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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. who is this guy? another ugly jinn? before you come on this forum please read something about islam. This forum is not for illiterates. As for his question, I will ask him another question was Hazrat Musa (as) a Prophet? did he appoint a successor? was Hazrat Isa ibn Maryam (as) a Prophet? did he appoint a successor? Ameer ul Mumineen Ali Abi Talib (as) is the shepherd of the Ummah. period
  2. his mind is infiltrated by the wahabi deception. He continues to mislead and misguide the sufi leaning sunnis into an unholy alliance with the wahabi takfiris.
  3. We should not waste our time with this person, we do not share the same religion with you. Yours is a different Islam. We are not "ehsan farmosh" like you and your sect. Who brought you Islam? Who is Syeda Fatima (alaihisalam)?
  4. I thought they would be pleased with the Assad regime doing great service by destroying the sources of shirk or do they prefer to do it by their own hands? o.0 Suddenly wahabis love shrines, this is a smear campaign against the shi'as that they destroyed the shrine for fun. A big lie We dont need unity with those whom stab us from behind.
  5. @Ugly Jin, I have given you sufficient examples, Khalid bin Walid did not commit genocide during the time of the Prophet (sawa), so naturally he wouldnt have punished him. There was only one incident of Khums. Shi'is were persecuted by the ruling sunnis and all sorts of lies and accusations were thrown at us. From Ibn Saba to the bizarre story of Hz Jibrail (as) making a mistake. Many shi'is starting from Hz Hujr bin Adi (ra), Hz Maytham Al-Tammar (ra) were murdered and this bloodbath continued in an epic scale. You compare us to Hindus? We have survived the Sunni tyrannical rule for a l
  6. Seems like a political move, i heard a hussainiya is supposed to be opened
  7. You can ask the same question by filling in [Abu Bakr/Umar] who were early converts. He (khalid) was a late convert to Islam, so even the dispute regarding khums happened just before the event in Ghadeer Khum. His service to Islam during the time of the Prophet (sallahu alaihi wa aaleh) was limited to few raids into Yeman. He proved to be ineffective and our Prophet (saw) sent Imam Ali (as) to get it done. Khalid was not a threat, even Abdullah ibn Ubayy (who was more influential) continued his service despite his character. Didnt i provide sufficient evidence above? What skewed argumen
  8. This question was asked to Ayatollah Al-Hakeem: Can I break my fast with the Sunni brothers according to their Iftar time? You can break your fast at the disappearance of the sun, whether this time is according to the Sunnis or not. One should confirm this time before the actual fast breaking. that Maghrib is defined by the suns's setting which is the disappearance of the disk completely below the horizon; this is what we might call "Sunni Time" (even though that is inaccurate) This conforms with the ruling of my marja'. I heard one should break their fast after performing Salat Al-
  9. Prophet (sallahu alaihi wa aaleh) not demoting is not sign of his approval of the actions of Khalid. Our Prophet (sawa) could have also ordered the killing of Abdullah Ubay bin Salool (la) but he didnt, in fact he wanted to attend his janaza prayers. Also there was a Jewish woman who tried to poison the Prophet (sawa) but he did not punish her. Abu Sufyan and Hind, the enemies of the Prophet (sawa) were forgiven despite their crimes and they were exposed as hypocrites many times by our own Prophet (sawa) after their apparent conversion. There are many more such acts, did the Prophet of Allah (
  10. So it is your nature Ugly Jim to doubt whatever mentioned by the Shi'is. He was reprimanded by our Prophet (sallahu alahi wa aaleh) for questioning Khums share for Imam Ali (as), this is narrated in Jami' Tarmidhi under the chapter of the virtues of Imam Ali (as). Since you consider their sources "trustworthy"." Ali Mini Wa Ana min Ali". He was also the same man who attempted to murder our Imam (alaihisalam) in the Masjeed during the Salah. It is found in our narrations, i believe Tafseer Al-Qumi. He was again was among the mercenaries storming the house of Syeda Kainat Fatima Al-Zahra (as
  11. Be mindful what you speak, Ameer ul Mumineen (as) was never pleased with her because she disobeyed the Quran, the Prophet (sallahu alaihi wa aaleh) in a horrific manner, slaughtering thousands of Mumineen in the war of Jamal, what is the punishment for someone causing fasad? isnt it death? Imam Ali (as) did not execute that punishment because it will stir more fitna, he was already accused of murdering Usman. This does not mean he did not despise her. Please be mindful.
  12. It should be atleast Hazrat Ali (alaihisalam). This is a shi'i forum, so i atleast want to to see this be done correctly.
  13. I agree with you on the filthy words used, it is really unfortunate. I however strongly disagree that you associating her with our Master (sallahu alaihi wa aaleh), i see the signs of batriyya in you? have you forgotten what she did during the burial of Imam Hassan (as)?
  14. I have personally seen this "inshaAli" and "SubahanAli". I am sure the origins is from the sub-continent. Many many practices of the shi'is in the subcontinent resembles Hindu rites and rituals. I recall there is one incident where the Tazia crosses the river and this is exactly what the hindus do. This is because they are lead by Zakirs that promote Shirk.
  15. Yes Brother, i have never heard that point before. It will be a great insult for their imam to follow an Imam from Ammah and Imam Abu Hanifa in particular, one of the most controversial islamic scholar who was heavily condemned by other scholars. My humble opinion is that the Hanafi Mathab was never supposed to be part of ASWJ, because it is based on ray' (opinion) rather than Nas. Even the theology is different ie Matrudi all other schools are Ashari'. From a historical perspective, Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Abu Yusuf were all working for the Abbasid after the failed revolution of Imam Zayd Sha
  16. @Darul Islam, Dear Brother, you have practically watered down their whole school of thought. When you mentioned their imams were muqalideen of Imam Abu Hanifa, which of the Imams you mean? could you elaborate further on this point. That will be the final nail on the coffin.
  17. @Jim, cursing (sab) in public may cause fitna like done by Yassir Al-Habib, so the Maraji' discourage cursing in public which is consistent with the teachings of Ahlul Bayt
  18. There are many authentic narrations on cursing, i leave this to the expertise of Darul Islam. The marja' is doing taqiyya. That is the sunni narration, the problem is that brother you need to read from shi'i sources.
  19. ^ Your reasoning is 100% wrong. Sunnis never before allowed depiction of the companions.
  20. Please explain how does this bring us shame? The 30 k were your forefathers, the thirty are our forefathers. The man who declared war upon Tashayyu', i have no respect for him. May Allah curse him.
  21. I Assalamualaikum Brother, Welcome to shia-chat. Appreciate your honesty. Are you aware the Hazrat Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr (ra) was accused of murdering the third caliph Usman bin Affan? He was a shi'a of Ameer ul Mumineen (as) and so were other rioters who surrounded his house, were all shi'a. The enmity between the two individuals are well known. Brother, do you recite Ziyarat e Ashura?
  22. The term sahaba used by the Sunnis dont exist in the Quran and never used by our Prophet (sawa). The term "sahaba" itself is a big biddah. There is only the Prophet (sawa), the Ahlul Bayt, Muhajirun & Ansar. Muhajirun are divided into two groups, one is the early converts who were the cream, the finest early Muslims. Then there was the other group of Muhajirun who were later converts. They however do not include the Makkan pagans who surrendered after the conquest of Makka Mukarrama. The proto-sunnis decided to include Muawiya, therefore they coined the term Sahaba to include all people
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