) and Their Disciples  

    Sayf alleged that Ibn Saba is the one who instigated the two prominent companions of the Prophet Muhammad, namely Abu Dhar (RA) and Ammar Ibn Yasir (RA), against Uthman. He said this Jew met Abu Dhar in Damascus, and that he introduced to him the idea of prohibiting treasuring gold and silver. Sayf included the following great companions of prophet and their disciples, among the list of the followers of Ibn Saba:

    (1) Abu Dhar (RA),
    (2) Ammar Ibn Yasir (RA),
    (3) Muhammad Ibn Abi Bakr (RA), son of the first Caliph,
    (4) Malik Ashtar (RA).

    ... and more

    To better understand the heresy of Sayf and his allegation, let us quickly review the biography of the above great Muslim pioneers:

    (1) Abu Dhar al-Ghafari (Jundub Ibn Jonadah): He is the THIRD person in the list of the four pioneers who first embraced Islam. He was a monotheist even before his conversion. He frankly declared his faith in Islam at Mecca beside the Holy House of God. The infidels of Mecca beat him almost to death but he survived, and on the instruction of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HF) he returned to his tribe.

    After the Battles of Badr and Uhud he came to Medina and stayed with Prophet until the demise of the Prophet (PBUH&HF). During the reign of the early Caliphs, Abu Dhar was sent to Damascus where he could not agree with Muawiyah. Later Muawiyah complained about Abu Dhar to Uthman, the third Caliph, and thus Uthman sent Abu Dhar into exile at Rabadha where he later died. Rabadha was known for having the worst climate.

    (2) Ammar Ibn Yasir: He was also known as Abuyaqzan. His mother's name was Somayyah. He and his parents were pioneers in embracing Islam, and he was the SEVENTH person to declare his faith. His parents were executed after the torture by the infidels of Mecca, because of their conversion to Islam, but Ammar managed to escape to Medina.

    Ammar fought on Imam Ali's side in the battle of Jamal (Camel) and later in the war of Siffin where he was killed in the battle field by Muawiyah soldiers, at the age of ninety-three.

    (3) Muhammad Ibn Abi Bakr: He was adopted by Imam Ali after his father, Abu Bakr, died. Muhammad was one of the commanders of the army of Imam Ali (AS) in the battle of Camel. He was also in the battle of Siffin. Imam Ali appointed him as the governor of Egypt, and he took his office 15/9/37 AH. 

    Later, Muawiyah sent an army under the leadership of Amr Ibn al-Aas to Egypt in the year 38 AH, who fought and captured Muhammad, and then killed him. His body was placed in a belly of a dead donkey and then was brutally burnt. (See al-Istiab, v1, p235; History of al-Tabari, v4, p79; Ibn Kathir, v3, p180; Ibn Khaldoon, v2, p182)

    (4) Malik Ashtar al-Nakha'i: He met the Prophet and was one of the trustworthy disciple of companions (Tabe'in). He was chief of his tribe, and after receiving an injury to one of his eyes in the battle of Yarmuk, he became known as Ashtar.

    He was the general of the army of Imam Ali in the battle of Siffin and known for his bravery and combating the enemies of Islam. At the age of 38, he was appointed by Imam Ali as the governor of Egypt. But on his way to Egypt, near the Red Sea, he died after eating poisonous honey which had been planned by Muawiyah.

    The above were the short bibliographies of some eminent Muslim pioneers. It is regrettable that some historians who reported from Sayf's heresy, allege that they followed a mysterious Jew. The mercenary workers did not even hesitate to attack such outstanding companions. 

    They said that Abu Dhar and Ammar Ibn Yasir met Ibn Saba, were affected by his propaganda, and thus turned against Uthman. However, we should not forget that by their attacking those two prominent companions, they are actually attacking the Messenger of God who attested to their purity and righteousness frequently:

    The Messenger of God said: "Certainly Allah commanded me to love four persons and informed me that He loves them." The companions asked: "O' Messenger of God, who are those four persons?" The Prophet (PBUH&HF) said: "Ali is from them (repeating that three times), Abu Dhar, Salman al-Farsi, and Miqdad."

