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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. @Abul Hussain, Did you ever entertain the fact that Ameer Mukhtar Thaqafi (ra) (a sahabi of Rasul Akram SAWA) having been cornered by: 1) Ummavis and their Partisans; 2) Zubayrids and their Partisans; and 3) Other Shi'i factions Could he ever be victimised? He literally fought all these factions. Are the above two factions 1 & 2 sincere by any standards?
  2. Zia ul Dehshat. That single man that inflicted more damage to Pakistan then all the dirty politicians combined!
  3. That is not my picture you silly! That is the picture of a marja' Ayatollah Al-Hakim. I would advise you to give up following politicians, they are all inherently corrupt. Follow a marja and wait for the return of Imam Al-Mahdi (as). Please do not be misguided by Zaid Hamid he is a mad-man. He is paid by ISI and Aale Saud (la)
  4. His marja' is Zaid Hamid, that explains everything. Zaid Hamid is paid by ISI to tell good tales of Pak Army sacrifices and the so-called conspiracies against Pakistan. I recall what Agha Naqvi sahib said in one of the majlis, Pakistan is a Mafia state. This mafia state is financed by a bigger mafia Aale Saud (la). If you dispute what I have just said, tell me what do you think about that General Zia?
  5. I know that guy Farid, I was there before until they disabled my account for no reason. That Zindeeq (Ebn Yazeed) said we have only black and white, my reply to him is that your religion has only GREY. Almost everything is unclear, even the character of Yazeed. That guy Ebn Yazeed does takfir of almost every living creature except wahabiya and him. Message to Farid, we will smash your idols!
  6. What? I thought the Shi'as of Ameer ul Mumineen (as) vanquished them in Jamal. After a good old thousand years, we will meet them again in Jamal II, the Return of the Mother! Overthrow what? the bomb exploded in a Shi'i dominated stronghold of Hizbollah, not the Sunni Ummayad Square. Someone is living in a dreamland. Its time Hezbollah go wahabi hunting in Lebanon ;)
  7. @Modest Muslim, Good effort, unfortunately your effort or perhaps if all the Shi'as are like you even then Sunnis will not accept you. Why? They are insecure.
  8. What is not clear for you? you asked regarding Muawiya ibn Yazid, I have answered you. This is a non issue.
  9. What are your sources to support the fact that James was the successor to Jesus (as)? There are narrations to indicate that Peter was the successor and also the fact that there was dispute in Antioch between Peter and Paul as discussed earlier on the status of the Old Testament. If you look up at the list of the 12 apostles, you will not find James the Just rather James the Lesser and Greater, some say he was not among the 12. The problem with Christian sources is far more haphazard. Cyllin, it will be good if you refer to the dispute in Antioch between Paul, Peter, James and Barnabas
  10. This problem is only for those who don't love the Ahlul Bayt and always cast doubts on their sufferings.
  11. Vilgire, you can waste your time in the Nasibi forum. There are narrations from our Prophet (sawa) and Imam ul Mutaqqi Ali abi Talib (as) that they cursed the whole of Banu Ummaya and for us that is sufficient! If you are sympathetic towards the plight of Banu Ummaya, then we are not to be blamed. As for your point on Muawiya ibn Yazid, he is a man of conscious unlike many sunnis nowadays he abdicated but not in favour of Imam Sajjad (as) show me your proof that he did that?
  12. I believe stupidity has a limit! you always ask stupid questions to make you feel good. You are the same ugly Jinn that was lectured on the plight of the Ahlul Bayt and the historical setting.
