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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam, Who taught or revealed the Gospel to Jesus? Since we believe Jibraeel revealed the Qur'an to our Nabi and Jibraeel is the Arcangel of Revelation, who revealed the Gospel to Jesus and is there any evidence? Same question for Ibrahim and Musa... Did Allah speak directly to Abraham and Moses? Did Allah also speak directly to Jesus and Muhammad and is there any evidence? By "evidence" I specifically mean Ayats in Qur'an, Hadith or anything from our Imams stating these things. Thank you!
  2. can anyone answer my question regarding the 5th element of istighfar in this hadith?
  3. thank you for the answers you provided... but my question was regarding #5 and if he was referring to fasting (sawm) - "Fifth, that you attend to the flesh of your body that has grown on unlawful nourishment so that it melts away as a result of grief and mourning and your skin adheres to your bones, after which new flesh grows in its place."
  4. salaam... in the hadtih that i quoted in my original post... imam ali states that istaghfar is a word of SIX meanings and proceeds to mention them ONE through SIX... thank you...
  5. i have 2 questions regarding this hadit below... my first question is regarding #5 in the hadith below... does this mean to fast? and my second question is regarding #6... does this mean to have my brain and heart that writhing pain that seems to come over my body as i remember my sin? is that the correct pain of obediennce ?? or is there a solace a blissfulness in being obedient in doing something i truly want to do an truly find Repentance?? It is narrated that someone said: Astaghfirullah (I seek God's forgiveness) before Imam ‘Ali Úáíå ÇáÓáÇã. He said to him. "May your mother mourn for
  6. I will go look for it... and yes... i agree... the reality of Allah is powerful and when you are connected to that light its numbing... when that happens to me nothing else matters and i reflect... its something that we as humans in this day and age are missing with tv, radio and media distracting us from our essence...
  7. thank you ethereal... i appreciate you... it has been a long road with many bumps, cracks, potholes and dead ends thats for sure... so what is your story?
  8. i was born and raised a christian.. born again trinitarian to be exact... these are not muslim interpretations they are the actual teachings of the church and one can argue the teachings of paul... in this day and age of information and propaganda i think it helps us all understand each other and for muslims to actually appreciate our deen even more... ironically, i have met many muslims that are confused or not as firm in their faith and have sought chirstianity... so there too may be muslims on here looking for answers seeking their own truths...
  9. @ ibn placid... first of all thank you for the greetings... i actually did just join this site on friday =) unfortunately i am in california and i am not familiar with the events you mentioned. but to answer your questions... "what hit his heart," personally what hit my heart was the undenying truth about the oneness and unity of god which i later became to know as tawhid... "what gave him assurance," the assurance i have i found in the quran...the guidance, the words, the thoughts provoked, the simplicity, and the clearness of allahs words consumed my spiriit and is unshakable... i would so
  10. interesting way of the worlds... its time and essence... just reflecting on the distance of the stars and the speed of light is perplexing and amazing enough... subhanallah!
  11. i used to be a christian and we were taught to do everything in jesus' name... invoke prayers in his name, bless your food in his name, seek refuge with god in his name... etc... personally i always had an issue with this... i always wondered why jesus, as it states in the bible, even prayed to god if he was actually god himself... incarnate in the flesh...??? the so called learned would then tell me he was the son and not the father... so then i would ask well why not just pray to the father like him? they would then say because we have to believe in his sacrifice and only through him we w
  12. sounds logical considering the worldly events and threats that pose iran...
  13. if anyone is familiar with the bible... ibrahim prayed for a son to follow his legacy and to help establish the worship of Allah the only true god on earth... Allah blessed him with his first son ismael... the bible states the meaning of his name is "god hears"... after ismail is a teen Allah orders ibrahim to take ismail to the desert (arabia) and to leave him there with his mother hajar and that he would watch over them... Allah says that he will beget 12 princes and multiply his seed like stars in the heavens... in the quran Allah tells us the imamate will come from ibrahims seed... Allah t
  14. subhanallah... @iqra07... peace to you brother.. after i read your post i thought that i wrote it up until the african american part... =) we have truly walked the same path and that is very interesting... mashallah your wisdom led you to see the ahlul bayt for its true purpose... may Allah continue to guide us...
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