    Sunni references:

    - Sunan Ibn Majah, v1, pp 52-53, Tradition #149
    - al-Mustadrak, by al-Hakim, v3, p130
    - Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, v5, p356
    - Fada'il al-Sahaba, by Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, v2, p648, Tradition #1103
    - Hilyatul Awliya', by Abu Nu'aym, v1, p172

    The Messenger of Allah also said:

    "Every prophet was given by God seven righteous companions. I was given fourteen righteous companions". He included in them Ali, al- Hasan, al-Husain, Hamza, Ja'far, Ammar Ibn Yasir, Abu Dhar, Miqdad, and Salman. 

    Sunni references:

    - Fada'il al-Sahaba, by Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, v2, Traditions #109, #277
    - Sahih al-Tirmidhi, v5, p329, p662
    - Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, v1, pp88,148,149 from several chain of narrators
    - al-Kabir, by al-Tabarani, v6, p264, p265
    - Hilyatul Awliya', by Abu Nu'aym, v1, p128 

    Also al-Tirmidhi, Ahmad, al-Hakim and many others narrated that the Messenger of Allah said:

    "Heaven has not shaded, nor has the earth carried a person more straight forward than Abu Dhar. He walks on earth with the immaterialistic attitude of Jesus, the son of Mary."

    Sunni reference:

    - Sahih al-Tirmidhi, v5, p334, Tradition #3889
    - Tahdhib al-Athar, v4, pp 158-161
    - Musnad Ahmad Hanbal, #6519, #6630, #7078
    - al-Mustadrak, by al-Hakim, v3, p342
    - al-Tabaqat, by Ibn Sa'd, v4, part 1, pp 167-168
    - Majma' al-Zawa'id, by al-Haythami, v9, pp 329-330

    Ibn Majah, in his authentic Sunan, narrated that Imam Ali said:

    I was sitting in the house of the Prophet and Ammar asked to see him. Then Prophet said: "Welcome the good and the purified." Ibn Majah also narrated that Aisha narrated that the Messenger of God said "Whenever Ammar is given two alternatives, he always chooses the most righteous of the two."

    There are much more authentic narrations told by the Prophet (PBUH&HF) about Ammar, such as "Ammar is full of faith." Also Prophet said:

    "A band of rebels will kill Ammar."

    Sunni references:

    - Sahih Muslim, English version, Chapter # MCCV, pp 1508-1509, Trditions #6966-6970 (five traditions).

    - al-Mustadrak, by al-Hakim, v3, p383

    Now to see who those rebels were, look at Musnad Ahmad and Tabaqat Ibn Sa'd who narrated:

    "In the Battle of Siffin, when the head of Ammar Yasir (RA) was cut off and taken to Muawiyah, two people were arguing over it, each one claimed that he had killed Ammar."

    Sunni references:

    - Musnad Ahmad (Pub. in Dar al-Maarif, Egypt 1952), Tradition #6538, #6929 - Tabaqat, by Ibn Sa'd, v3, p253

    Also it is narrated that the Messenger of Allah (PBUH&HF) said:

    "Paradise longs for three men, Ali, Ammar and Salman."

    Sunni reference: Sahih al-Tirmidhi, v5, p332, Tradition #3884

    Moreover al-Tirmidhi narrated:

    When the Messenger of God heard that Ammar and his parents were tortured in Mecca, he (PBUH&HF) said: "Members of Yasir's family, be patient. Your destination is paradise."

    Sunni Reference: Sahih al-Tirmidhi, v5, p233, Thus, Ammar and his parents were the first people declared by the Prophet to be dwellers of paradise.

    Here we should say: When a Muslim knows that the Prophet has commended these two important companions (Abu Dhar & Ammar Ibn Yasir) so highly, and if he is a believer in the truthfulness of Muhammad, he does not allow himself to insult these two companions.

