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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Asalamu alaikum Bros & Sisters, I came across this article where the author drew comparison between the muslim reaction to the blasphemous movie on our Prophet (saw) and the continued destruction of historical sites in Hijaz, It is indeed heart-breaking to see the historical sites being demolished and what more horrific is the destruction of the grave of the mother of our greatest Prophet (saw), Hazrat Ameena (as), her grave was destroyed by a bulldozer and her grave was burnt using kerosene, this happened sometime around 1999. Then the grave of Hazrat Khadija (as) being turned into a p
  2. I am definitely making fun of him. I want to make sure both of the incidents can be established and it is water tight.
  3. This is not true Brother, our Brother here Panzer Waffe has dismissed this argument. The basis is simple, we are system orientated rather than hero worship. We tend to look at Islam as a whole without looking into any particular individual for perfection other than our Holy Messenger (saw). We have this hierarchy of Four Pious Companions followed by other Companions. If you refer hidden animosity to Ibn Taimiyya that is absolutely true. The rest of the ASWJ honestly included many-many merits of the Ahle Bayt out love and affection without thinking that opponents may weaponize it against us. N
  4. With such injury to a pregnant woman, how can you expect her to go up to Hz Abu Bakr (ra) to claim for her rights. The question is not who is wrong or right, this is still debatable. I dont think any muslim would belittle Syeda Fatima (as). We are talking about people who went hungry for days as mentioned in the Quran so the worldly loss of Fadak means little to Syeda Fatima (as). My immediate concern is how do you fit in the incident of the broken ribs, can it be established or it will remain in the scripts of Kufawood. Like This Quote MultiQuote
  5. If you stole my bike, i'd demand that you return it. That doesn't mean I consider you my Khalifa. The one in power is not always the righteous Khalifa. You have only to look at the example of the Pharaoh. Musa (as) asked him to free his people - does that mean he considered him his Khalifa? Your example is not applicable here. Hz Abu Bakr (ra) did not take Fadak to turn it into his personal chattel but rather for the benefit of the Ummah. i recall the kufawood script that Qunfuz was sent to call Mawla Ali (as) to meet the Caliph, now why wouldnt Hz Abu Bakr (ra) or Hz Umar (ra) bring up the
  6. Bro, Nothing surprising, the pro-Alid ahadith were included to stem out the Nawasib sentiments left by the Uthmani predecessors particularly in Sham. Those hadith are mostly found in Sahih Tarmizi (mostly are graded weak) and i am sure you must be aware of Khasais Ali by Imam Nasai. Ibn Taimiya expressed his dissatisfaction with the inclusion of many pro-Alid ahadith. The scholars of ASWJ were acutely aware that Hz Ali (as) was on Haq. It is found in Tabari.
  7. compare your current answer with the one below. Which means she already acknowledged that Hz Abu Bakr (ra) as the Caliph? and so did Hz Ali (as)? that is why they made the demand to the caliph of the time. Can you see the contradiction? Stop ranting and try to prove me wrong, the breaking of ribs is a fantasy comparable with the bollywood direction of Karan Johar, lol. maybe they had one in Kufa, called Kufawood o.O The dispute can only happen once the caliphate of Hz Abu Bakr (ra) has been accepted by both Syeda Fatima (as) & Mawla Ali (as). Note: You cannot make a demand from some
  8. I cant recall his name but he narrated a hadith and it is found in Bihar Al-Anwar. That is accurate. Hz Ayesha (ra) gained prestige and influence from her position as Ummul Mumineen & daughter of the first caliph. She used her clout to raise an army of thousands of men in Basra before the battle of Jamal. We did justice with the character such as Ameer Muawiya (ra) by not including him amongst the Khulafa Al- Rashideen. I believe we all consider hypocrite as a person who do not believe in Islam but pretend to be one eg Abdullah ibn Ubayy and even then our Prophet (saw) tolerated him de
  9. Walaikum Salam Bro, Yes, i will give you later it is in one of my books. Both Hz Abu Bakr (ra) & Hz Abu Dujana (ra) are among the early Ashab and both died before the collection of ahadith can take place also considering the fact Sheikhyn Kiramyn banned/disliked narrating hadith. The odd twist to this is that Hz Ammar ibn Yassir (ra) is a contemporary of Hz Abu Bakr (ra) in the rank of seniority. Hz Ammar (ra) lived very long until atleast the battle of Siffin. He has vast knowledge and the fact that censorship played a major part in losing the knowledge that we would otherwise gained f
  10. Yes it is a tactical move. You see Syeda Fatima (as) lived for only 6 months after the demise of our Prophet (saw). So you can work only within this short-time frame to fit in two incidents the dispute of Fadak and the breaking of the ribs. Both of these events serve to contradict each other, for the Fadak dispute to take place Hz Abu Bakr Siddiq (ra) has to be the Khalifah? which means it is impossible for a bed-ridden lady to go out to claim Fadak when she suffered a worse calamity ie miscarriage of Hz Mohsin (as) and the losing of the Khilafat & added to that a broken rib. Your schola
  11. Walaikum Salam Brother, No that is not possible, Syeda Zahra (as) did not consider Hz Abu Bakr (ra) as a legitimate Khalifa so how can she demand from him? Both Shi'i and Sunni sources concur that both Syeda Zahra (as) & Janab Ameer (as) stayed in the house.