  13. I see you don't hesitate to add laanutullah alayh (la) for Abu Lulu Feroz. Arent you the one that said the Shi'as curse everyone? When it comes to murderers of Syed ul Shuhada Imam Husayn (alaihisalam), you hesitate to curse them? but when it comes to the killer of Umar Ibn Al Khattab, all curses full swing. Honestly, did your scholars ever ever prohibit from doing la'nah on Abu Luluh Feroz? Never did they prohibit, ask yourself why? compare this with all the excuses put forth by your scholars to cast doubt on the character of Yazid (la) and giving excuses like, our Imam Abu Hanifa did n
  14. Perhaps you have not read his book. He wrote a book to refute Madoodi's famous work. In that your Mufti in defence of Ameer ul Nawasib, called a Sahabi of the Prophet Õáì Çááå Úáíå æÂáå a rafidhi and even quoted the Mother ie Ayesha suggesting to her murid the Ameer of Nawasib to throw Hazrat Hujr bin Adi into the prison (ra) so he may succumb to disease and die (MaazAllah). I can see he clearly hated the great Hujr bin Adi (ra). Yes we curse the oppressors not unlike you, who glorify and love him. Your scholars even did Taraddi on Marwan (la). You love the enemies of the Prophet Õáì Çáá
  15. Iran's protection depends on Pakistan? Which Pakistan is that? The Saudi Pakistan? The American Pakistan? The Chinese Pakistan? Is there a Pakistan? Is it a sovereign state? Please enlighten us. I thought it is a piece of land between India and Iran and it is a stop-over for Takfiri groups and a killing field for the latest American drones? Because Saudi money is thrown generously throughout the Sunni World :)
  16. A thread on Yazid (lanatullah alayh) can go on for 5 pages on a shia forum! We have a consensus here that Yazid (la) is a kafir along with his buddies Ibn Ziyad, Ibn Saad, Shimr and Harmala. I notice too many batriyya in this forum, when the name of that cursed creature is mentioned, Shias please curse him! The nawasib brought forward another interesting point earlier it was Shimr (la) the shia of Ameer ul Mumineen (as) now it is the son of Yazid, Muawiya II. What more? Umar ibn Saad is a Sunni, can I put it that way to the ugly face of nawasib. Muawiya II a shia? what a joke. Is thi
  17. I presume you are the same Sonadar in the Nawasib Forum? If the answer is yes, proudly proclaim your nasibi ideology and leave this forum. Your insults against Ameer ul Mumineen (as) and Syeda Fatima (as) was ignored because it was a nasibi forum. Try doing it here! Sheikh Tahir is regarded as a kafir (ie fatawas) by fellow Barelvis and people call him Sheikh Padri.
  18. I was a member there in their forum. They are bunch of losers. They can only envy us.
  19. Good that you admitted you are Deobandi. Now my question apart from Fiqh what separates your maslak with that of the Wahabiya? If I am not mistaken you and your wahabi friends love Yazid (la) and are supporters of Banu Ummaya. There is a mufti known as Taqi Usmani, he is a real living Usmani ie shia of Banu Ummaya. He accused Hazrat Hujr bin Adi (ra) as a rafidhi and he even did "ziyarat" to the tomb of Muawiya the Ameer of Nawasib. What unites you is your love for Yazid, Ibn Saad, Ibn Ziyad, Shimr, Harmala and Banu Ummaya. May Allah curse them forever.
  20. Your Quranist agenda wont work here, we have 1400 years of history to talk about. You have taken that Quranic verse out of context. We have loads of ahadith if you are the follower of our Master Mustafa (sawa) to support our claim. Sura 5:3 was revealed to reflect the completion of the deen through the establishment of the wilayat of Ameer ul Mumineen (as).
  21. Brother he has attained marjiyyat status. We should not attack any marja even Ayatollah Fadlulllah. This will lead to division within our ranks, we have many enemies outside trust me.
  22. That is great brother, I have not been on SC for awhile, I am glad to get back here. Jazakallah
  23. It is Bitris or Samaon according to the Arab Christians. Imam Ali (as) mentioned the name in Kitab Sulaym bin Qais, please share this with us please.
  24. Hazrat Isa ibn Maryam (as) is known to have 12 apostles or 12 disciples. Out of the 12 disciples, one was selected as his wasi and according to the school of ahlul bayt it is Saint Peter: also I say I to you that you are Keepa (Cephah) and on this Keepa (Cephah) I will build my Church and the gates of Sheol not will subdue it. Thou art a rock, and upon this rock: or, Thou art Peter, and upon this peter will I build my Church There was also another prominent figure he is known as James the Just leader of the Christians, according to research he is not among the 12 apostles Matthew [
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