    Such an insult discredits the Prophet. As we just saw, the above authentic traditions in the six Sunni collections claim that Prophet said he has only four or fourteen righteous companions, out of his 1400 companions. Interestingly enough that Abu Dhar and Ammar Ibn Yasir were mentioned among those very few individuals.

    We find that the hostility of Sayf Ibn Umar al-Tamimi, who lived during the second century after the Prophet, and the hostility of his students towards the Shi'ites, motivated them to spread such cheap propaganda. Sayf knew that attributing the revolt against Uthman to the work of Ibn Saba contradicts known historical facts which show that the two companions, Abu Dhar and Ammar, were opposed to Uthman's ever coming to power. 

    Because Sayf knew of their opposition to Uthman, he tried to smear their reputations by adding the names of the two prominent companions to the list of students of that fictitious Jew.

    If Ibn Saba ever existed, he had declared his Islam after Uthman was killed. Now let us suppose we accept what Sayf alleged concerning that Abdullah Ibn Saba declared his faith after Uthman came to power. Abu Dhar and Ammar Ibn Yasir, on the other hand, had been opposed to Uthman's caliphate before he came to power.

    The two companions were followers of the Imam Ali (AS), and they firmly believed that Ali was appointed by the Prophet to be his successor. Since this was their belief before the appearance of Ibn Saba, the story of Sayf about their being influenced by Ibn Saba, is unfounded and untrue.

    Thus, in order to clear the third caliph from all accusations pertaining to his ill-management of the Islamic treasury, Sayf accused the revolters being the students of Ibn Saba. He then completed his story by adding the two companions to the class of Ibn Saba's students, intentionally overlooking the fact that the two companions belong to the first successful class of the school of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HF).