  12. That was an instruction from Hz Muawiya (ra) to Mughaira. Muawiya ordered for the collection of Ahadith and a request was specifically made to Hz Ayesha (ra) to write down the hadith and send to him. However he was given strict instruction to shun from the supporters of Ali (as) and to listen to the supporters of Uthman (ra). I am surprised to hear that there is a sunni narration from Hz Malik Al-Ashtar (ra) considering views against him. It is strange that very little hadith were narrated from Hz Ammar ibn Yassir (ra). So we can say that later ASWJ scholars made some realignment, compromise
  13. What i mean is that which dispute takes precedent, the fadak dispute or the breaking of the ribs, the reason i am saying this is that assuming you were to say that fadak dispute occurred after the breaking of the rib incident, how will it be possible for Syeda Zahra (as) to demand Fadak from Hz Abu Bakr (ra) since she was bed-ridden?
  14. Asalam o alaikum Brothers & Sisters, When did the incident of the breaking of the rib happen, did this happen after Fadak or before Fadak?
  15. shi'as look at details and find faults in Sahaba Kiram while ASWJ do all it takes to maintain the "theory" that all Sahaba are just this to enable them to deduce hadith. The Sahabi can only be excluded if his aqida is corrupted all other crimes are tolerable and to a certain degree Tab3 are given almost the same treatment but sunnis do not put up a fierce defence. This is large due to the believe they belong to the best generation (eg Marwan, Walid, Umar Ibn Saad) My question to the people in this forum how many companions of Ameer ul Mumineen (as) apart from Hz Ammar ibn Yassir (ra) (who narr
  16. Dear Ugly, You are confusing yourself between the incident that happened in Saqifa, wasiya of Hz Abu Bakr r@ & shura set up by Hz Umar r@. The letter is a prove against Ameer Muawiya ra that Hz Ali ra followed the all the methods a,b & c and reminded him the Umari formula, see the words "supposed to" not what he might believe in. Please note: many companions challenged the appointment of Hz Ali ra so this letter was supposed to dispel their assumptions. Note to Ugly Jim, Sharif Radhi is not a joker that he will include such disparaging letter in a compilation thought to approve the c
  17. Asalamualaikum Brothers & Sisters, So all shi'as even Ghulu? The debate is long and complicated. Someone has to conclude it, as for the Salafi prayer will be answered directly by Allah the All-Mighty while the Shi'a's prayers to Allah is never answered that is why they need tawassul to reach Allah bearing in mind the Quranic verses that even Kafiroon's prayer to Allah is answered.
  18. Saudi Arabia is the cradle of tawhid, he is a grave worshiper
  19. Divine agent? Prophet/Non-Prophet? If you say Prophet, it was NEVER mentioned in the Quran he is one unlike all other Prophets.
  20. Persian speaking sunnis also celebrate it o.O
  21. Alcahol selling sahabi? they are not maasum my friend, so why should he cover that up. What surprises me is that the 12er school is full off biddah, so what makes it right for you to point fingers? What about taking blessing from Dhul Jannah? doing sajdah to it? like in the sub-continent? drawing his pictures and keeping them like tabrook like in Iraq? reading Alliyun Waliullah in the Athan and etc
  22. Dont shias discriminate between Sayyids and non-Sayyids? A sayyid woman cant marry a non-sayyid man, what [Edited Out] is that? Didnt the Prophet (saw) marry his daughters to Hz Usman (ra) which unfortunately Al-Majlisi stated in his book that both of the daughters were murdered by Hz Usman (ra) one after the other. The Prophet (saw) knew about this and yet married his second daughter to him.
  23. The discussion is regarding a very specialized area, Mac goes to the usool works ie works produced by Kufan Shi'i companions and scholars who were the contemporaries of the Imams (as) instead of what we normally (lay men) do ie we quote from the works of Sheikh Saduq (ra) or Baqir Majlisi (ra). Mac is basically challenging the finding of Al-Kulayni (ra) and Sheikh Saduq (ra) regarding the existence of 12 imams, the basic point is that the vast majority of companions/usooli scholars after the demise of Imam Al-Kathim (as) were waqifis and therefore our usooli/Asl works are filled with Waqifis
  24. There is a basis problem here. Firstly before deploying "heavy weaponry" against Mr. Ugly, you should ask him if he believes that there are "non prophets" appointed by Allah the All-Mighty? The reason i am asking this is because he comes from a different school of thought and that in his worldview of Islam there are only prophets appointed by Allah. he also stated that Hz Khizr is a prophet, can he substantiate his claim from the Quran?
  25. Brother, i have watched it too, its good. I dont see why its wrong to discuss about it here. Hz Umar (ra) was a good leader, he was not corrupt.
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