    They were among the important companions who were honored by the Prophet. In fact, Sayf was led by his untrue story to reject the testimony of the Prophet. By this, Sayf had disproved his whole tale.
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    Ebn Tie me yeah got a reaction from haideriam in Any Scholarly Work By Shaikhain?   
    Playing the devil's advocate:
    Dont we have ahadith narrated from ibn Umar? those were sufficient. 
    There are thousands of ahadith from Ayesha bint Abu Bakr.
    There is one famous hadith narrated by our First Caliph, Abu Bakr that Prophets dont leave any inheritance! That one hadith is sufficient for us to prove his superiority :P :shaytan:  
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    Ebn Tie me yeah got a reaction from Muslim2010 in Any Scholarly Work By Shaikhain?   
    Playing the devil's advocate:
    Dont we have ahadith narrated from ibn Umar? those were sufficient. 
    There are thousands of ahadith from Ayesha bint Abu Bakr.
    There is one famous hadith narrated by our First Caliph, Abu Bakr that Prophets dont leave any inheritance! That one hadith is sufficient for us to prove his superiority :P :shaytan:  
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    Ebn Tie me yeah reacted to Mahdi Yassine in Any Sunni Reverts To Shia Islam?   
    are you one of them?.. come forth in haste if thou hath !
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    Ebn Tie me yeah reacted to Ali Musaaa :) in Any Sunni Reverts To Shia Islam?   
    ^... There's many of us here bro :P
    I'm not sure what you are exactly after?
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    Ebn Tie me yeah reacted to DZukow33 in New To Islam, New To This Forum!   
    As'salamu Alaykum, brothers and sisters of the Ummah..,
    My name is David, I am 32 years old and I currently live in the USA (Detroit, MI.) Like most Americans, I was raised in a Christian (Roman Catholic) home. I didn't start taking religion seriously until I was about 20. At that time I enrolled in Seminary, to study for the ministry. I learned a lot about the Christian faith, but the more I learned, the more questions and doubts I had. Long story short: I eventually dropped out of Seminary after completing my B.A. in Philosophy. For about 10 years, I was an agnostic. Religion still interested me, and I spent a lot of time reading about and studying the religions of the world; but I had no real beliefs, no faith. Eventually, I came across the Qur'an. The more I learned about Islam, the more I felt like I was coming into contact with the Truth. "This Qur'an is a revelation that is clear to the hearts of those endowed with knowledge." Qur'an 29:49. About a year ago, I took the Shahadah. Alhamdulillah! No one in my family is Muslim, nor did I have any Muslim friends when I converted (reverted) to Islam. Over the past year I have made a few friends at a local Shia Masjid, and I am very thankful for this. So.. I am new to Islam, new to Shia, and new to this forum. I just wanted to introduce myself, and say that I am here to learn as much as possible, and (Insha'Allah) hopefully make some new friends. (When I took the Shahadah, I did so at as Sunni Masjid. A few individuals from a local Sunni outreach program got in touch with me, took me to the Masjid and gave me some literature. They were constantly warning me about the dangers of Shia Islam. But.. given my curious nature, I couldn't help myself. I went to a local Shia Masjid and talked with the Imam. He explained some of the basic differences between Sunni and Shia, and suggested a couple of books for me to read. Since that time I've come to the conclusion, on my own, to embrace Shia Islam.) Like I said... I'm still new, and I have so much to learn. And with your help, perhaps you can help to further my knowledge of the Deen. Thanks for listening. Ma'a Salama! :shifty:
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    Ebn Tie me yeah reacted to muhibb-ali in Why Celebrate Eid E Zehra - 9Th Rabiul Avval   
    Allama Majlisi quotes from Zwaid al-Fawaid by Sayed Ibn Tawoos after quoting the long narration on Eid on the day of 9th of Rabi Al-Awwal:
    نقلته من خط محمد بن علي بن محمد بن طي رحمه الله، ووجدنا في ما تصفّحنا من الكتب عدة روايات موافقة لها فاعتمدنا عليها، فينبغي تعظيم هذا اليوم المشار إليه وإظهار السرور فيه
    "And we have found in what we read from the books several narrations in consent with this narration (about Eid on the day of 9th Rabi Al Awwal). We rely upon it. We should respect this day being referred to (9th Rabi Al-Awwal) and show/display happiness in it."
    [source: Bihar Al-Anwar, Vol. 95, Pg. 351]
    Sayed Ibn Tawoos says regarding 9th of Rabi Al-Awwal:
    اعلم أن هذا اليوم وجدنا فيه رواية عظيمة الشأن، ووجدنا جماعة من العجم والإخوان يعظّمون السرور فيه، ويذكرون أنه يوم هلاك بعض من كان يهون بالله جل جلاله ورسوله صلوات الله عليه ويعاديه
    "Know that for this day we have found great narration. And we have found a group from the Ajam(Persians?) and our brothers (in faith) who showed happiness in this day and they recalled that verily this is the day of destruction of few of those who humilated Allah (swt) and his Prophet (saww) and were hostile to Him."
    [iqbal Al-Amal, Pg. 597]
    Sheikh Abbas Qummi in Mufati al-Jinaan regarding 9th of Rabi Al-Awwal:
    اليوم التّاسع : عيد عظيم وهو عيد البقر وشرحه طويل مذكور في محلّه وروي انّ من أنفق شيئاً في هذا اليوم غفرت ذُنوبه وقيل يستحبّ في هذا اليوم اطعام الاخوان المؤمنين وافراحهم والتّوسّع في نفقة العيال ولبس الثّياب الطّيّبة وشكر الله تعالى وعبادته وهو يوم زوال الغُموم والاحزان وهو يوم شريف جدّاً
    "The 9th of Rabi Al-Awwal: It is a great Eid and it is the Eid of Al-Baqr (referring to the splitting open of stomach of Umar?) and its explanation is long and is stated in its required place and its narrated that verily one who spends (nifaaq) any thing on this day will have his sins forgiven and its is said that its Mustahab in this day to give food to the believing brothers and to make them happy and to increase the spending on ones household and wear clean clothes and thank Allah (swt) and worship Him and this day is the day of passing of distress and grief and it is very noble day."
    [Mufati Al-Jinaan - Shikh Abbas Qummi]
    Sheikh Muhammad Husain Najafi in his book "Jawahir Al-Kalaam" says:

    وأما الغسل للتاسع من ربيع الاول فقد حكي أنه من فعل أحمد بن إسحاق القمي معللاله بأنه يوم عيد

    لكن المعروف الآن بين الشيعة انما هو يوم تاسع ربيع ، وقد عثرت على خبر مسندا إلىالنبي ( صلى الله عليه وآله ) في فضل هذا اليوم وشرفه وبركته وأنه يومسرور لهم (عليهم السلام)

    (فلعلنا نقول استحباب الغسل فيه بناء على استحبابه لمثل هذه الازمنة وسيما مع كونه عيدا لنا وأئمتنا (عليهم السلام

    "And as for the Gusl for the 9th of Rabi-Al-Awwal, it has been narrated that it was the act of Ahmad bin Ishaq Al-Qummi , with the reasoning as it is the day of Eid."
    "But it is famous till today among the Shias, that that is the day of 9th of Rabi-Al-Awwal. And it has been found in a narration reaching up to Prophet Muhammad (saww) about the virtue of this Day and its honor and its blessings verily it’s a day of happiness for Them (as)."
    "And we say that the recommendation of Gusl on this day is based on the recommendation of it for such times (days) and especially with it being Eid for us and our Imam’s (as)."
    [source: Jawahir Al-Kalam, Vol. 5, Pg. 43-44]
    Sayed Ali Husaini Milani when asked regarding the narration of Eid (which is narrated by Ahmad bin Ishaaq) on the 9th of Rabi Al-Awwal says:
    رواية أحمد بن اسحاق مقبولة عند العلماء
    "Narrations of Ahmad bin Ishaaq are acceptable near the scholars."
    Read what Sayed Sadiq Shirazi says: http://www.s-alshira.../1432/03/07.htm
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    Ebn Tie me yeah reacted to Gypsy in Shia And Negative Points   
    These are the most common questions asked by non-Shia. I wish we had a FAQ to point somewhere.
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    Ebn Tie me yeah reacted to TheIslamHistory in Book: The Attacking On The House Of Fatima (Proof)   

    My dear Brothers & Sister I present to you a book which Contains Valuable Information on proving the tragedy of the Attacking of the House of Fatima (as), The book Contains Evidence From both Sunni Books and Shia books. It goes into So much Details that it covers The 1) The position of Fatima (as) and Imam Ali (as), 2) The Breaking into the house (Of Fatima (s) by Abu bakr & Umar, 3) The Squeezing (smashing) of the Door on Fatima (as), 4) What Happened During the Tragedy, 5) The position of Imam Ali (as) during the Tragedy, 6) the Death of the Infant of Fatima (as) Mohssin (as) and much more. The Sources Both from Shia & Sunni Literature (With Authentic Narrations from both sides).

    Note: For Arabic Readers only. ( if the Arabic Readers Kindly get a chance to Translate some of the proof into English, Than May Allah Reward them for that)

       كتاب: الهجوم على بيت فاطمة عليها السلام
    تأليف: عبد الزهراء مهدي
    عدد الصفحات:  528
    الحجم: 12.5
    Book: The Attacking on the House of Fatima (as)
    Author: Abb'd Al Zahra Mahdi
    Number of pages: 528
    File Size: 12.5 MB

    Download Here
    May Allah Bless you All.

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    Ebn Tie me yeah reacted to igotquestions in Imam Ali Mentioned By Name In Quran   
    "Righteousness is not that you turn your faces toward the east or the west, but [true] righteousness is [in] one who believes in Allah , the Last Day, the angels, the Book, and the prophets and gives wealth, in spite of love for it, to relatives, orphans, the needy, the traveler, those who ask [for help], and for freeing slaves; [and who] establishes prayer and gives zakah; [those who] fulfill their promise when they promise; and [those who] are patient in poverty and hardship and during battle. Those are the ones who have been true, and it is those who are the righteous." 2:177
    "The Messenger has believed in what was revealed to him from his Lord, and [so have] the believers. All of them have believed in Allah and His angels and His books and His messengers, [saying], "We make no distinction between any of His messengers." And they say, "We hear and we obey. [We seek] Your forgiveness, our Lord, and to You is the [final] destination." (2:285)
    "O you who have believed, believe in Allah and His Messenger and the Book that He sent down upon His Messenger and the Scripture which He sent down before. And whoever disbelieves in Allah, His angels, His books, His messengers, and the Last Day has certainly gone far astray."(4:136)
    Where are the Imams?  You claim that Imamate is higher than Prophethood, but how come it hasn't been listed in these specific verses? 
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    Ebn Tie me yeah reacted to farid136547 in Imam Ali Mentioned By Name In Quran   
    In Surat Ash-Shu`arā' Abraham Said:
    رَبِّ هَبْ لِي حُكْمًا وَأَلْحِقْنِي بِالصَّالِحِينَ (83 )
    وَاجْعَل لِّي لِسَانَ صِدْقٍ فِي الْآخِرِينَ ﴿ 84﴾
    [Abraham said], "My Lord, grant me authority and join me with the righteous.26:83
    And grant me a Lisān of Sidq among later generations.26:84
    Lisān means tongue and Sidq means sincerity and truth you cannot find this especial word anywhere in Quran except one
    And Allah answer him in Surat Maryam:
    « وَ وَهَبْنَا لَهْم مِّن رَّحْمَتِنَا وَجَعَلْنَا لَهُمْ لِسَانَ صِدْقٍ عَلِيّاً » (مریم:50)
    And We gave them of Our mercy, and we made Ali as a Lisān of Sidq for them.
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    Ebn Tie me yeah reacted to Qa'im in Jabir Ibn Yazid Al-Ju`fi   
    One of the major transmitters of ahadith on the topic of Imamah is Jabir b. Yazid al-Ju`fi, who narrates aqeeda, fiqh, tafsir, and tarikh in Muslim books. Jabir narrates in Shi`i books, as well as Sunan Tirmidhi, Sunan Ibn Maja, and Sunan Abi Dawud. He's a controversial figure in `ilm ar-rijal due to conflicting reports on reliability. The modern Sunni world declares him a liar, and through that, they can throw away his juicier hadiths and not think about them (ex. Imamah, `Umar killing his baby girl in the days of jahiliyya, etc.). Dhahabi weakens him, saying in al-Mizan that he's a Rafidi, Shi`i `alim, who curses people, believes in Imamah, and claims to possess thousands of secret hadiths. Ibn `Uday mentions that Jabir believed in raj`a - an explicitly Shi`i doctrine. He was also weakened by al-Nasa'i and al-Hakem, who say that Jabir's hadiths should be abandoned and not written.
    But can one be weakened based on their belief in Imamah and raj`a? The majority of references do not weaken Jabir because of lying, they do so because he was a Shi`i. The Sunni world of rijal has weakened hundreds of Shi`i narrators, hoping that their thousands of hadiths on topics like Imamah, rafd, raj`a, etc. would not be taken into consideration. Jabir is just one of those narrators. Most of the Shi`i companions of our 12 Imams were weakened, and the Sunnis made no independent effort to preserve the "authentic" version of the Ahl al-Bayti madhhab.
    What's even more troubling for Sunni rijal is that many prominent individuals gave Jabir al-Ju`fi the highest of tawtheeq. Let's look at a few:
    و قال عبد الرحمن بن مهدى ، عن سفيان : كان جابر ورعا فى الحديث ما رأيت أورع فى الحديث منه .
    And `Abd ar-Rahman b. Mahdi narrated from Sufyan [al-Thawri]: Jabir was righteous in the narration of hadith. I have not seen anyone more pious in the narration of hadith than him.
    و قال إسماعيل ابن علية ، عن شعبة : جابر صدوق فى الحديث .
    And Isma`il b. `Ulayh narrated from Shu`ba: Jabir was truthful in the narration of hadith.
    و قال يحيى بن أبى بكير ، عن شعبة : كان جابر إذا قال : " حدثنا " ، و " سمعت " ، فهو من أوثق الناس .
    And Yahya b. Abi Bukayr narrated from Shu`ba: Whenever Jabir said, "So-and-so narrated to us..." and "I heard...", he was from the most trustworthy of people.
    و قال يحيى بن أبى بكير أيضا ، عن زهير بن معاوية : كان إذا قال : " سمعت " ، أو " سألت " ، فهو من أصدق الناس .
    And Yahya b. Abi Bukayr also narrated from Zuhayr b. Mu`awiya: Whenever he said, "I heard..." or "I asked...", he was from the most truthful of people.
    و قال على بن محمد الطنافسى ، عن وكيع : مهما شككتم فى شىء ، فلا تشكوا فى أن جابر ثقة ، حدثنا عنه مسعر ، و سفيان و شعبة ، و حسن بن صالح .
    And `Ali b. Muhammad al-Tanafasi narrated from Waki`: If you were to doubt, then do not doubt that Jabir is trustworthy. Mas`ar, Sufyan, Shu`ba, and Hasan b. Salih all narrated to us about him.
    و قال محمد بن عبد الله بن عبد الحكم : سمعت الشافعى يقول : قال سفيان الثورى لشعبة : لئن تكلمت فى جابر الجعفى لأتكلمن فيك
    Muhammad b. `Abdillah b. `Abd al-Hakam narrated: I heard al-Shafi`i say: Sufyan al-Thawri said to Shu`ba:  Surely, if you were to speak ill of Jabir, surely I will speak ill about you!
    The tawtheeq above gives rijalists absolutely no room to weaken Jabir al-Ju`fi. The repeated endorsement from Sufyan al-Thawri (d. 161) is significant, as he was one of the top jurists of Islamic history, a student of Aal Muhammad (pbuh), a tabi`i, a hafith of the Qur'an, and the teacher of Layth b. Sa`d, `Ali b. Ziyad at-Tunisi, and `Abd ar-Rahman b. Mahdi.
    Here's some of the statements weakening Jabir:
    وقال ابن عدي له حديث صالح وشعبة أقل رواية عنه من الثوري وقد احتمله الناس وعامة ما قذفوه به أنه كان يؤمن بالرجعة وهو مع هذا إلى الضعف أقرب منه إلى الصدق
    And ibn `Uday said: He has valid hadiths, and Shu`ba narrated from him sparingly from al-Thawri, and that he endured what the people and the commoners threw him into, that he believed in raj`a, and with this, he is closer to weakness than trustworthiness.
    ^ Here we have Jabir being considered "closer to weakness" solely because of his belief in raj`a, and despite the endorsements given to him by Sufyan al-Thawri and Shu`ba.
    وقال سلام ابن أبي مطيع : قال لي جابر الجعفي : عندي خمسون ألف باب من العلم ما حدثت به أحدا ، فأتيت أيوب فذكرت هذا له فقال : أما الآن فهو كذاب.
    And Salam b. Abi Mutee` said: Jabir al-Ju`fi said to me: I have fifty thousand doors (or chapters) of knowledge that I have not told anyone. So I came to Ayyub and I mentioned this to him, and he said: Alas, now is a liar.
    ^ Here we have Jabir being weakened due to his claim to know thousands of hadiths that he did not narrate. But does the withholding of hadiths make someone a liar? Or simply the claim to know this many? Either way, when this is balanced with Jabir's tawtheeq, I don't see how this would come on top.
    وقال جرير بن عبدالحميد عن ثعلبة أردت جابراً الجعفي فقال لي ليث بن أبي سليم : لا تأته فهو كذاب قال جرير : لا استحل أن اروي عنه ، كان يؤمن بالرجعة .
    And Jareer b. `Abd al-Hameed narrated from Tha`laba: I sought out Jabir al-Ju`fi, so Layth b. Abi Sulaym said to me: Do not meet him, for he is a liar. Hareez said: I do not narrate from him - he used to believe in raj`a.
    ^ This narration finally gives a clear weakening of Jabir al-Ju`fi, but the reason cited by Hareez is simply that he had believed in raj`a. Again, is a doctrine like raj`a enough to reject someone's narrations as fabrications?
    وقال أبو الأحوص : كنت إذا مررت بجابر الجعفي سألت ربي العافية .
    And Abu'l Ahus said: Whenever I passed by Jabir al-Ju`fi I would ask me Lord for forgiveness.
    وقال أبو داود : ليس عندي بالقوى في حديثه .
    And Abu Dawud said: I do not consider him to be strong in hadith.
    وقال الشافعي : سمعت سفيان بن عيينة يقول : سمعت من جابر الجعفي كلاما فبادرت خفت أن يقع علينا السقف .
    And al-Shafi`i said: I heard Sufyan b. `Ayyina say: I heard words from Jabir al-Ju`fi so I took precaution and I feared that the ceiling would fall upon us(?).
    قال سفيان : كان يؤمن بالرجعة .
    And Sufyan said: He believed in raj`a.
    As we can see from the narrations above, Jabir's softcore weakening was probably based solely on his beliefs as opposed to his character and honesty. If we were to reconcile all the positions together, it would be this: Jabir was sincere, truthful, and trustworthy, but his professed beliefs made some Sunnis uncomfortable, and for this reason, some Sunni muhaddiths avoided him. A good question is this: can a truthful scholar be sincerely deluded into possessing very Shi`i beliefs? If yes, then are Shi`i beliefs unIslamic - because if they were rejected wholesale, then someone like Jabir would not have received the highest praise from some of his contemporaries. If no, then why were most of the students of Ahl al-Bayt (as) Shi`i Rafidis who upheld Imamah and raj`a? Why would al-Baqir (as) surround himself with such people, and then as-Sadiq (as), al-Kadhim (as), etc. if their deviance was so rigidly obvious? Why were people like Abu Hamza al-Thumali allowed to accompany up to 5 of the 12 Imams if he would lie from each of them?
    By al-Dhahabi's time, the sectarian divisions were solidified: Shi`is were weakened wholly, considered all liars, dreamers, and heretics - but this post shows that in the earlier generation of tabi`een, this black-and-white outlook was less prevalent. You can only ignore the Shi`a for a little while. Afterwards, you must come to the conclusion that the Imams' espoused at least some of the beliefs that the Shi`a would widely uphold. Academia has overwhelmingly beat you to that conclusion. Then the choice is yours - either accept it, or reject the Ahl al-Bayt (as) as liars and fabricators trying to promote themselves (as Ibn Khaldun said).
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    Ebn Tie me yeah got a reaction from Hasan0404 in Cia-Terrorists Attack A Christian Chuch   
    I hate repeat myself, you seem to be abusing the platform which is given here in Shia-Chat to spread rumours and what more defending Nasibis like Taliban and Sheikh Osama. 
    Note to Admin:
     Please remove all these garbage by Zaid Hamid, enough has he fooled the patriotic Pakistanis, ISI has done tremendous damage to Pakistan. Please remove this garbage..
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    Ebn Tie me yeah got a reaction from Mu3lam in India Is A Terrorist And Fascist State   
    His marja' is Zaid Hamid, that explains everything.
    Zaid Hamid is paid by ISI to tell good tales of Pak Army sacrifices and the so-called conspiracies against Pakistan. I recall what Agha Naqvi sahib said in one of the majlis, Pakistan is a Mafia state. This mafia state is financed by a bigger mafia Aale Saud (la).
    If you dispute what I have just said, tell me what do you think about that General Zia?
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